3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 8, 2021

Guard your energy.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 8, 2021 pixome/Shutterstock.com

Today has the potential to be a great day to take action on a project or dream as long as we don’t let others or ourselves get carried away.

Today should be a clearer energy that we’ve had lately simply because there isn’t a mix of different transits so the theme for the day is more consistent.

But, let’s also stay realistic, we did just have the last eclipse on the current axis four days ago and likely no one is completely comfortable or feeling settled.


That’s okay because in this unsettledness is where growth ends up taking place and even though by most, we should be out of the eclipse energy it will actually be lasting until December 19th with the Full Moon in Gem.

So like it or not, we are meant to be working through something which also means taking action.

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We are still seeing the push from the Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius transit affect us. This energy began back on the 6th and will be here until tomorrow when it finally starts to separate.


The universe never makes mistakes, so even though a square is often seen as a challenging aspect this one is much more positive thanks to the influence of Jupiter.

Together these two planets have been meant to give us this jolt post eclipse because we all need a little push out of our comfort zone and that’s exactly what these two are providing.

With no other elements though, we do run the risk of letting that excited energy bubble over into frustration or pushiness if things aren’t going as quickly as we want them to. The other side of it is that others might try to use our energy for their own personal gain, so it’s important to guard our energy today, both with others and to make sure we are staying balanced and grounded.

No one knows how this year is going to end at this point, there’s just too much astrologically up in the air, so instead of trying to figure it out, take each day as it unfolds and let the universe whisper her secrets to you when she’s ready.


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 8, 2021:


(January 20 - February 18)

You likely are in the midst of experiencing some positive karmic payback for all of the hard work and lessons that you’ve been participating in. This is a great thing! Right now, you have the moon in your zodiac sign which should give you some clarity and peace in your emotional world.

This will actually allow you to sit back and feel just how far you’ve come without being anxious about what is still to come. Hopefully this will also allow you to detach from any recent heavy emotional lessons or even conversations that you’ve recently had to have.

Trust that you showed up the best that you could and it’s over so there is no point in worrying about it further. Strongly affecting you today is Jupiter (in your sign) squaring Mars in Scorpio hitting your first house of self and your tenth house of ambition.


These two together mean that you are really entering a new phase of your life where you are now much more aware of what it is you’re worth and are committed to having that in every area of your life.

But with the tenth house being activated it means that others are seeing this shift within you and that you can now expect to receive either admiration or even a raise from those who notice. Enjoy basking in the limelight of the success that you earned!

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(October 23 - November 21)

As we begin to see the lingering planets in Scorpio start to transition out you may be feeling a bit more tired or quiet. This isn’t a negative trait but something more along the lines of processing or assimilating into all the experiences you’ve recently been through.


You’ve been speaking up more and being vulnerable in ways that you previously been too scared too. This is what you are moving towards in your next life cycle under the Scorpio/Taurus eclipse axis that we’re just beginning.

Because this is so intensive it also means that you need to give yourself time to rest and breathe just as much as being brave to do things differently this time. Today’s astrology is hitting your first and tenth house but with the moon today influencing you the affects will be a bit different.

There may be a career or workplace connection, receiving words of affirmation from a colleague or friend, but you specifically will have more emotions involved today.

There may be a feeling that you have to rush to get in certain conversations or take specific action but that’s just the illusion that the Mars Jupiter square is throwing your way.


Make sure you tap into your emotional body today so that you can give yourself what it is you truly need so that you have the energy for what’s next.

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(February 19 - March 20)


Right now, even if you can’t see it, everything that you’re moving through in your life is only temporary. You are headed for such a big upgrade and change in your life at the beginning of next year it would be impossible to even predict it. It’s better to not try and to move through what the days bring for you now, just know that no matter how you’re feeling, nothing is in its finalized state in your life right now.

This is because Jupiter is now moving through the last degrees of Aqua as he prepares to move into your sign on the 28th. Today though is just one more step closer to the life that you want to live.

With the moon and Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio your twelfth and ninth houses will be affected which brings the themes of secrets, the unknown and spirituality together to put you on a quest to find greater meaning in the way that everything is playing out.

Probably not the day to make any big decisions, especially if you find out something you previously didn’t know, but instead more along the lines of taking time for yourself to see how the dots all connect. Not to tell you where you’re heading next but so you can find more reasons on how you ended up in the place where now anything becomes possible.


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