How Likely Your Zodiac Sign Is To CyberStalk Your Ex (Don't Do It!)

Some people just can't let go.

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Did you know that some people, according to astrology, are more prone to stalking their ex on social media after a break up? Looking to someone's zodiac sign can tell you a lot about how they handle heartbreak — and the stages of grief that follow.

I don't think I've ever cyberstalked an ex before. I'm not trying to call out everyone who does and has stalked their exes, but it just doesn't seem super appealing to me.


What is appealing to me is cyberstalking my celebrity crushes ... because THAT'S healthier than stalking an ex (I think).

Cyberstalking is kind of like a big scale, with one end being petty little things like vague-posting about your ex on your own social media feeds — meaning you talk about how great it is not to deal with fake people without naming names — to crazy stalker behavior like getting so deep into your ex's social media feed that you start bullying his girlfriend from sixth grade because her relationship with him was longer than yours.

But no matter how petty you get when it comes to cyberstalking, one thing is true: if you're not careful, it can get you into BIG trouble.


Imagine being three months deep into your ex's Instagram feed and accidentally liking a picture of his from vacation with his family. Can you imagine?!

I would probably want to set fire to my phone after that because honestly, there is NO reason for you to be that far back into his page, even if you were still together when you were stalking him.


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This is the time when you should definitely listen to all of your friends who have gone down that rabbit hole before and come back with some seriously embarrassing stories about being caught cyberstalking their exes.

Plus, do you REALLY want to be known as the person who can't get over her ex? Let me put it to you this way.



You broke up with your ex for a reason, right? Yes, maybe HE broke up with you and not the other way around, but overall, you two are done.

Should you go back to dating someone who saw something in you worth breaking up with? Never!

For every one of him, there is a man out there that you deserve who is ten times sexier, will treat you SO much better, and will love you unconditionally.

Because love with conditions isn't really love at all, is it?

But even if you hear this from me, your friends, your family, HIM - it doesn't always stop you from wanting to cyberstalk him... y'know, just to make sure he's doing okay.

Of course, some of you might be reading this thinking, "There is NO way I would EVER cyberstalk my ex, that's just crazy!" And you might be right.

It really does depend on the person you are. More specifically, what zodiac sign you are.

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Astrology might have a few choice words about you and your penchant for stalking exes.

Of course, if your horoscope doesn't say anything about you being a little too addicted to cyberstalking, that doesn't mean you don't have any faults; it just means you're a little better at hiding your crazy from others.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

scorpio zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Scorpio is all about the truth and if you think you can just break up with her without giving her an honest explanation why, you’re sadly mistaken.

If you’re ever in a relationship with Scorpio, then chances are she thinks of you as a friend. So to completely ignore her, cut her off, or lie to her after you break up isn’t just about losing a partner, it’s about losing a friend to her.

If Scorpio is cyberstalking her ex, it’s because she wants the real truth. She might not outright message you, but she WILL check up on your social media feeds, hoping to snag some info.

Don’t underestimate her ability to find things out, either. She’s good at reading between the lines and will dig through months of posts just to find what she’s looking for.

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TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

taurus zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

The last thing Taurus wants to do is come off as the creepy or crazy ex.

That said, she isn’t above cyberstalking you after you break up, so just think about that before you start talking about how single you are now on social media.

But even though she is more likely to cyberstalk an ex than other signs, she tries to do it for the right reasons.

When Taurus cyberstalks you, she’s doing it because she’s still in love with you. Love and relationships are very big gestures to Taurus, so having something so special to her be taken away so quickly can be devastating.

It’s not so much that she wants to make sure you stay single (or end up cyberstalking your new girlfriend, too), but rather that she wants to remember you in some way, even if you don’t still love her back.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

cancer zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Just like all big events in life, relationships and break ups should follow a certain timeline for Cancer. She likes being able to congratulate herself for hitting important milestones when dating, like moving in together, going on a weekend trip to meet the parents, things like that.

So when break ups happen – both in general and when they’re especially nasty – she feels like her timeline is totally messed up.

This isn’t to say that Cancer doesn’t foresee break ups in some of her relationships, but not having closure is something she can’t live with. If she’s cyberstalking an ex, it’s because there was no closure.

You either fell out of love with each other for no reason, had a huge fight and never talked about it, or one of you cheated on the other, and now she wants to put the relationship to bed for good before she can move on.

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 - Jan 19)

capricorn zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Capricorn is a traditionalist when it comes to relationships, so she wants everything to happen the way she thinks it should. That means that she might try to control you at every turn, even when the two of you break up.

If Capricorn starts cyberstalking you after you break up, it’s most likely because the break up was a messy one and she wants to prove that she’s still in control.

Capricorn hates messy break ups because they often lead to unresolved feelings and things that need to be said. Even if you block her number and refuse to speak to her again, she will dig through your social media feeds looking for an explanation as to why the break up was so messy.

