3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 25, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 25, 2021

Under the Virgo Moon, we may feel initially as if there are too many things to do to actually be able to enjoy the day but underlying is energy ready to show us plenty of magic and fireworks if we make the space to receive it.

Christmas Day always has a unique energy to it as we’re reminded of the beauty of when we believed in magic.

As adults, we may know who actually leaves all the gifts that we enjoy, but it doesn’t have to take away from the magical feeling of today.

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December 25, 2021, is a great day for three zodiac signs, and for many zodiac signs, we are all invited to slow down and sit with loved ones around a twinkling tree as a warm tended fire dances in the background promoting intimacy.

Virgo is often more associated with details and plans, but it also has a significant amount of healing energy which means that we can make peace with many of the feelings that sometimes become hard around this time of year.

Our focus will be able to shift instead to all that is beautiful, looking instead at the big picture instead of getting caught up in the details which can often steal away joy.

Today we also will see the third and final Saturn Uranus square taking place, an energetic force that has dominated our year.

These two planets have been coming together this year to help us expand beyond our previous limitations by learning what truly represents a solid foundation and what instead is merely a lesson.

But the other side of these two planets is that there is a great sense of divine timing and magic associated with their meetups in the heavens.

Today is one of those days.

A day when we might see that while we had thought things would go one way, they actually end up going so much better and where maybe we’re able to see that we’re not too old to believe in magic after all.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 25, 2021


(August 23 - September 22)

During times like this where things become so busy, it’s easy to get caught up in the energy of the season. You feel more like yourself when things are planned and organized so during the holidays if that doesn’t happen you can end up feeling scattered and like you’re not able to enjoy yourself as much.

But whether or not that occurred, today is a day where you will feel like you can set down everything that hasn’t been figured out. With the Moon in your sign, you will be feeling softer and more in touch and balanced with your emotional world. This means a tendency towards seeing what matters most and letting the small things go.

Together this will help you realize there is no such thing as a perfect holiday but instead it can actually end up being so much better. With Venus Retrograde and the ongoing Venus and Pluto conjunction hitting your house of pleasure you should be having a newfound appreciation for what that means to you and should find it easier to incorporate into your day.

The Saturn Uranus square will continue to affect the houses that govern your sense of spirituality and health which means that you should have an easier time focusing on what matters most today and letting everything else go. It’s truly the making of a perfectly imperfect holiday!

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(February 19 - March 20)

Although not completely exact at the beginning of the day, by the end a sextile between Mercury in Cappy and Neptune (your ruling planet) in Pisces will help bring about some positive news and conversations.

It’s no surprise that you are one of the dreamiest signs of the zodiac, which means during holidays like this you tend to take on an ethereal childlike glow that is captivating to those around you. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a proposal in front of a twinkling Christmas tree or an unexpected kiss under the mistletoe.

The sextile between these two really is about showing you the benefit of past actions or decisions as they are directly related to karmic lessons which tie in with the Saturn Uranus square as well.

Because this is the final one you shouldn’t have to worry too much about any arguments or disagreements but instead should feel that optimism and peace from seeing how things have come full circle. It’s safe to open to receive all this goodness and it seems that this year there isn’t anyone more deserving than you.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Now that it’s your season it’s definitely your time to shine. The biggest thing for you is always realizing that there’s not something else to keep working for or somewhere else better to be. You spend a great deal of energy trying to get somewhere that you often don’t allow yourself to enjoy it.

Today, the energy is aligning, and you’re being asked to do just that. If work calls or even possible arguments remember that you get to choose what interrupts your peace and what doesn’t. Practice letting people be and your phone being on do not disturb.

There’s nothing to do today except what truly feels good and like it resonates with your heart. With Venus now in the underworld during her retrograde within your sign you’re going to need to give yourself greater care as you could feel more sensitive.

The plus side though is that you’re also going to be more emotionally present for yourself and those around you. This is part of a deep process to show up as you truly are and not the person that you feel you have to work to become.

With Virgo hitting on your ninth house of spirituality you especially could be feeling the magic of today as it may feel like that reason everything has been happening is finally clear. Enjoy the magic that today reveals without trying to explain it away.

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