3 Zodiac Signs Who Cut Ties With Toxic Friends Starting December 17, 2021


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Thanks to the astrology of this weekend, we will stumble upon clarity and the idea of priorities. This means that what is most important to us will rise to the surface, and what is worthy of being let go of will fall to the side.

This is a strong, cerebral time period, and it will increase our mental strength, allowing us to finally see who it is in our lives that must go because we know inside our hearts that this much happens.


There are those friends in our lives who we have often wondered what the point is with them, why are they even in our lives?

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All they seem to bring is their problems. They complain they are ungrateful, they bring nothing of value nor do they plan to. They are just 'there' bringing everyone down, adding nothing of value, and always leaving you drained. Why are they in your life?

There is no reason, and because of Moon sextile Neptune, you'll not only see that the 'friendship' is pointless, you'll see that they are toxic and worthy of being walked away from. 


Not everyone brings their best game, but when the only game they bring is negativity, poison, and backstabbing, it's time to release this person from your friend's list.

It's time to let them go, and once you do, you'll immediately notice how less toxic your life will be.

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Zodiac Signs Who Cut Ties With Toxic Friends Starting December 17, 2021:


(July 23 - August 22)

When you cut friends out of your life, you do it harshly, and with a hundred curses put on their head — you're really quite extreme, Leo.

And, once again, you are going to make that executive decision to end your relationship with someone during this weekend.


While it would cramp your style to simply let them go easily, you may want to refrain from destroying their life, simply to show that you have the upper hand.

Yes, this person is toxic and should be avoided, but why add to the problem by being such a nasty-wasty fiend about it?

Just have the talk, get to the point, and say your good-byes in a diplomatic way. No need to make this person feel like poop for simply being themselves. Just, 'good-bye' and then, close the door.

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(October 23 - November 21)

If you could have your way, everyone in your life would be intelligent, artistic, and highly productive. You gravitate towards the 'doers' and you rarely entertain any toxic personalities, not if you can help it.


Alas, toxic friendships do form, and generally, at some point, you'll start to notice just how bad this friendship is.

The current astrology stimulates your perfectionism, and jolts you into wanting only the best. You will learn certain truths as well: Your friendships are not all that wonderful, and one or two of them are actually damaging.

It's time to take the trash out, Scorpio.

Moon sextile Neptune will not let you hold on to toxic relationships, so be prepared to lose a friend or two during this time. You'll be happy you did.

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(February 19 - March 10)

You are someone who puts themselves out there. You want to be helpful, and you make sure that when you offer information or assistance that you are, indeed, the right person for the job.


This also puts you in the position to be taken advantage of, Pisces.

There are toxic people in your life friends, in fact - who do not care about you, your feelings or your 'assistance'.

All they want is what they can get from you, for free, and their selfishness starts to become very clear to you.


They don't realize that you are also power-packed and ready to ditch their sorry butts if they cross the line one too many times.

And that line? Consider it crossed.

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