It might lead you to blocking her on social media, too, but she expects her cyberstalking will lead to some more messy behavior after a break up.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

sagittarius zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Sagittarius likes for her exes to believe that once she’s broken up with them that she’s gone on to bigger and better things, but that isn’t always the case.

Just because she posts about a hundred “Good Riddance!” posts on social media doesn’t mean she’s handling the break up well.

In fact, Sagittarius might seem like a free spirit to some, but she can often be lying about her true feelings.

When cyberstalking her ex, Sagittarius is really just sabotaging herself instead of trying to get over her feelings.

She might have agreed to break up because she was hurt at the time or even felt like it was the best decision, but after seeing you on social media, she realizes that she’s made a mistake.

This can be hard for her to cope with, especially since she isn’t great at opening up like that, so cyberstalking is the next best thing.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

gemini zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Gemini doesn’t really know what she wants in a relationship, so her feelings and emotions change pretty suddenly. This might seem like a normal occurrence for her, but for her exes, she just acts like her indecisiveness is making her crazy.

She might break u with you one week and want you back the next, but that is NOT going to fly with you.

When Gemini cyberstalks her exes, it’s because she can’t let go of the past. She doesn’t do this often, but when she does, she’s the type of person to like a picture of you from three years ago… creepy.

She’s so caught up in the good times you used to have together and now that you’re broken up, she can’t seem to move on.

The break up might have been completely her idea, but she’ll still miss being with you a few weeks later.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

libra zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Unless Libra had an amazing kind of love with you, she isn’t one to cyberstalk her exes. However, she IS the type of person to “keep tabs” on people, which is really the only reason she has social media in the first place.

She might check out your feed because she’s bored or because she heard you moved to a new city, but her reasoning is really just to see what you’ve been up to.

This might still seem odd behavior to you, but she tends to do this to everyone. Whether you’re an ex or an old friend, you can expect to see some activity on your social media from Libra every now and then.

The way she distinguishes her behavior from cyberstalking to just being nosy is that a cyberstalker probably wouldn’t message you if she was trying to be sneaky about it… right?

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

pisces zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Pisces is a very emotional person in general, so when she’s dealing with a break up her emotions can go from 0 to 100 pretty quickly.

She might try to cope with being single by spending time with friends and on her own, but when she thinks that she’s starting to feel more like herself, she’ll take to social media again.

In Pisces’ defense, it isn’t often that she’ll cyberstalk her ex as much as her ex’s new partner. Chances are she doesn’t really care what you’ve been up to this whole time, but she IS interested to know who you’ve replaced her with.

You can tell that she’s been checking up on your new SO when she runs into you at the grocery store and starts asking questions about your love life… or bragging that her new beau is amazing.

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LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

leo zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Leo loves herself way too much to be bothered with cyberstalking her exes because she knows that checking up on someone who doesn’t care about you anymore only leads to more heartbreak.

If you could choose between getting on with your fabulous life and stalking your ex, wouldn’t you choose the former? Leo thinks so, too.

If Leo ends up scrolling through your social media feed for any reason it’s for one of two reasons: she either got there by mistake and figured she’d see what was going on with you or she wanted to make sure she was still winning in life.

It’s not so much that she’s jealous of her ex, but more so that she likes being number one at everything in life – even break ups.

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VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

virgo zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Virgo takes a lot of pride in making friends and keeping them around for life. So when she deals with a bad break up, she’s really breaking up with a friend, which can hurt so much more than just breaking up with a partner to her.

However, she makes sure to stay very mature when it comes to dealing with her ex.

This maturity means you won’t find Virgo snooping around on her ex’s social media or cyberstalking him. She knows that the only way to get past the hard parts in life and possibly make a friendship work in the future, she needs to let it go.

The only reason she would even go to your social media feeds at all would be to check to make sure you’re okay and are making the most out of life.

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

Aquarius is a force of nature on her own or in a relationship, so she never feels the need to stay hung up on an old ex, no matter what the situation might be.

To some, it might seem like she’s very cold when it comes to cutting off exes, but other people see it as a sign of maturity that she doesn’t feel the need to keep torturing herself over it.

This is why Aquarius is not one to cyberstalk her exes at all. The only reason she would ever make it to your social media feeds at all (if she hasn’t already unfollowed you) is because she’s bored or because someone told her to check out something you had reblogged.

She isn’t the type of person to go through months’ worth of photos and try to get the low down on your new partner.

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ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

aries zodiac signs cyberstalk ex boyfriend on social media

If anyone is so anti-cyberstalking, it is Aries. She doesn’t cyberstalk her exes because she literally doesn’t care about them anymore – that’s why they’re her exes, after all.

She is way too busy living it up and enjoying life with her friends and family that there really is no reason for her to waste her precious time going through your social media.

You might try to catch her attention through messages and vague posts about her (because she’s probably the best ex you’ll ever have), but chances are she won’t even see it.

And don’t assume her friends will help you out either; they know Aries won’t care even if they DID tell her you were trying to contact her, so they just let her do her thang as always without wasting their breath.

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