3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 29, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 29, 2021

While we’ve been so consumed with holiday gatherings, the three zodiac signs who will have a great day on December 29, 2021, likely haven’t really felt like it’s been the right time to speak on things that we’ve been thinking about, especially when it comes to love.

With Venus in Cap still working her way through her retrograde period there is a strong focus on our love lives and close relationships.

Today the planet of love forms a conjunction with Mercury the planet that governs communication also in Cap.

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When the planet that rules what we think and speak teams up with the planet of love, it means it’s a day for not just important conversations but also the day to talk about our relationships.

Even though Venus is still in the underworld and hasn’t yet been reborn, today offers a chance for us to speak our truth about what someone means to us and how we feel about them.

Amplifying this energy we also see the Moon in Scorpio today.

Scorpio is all about depth of feeling, truth and transformation which means today this is what we will be embodying as well.

With the Mars Saturn sextile still active there is a determination and push towards achieving what it is we want or feel driven to pursue.

We’ve had about ten days of Venus Rx in effect which means we’ve also had that time to reflect on our closest relationships and what they truly mean to us, which also means that before Venus is reborn on the 8th, it’s time to speak our truth.

Because the biggest regret anyone of us have is letting that which matters most go unsaid.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 29, 2021


(June 21 - July 22)

For you today offers a powerful energy portal where both the planet of love and the planet of communication meet together in your seventh house of relationships.

Even though many break-ups often occur during Venus Rx, today is not one of those transits which signify an ending. If anything, today is exactly the opposite. It’s all about positive reflections, truths that come out of nowhere, and the desire for that next chapter of our lives to start now.

For you the past couple months have been impactful as the focus has been on your relationship house, but today offers the chance to speak on what you’ve learned and become aware of. But it’s not all about you initiating that conversation, it also puts you in the prime position to have someone open that topic with you.

With the ongoing Saturn Uranus square still churning of the tides of change there could be unexpected surprises, however with the positive energy of today it feels that any tat occur should be positive.

The Moon in Scorpio activating your fifth house of pleasure lets you feel that there is a benefit to opening up and being vulnerable, while the seductiveness of that deep water sign will remind you that talking about your feelings and what you want can actually be the sexiest thing you do.

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(October 23 - November 21)

While the Moon is transiting your sign lighting up your first house and helping you to dissolve the boundaries of your ego and fears, Venus and Mercury will meet in your third house. This is the house that rules communication which means that more than most signs today will be one where you are all about the big conversation and realizations about matters of the heart.

A big part of the energy that you’ve been moving through lately are themes around value and speaking up for yourself. Scorpio has a lot of depth but sometimes it keeps it inside more than is necessary. But for you to actually enjoy the great benefits of today, there has to be an element of you pushing past any fears and speaking up about what has been on your mind lately.

Life is a balance of both observation and action, today moves you more into the action phase to help encourage you to open conversations about what value in relationships means to you and how you can feel more valued. With Venus currently in retrograde it’s likely that the topic of conversation is one that stems from past events or even a past relationship.

Tying up loose emotional ends is important now before Venus begins her new cycle on the 8th, and remember the energy today is all about ultimately helping you to move forward.

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(November 22 - December 21)

As introspective as you are when life is running normally you don’t always see the most important pieces. Today you hit a realization point that may end up changing the trajectory of your life.

With Scorpio lighting up the twelfth house of the unconscious while Mercury and Venus meet in your second house of value it seems that you’re suddenly seeing the truth about the relationships and connections in your life. It may have been a quiet few days where you’ve had more time than normal to sit with your thoughts and feelings and today the truth could come like a lightbulb moment.

What we truly value in our life also equates to what is most important. When we’re honest about these feelings we’re then able to make decisions accordingly. The thing is that while you tend to have no problem taking a philosophical look at life, your feelings are often something that you’re the last to know about.

Today though, all of your unconscious thoughts and feelings about your love life and relationships become clear. This will lead to important conversations and declarations with others which will be the focus point of your new cycle in relationships that you’re just beginning. Enjoy it because it’s truly going to look nothing like your past.

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