3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Change The Most During The Moon In Aquarius December 7 - 9

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Change The Most During The Moon In Aquarius December 7 - 9

When the Moon is in Aquarius, we tend to worry, overthink and analyze things way too much, and three zodiac signs whose friendships change from December 7 to December 9, 2021 discover that the person they trusted is not who they thought.

We are our own worst enemy during this season, and not because we may self-sabotage, but because we assume too much; this means that if we get an idea into our head, we tend to think that idea is fact, truth, a reality.

The eye-opener here is that what we think rarely lines up with the truth.

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This is also the time when we notice that our friendships aren't what they once were. We all know that friendships can fade, no matter how enjoyable or wonderful that connection can be.

It's is our human nature to change, and in any kind of relationship, we may see the day when a radical change occurs for positive or negative.

Moon in Aquarius is especially influential for big changes within a friendship. This means that the friendship might take on new tones, or that it may be on the verge of fading out.

One thing is for sure, both parties within a friendship will be weighing options and figuring out if this friendship needs to fade out, or hang on for the long haul.

Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Change The Most During The Moon In Aquarius December 7 - 9:


(April 20 - May 20)

How this Moon in Aquarius transit is going to hit you is by surprise. There's someone in your life that you take for granted; this isn't such a bad thing as that's exactly what friends do, but in your case, you may have to deal with a friend who suddenly wants more - as in romance.

That's the ultimate deal breaker for you, Taurus, as you've been down that road before and you don't feel like losing another friend for the sake of the 'benefits'.

It never ends up well for you, and you'd just rather stick to the platonic friendship that you've developed, the one that YOU thought worked perfectly until your friend decided they need more.

Moon in Aquarius is here to bring the surprises and challenges, and you may not be up for all this. Still in all, you probably don't want to lose your friend so you're going to need to come up with a friendly alternative.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Worrying is basically what makes up 50% of your nature, and with Moon in Aquarius as our main transit today, you'll probably up your percentage to the full hundo.

In the past, when you get a bad feeling about a friend, you don't even ask questions, you just move right to the ghosting and the cutting out of this friend.

What's happening this week, during Moon in Aquarius, is that you suspect a friend of yours is doing something shady behind your back, and it's seriously troubling.

The thing is, this may be only in your mind as you're not working with all the facts, you are working with some assumptions that you've created in your mind, about this person.

So, this influence is truly about your doubt and how you feel about this friend of yours. It's as if suddenly you see this person is a very dark, negative light, and now you need to pluck yourself out of this situation.

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(January 20 - February 18)

You and a friend of yours are about to go through your very first 'fight' and it could make or break your connection to each other. The main gist of the argument will be about your coldness.

That's right, pure accusation coming from this external source: your friend. Do not be surprised if this influence, Moon in Aquarius, makes your friend accuse you of wrong doing.

What they are doing in reality is dealing with your lack of communication. They are writing in your part because they don't feel you are adding to it.

You like your silence; you're a fairly quite person and you know what it's like to have your quietness interpreted as snobbery or coldness; it's just not true. you are warm, kind and thoughtful...but your friend has convinced themselves that they have no place in that cold, cold world of yours.

If you love this friend, nip it in the bud and let them relax, so that you can relax as well.

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