3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During Venus Retrograde, December 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During Venus Retrograde, December 2021

December 2021, Venus turns retrograde in Cappy on December 19th until January 29th, 2022, we will all be reflecting on our love lives and relationships so that we can move forward in a new way.

Depending on our sign and what houses are affected, though, determines how this will show up for us.

The theme, though, for Venus in Cappy is quite different than other transits by the planet of love.

While specifics are different, the theme here is value.

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This means we’ll be asking ourselves what we truly value, how we feel valued and who contributes to that the most.

In astrology, the big houses to pay attention for our love lives is the seventh, which rules relationships, the fourth, home, and family, and even the twelfth or eighth, which are all about secrets and sex.

Venus retrograde has an interesting history, though, which is one to pay attention to as we begin to move through the process of what it means for us and our lives.

Originally, Venus was thought to be two separate stars. During this time, she’s seen as an evening star and, later, a morning star.

It was then that it was discovered she actually descends into the underworld during her retrograde only to reemerge later.

This is part of that theme of death and rebirth that we will all see play out in different ways in our lives.

In the myth attached to Venus Retrograde, she descends into the underworld, she is asked to shed seven different parts of herself until she is nude and feeling very raw and vulnerable.

Only once she’s shed the parts of herself that she no longer needs is she reborn as a morning star.

The date of Venus’s rebirth is January 8th this year, so while her retrograde won’t be completed by that time, she will have remerged at that time, which means we can expect to see new beginnings and growth in our relationships during that time.

The most challenging part of her retrograde will be December 19th, when she slows way down to begin this phase until January 7th.

Pay attention to themes, conversations, and feelings around this time as they are all part of a bigger picture, especially if they relate to value, foundations and commitment.

Adding a fun ingredient into the mix is the Venus-Pluto conjunction and the Saturn Uranus square occurring during that time, bringing some unexpected intensity and events to that period.

But remember, it’s all only temporary.

Because this retrograde is truly about showing us what actually will last forever.

Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During Venus Retrograde, December 2021:


(June 21 - July 22)

Retrogrades are notorious for having exes return to their lives, and while this can be both good and bad depending on the situation, you need to be ready for this one to be even more eventful than normal. Venus is doing her best in Cappy.

You’ll feel how appreciated you feel by those in your life, especially through a relationship dynamic. But it will also play a big part in any secrets you have in your relationships, both present and past. This is thanks to Cap hanging out in your seventh house of relationships which during retrograde means things from the past abound to come up, this includes ex-lovers as well.

With that tie into feeling valued, you might realize you’ve had a cycle of being with emotionally unavailable people, or it might be because an ex hadn’t appreciated you at one point. Still, now, they are, and so they return looking to see if they can get back the one that got away.

With the moon in Gem hanging out in your twelfth while Venus turns RX, it means that there’s something about your life that’s about to be exposed. This could be feelings an ex has for you or even feelings for an ex that you’re hiding from a current partner. It’s not a horrible time to at least give an old ex time for a conversation, just be careful about jumping in too quickly, at least until before January 8th.

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(September 23 - October 22)

As one of the ruling signs of Venus, it’s no surprise that there’s some unexpectedness in store for you during this retrograde season; the only thing is it may hit a little too close to home. Literally. While changes in our relationships are expected during this time for you, it’s something to be a bit more cautious of.

That’s because Venus in Cap lights up your fourth house of home and family while Chiron direct (also on the 19th) activates your seventh house of relationships. You may be having an ex come back in a big way, especially if it was someone you had previously lived with or even been engaged to. But your story looks a little more optimistic, thanks to Chiron. It’s possible that with this asteroid turning direct on the same day, this is a story of people needing to spend time apart before they can get back together.

Chiron is all about healing, so in this case, you or your ex could have had the time you both needed to work on yourselves and now may be ready to get back together. Suppose it’s not someone that you were that seriously involved with. In that case, you should prepare yourself because the relationship, if reunited, may move more quickly than you expect.

There’s not anything to necessarily be overly cautious of, other than if you’re talking to an ex. Still, you’re currently living with someone, so it may be safe to explore this. Just make sure that you’re practicing all the lessons you’ve recently learned.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Usually, people hear an ex return, and it makes our stomachs roll, and while it can be a positive in some cases, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that case for you. Cappy is going deep within your twelfth house of secrets. While this can be the unconscious, in terms of a Venus RX, it’s usually about things that happened that we didn’t know about at the time.

This may make you think differently about an ex in your life and may change your mind about being friends with them. Or even think that they could be a part of your future. Just be wary of people from your past not being truly honest with you because, with Taurus in your fourth house of home and family, you could find yourself getting some surprising news or even extra holiday guest.

This is because while Venus is deep within the underworld shedding all she no longer needs, we will experience the third and final square for 2021 between Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the planet of unexpected surprises and events. Hence, hanging out in the house that rules the most intimate part of your life while Venus works her way through one of the secrets means that things could likely not go as planned over the next few weeks.

You are wrapping up your Jupiter return as well, so try to look at everything as happening for your highest good. Keep an eye and be careful about who’s DM’s you reply to. You don’t have to answer every message you get.

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