Virgo Horoscope For December 2021 — Monthly Astrology Horoscope

As long as you don’t fall for the sweet talk of an old ex you could have a brand-new beginning!

Virgo Horoscope For December 2021 — Monthly Astrology Horoscope Natalia Mikhalchuk/

As long as you don’t fall for the sweet talk of an old ex you could have a brand-new beginning this month!

Happy December, Virgo! The beginning of December starts with Neptune direct in your seventh house of relationships casting a dreamy and romantic love over your love life. Normally you can be a little hard on your potential love interests so this energy will be a nice change up for you.

Virgo, Read what your zodiac sign has in store for this month's December 2021 horoscope predictions!


Now with Neptune Direct on December 1st in your seventh house you can expect to feel greater confidence and hope that any rough patches you’ve recently gone through will get better.

Don’t be afraid to put on the rose-colored glasses of this romantic planet Sweet Virgo, sometimes relationships only seem so hard because you’re not used to them being easy. There’s nothing wrong with seeing the best in a situation.

Virgo Horoscope For December 2021 — Monthly Astrology Horoscope 

Saturday, December 4th brings a New Moon Solar Eclipse in bold Sagittarius. New Moons are usually a time for new beginnings, but this one is a bit different. It actually represents the end of an eighteen-month cycle of eclipses on the Sagittarius Gemini axis so this moon may bring you more endings than beginnings.


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If that happens, try to let go of what isn’t working, there’s no need to talk anyone into loving you. You can still set some intentions with this moon though, just recognize what also may need to end so that you have space for them to take root.

This will hit your fourth house of home and family, so if you end up not feeling all that social and just want to Netflix and chill by yourself then definitely don’t force yourself to go out, there will be plenty of time for socializing later on.


This should bring about a week of pretty positive calm energy where you can get some holiday shopping done and maybe even be inspired to plan a getaway with friends for New Years before Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 13th. This hits your fourth house again of home and family which means that the holidays might be a little rougher than normal.

Mars is the planet that rules war, drive and ambition, which isn’t a recipe for success to be hitting the house, that’s all about family time during the holiday season. It may not completely spell disaster but just remembering that you may have a shorter fuse than normal could help keep any rising tensions low.

But if you’ve had a lot of family drama or felt like you may not have had the healthiest childhood, this could also open up the doorway for you to speak up on what you’ve been through and have some hard conversations.

Just remember that talking with a counselor or therapist about how to address topics like this first will always give better results and of course to wait for a time other than when you’re all around the dinner table.


This sets the stage for you to make time to explore what feels good as Venus turns Retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th. Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty and even finances so in Capricorn she operates a bit more logically and looks at more of our basic needs than our romantic desires but usually creates a pretty good foundation for existing relationships.

Cappy hits your fifth house of pleasure which means that this retrograde could bring some exes back into your life as a friend with benefits situation or have you realizing that you’ve been too focused on having a good time to stop and ask yourself if you have anything in common with the person that you’ve been dating.

Venus Retrograde usually isn’t the best time for starting new relationships but it may give you a chance to build something stronger with someone you’ve been dating regularly, just be careful of going too fast because anything started during this time hot a heavy tends to fizzle out pretty quickly once retrograde is over which will be the end of January.

Hopefully with Chiron turning direct in Aries on the 19th helps with us as it hits your eighth house which symbolizes sex and death.


This may make you think about physical intimacy in an entirely new way and help you be able to put yourself out there more vulnerable with romantic interests. Try to just take it all slow though because while Chiron is all about healing, he also takes his time.

As Cappy Season starts on December 21st you’ll feel the need to start getting into the holiday spirit by spending more time at your place or with friends.

Think of holiday movies and cookie baking. This is because like Venus it activates your fifth house of helping you embrace your own needs and expressing your true self.

This is a highlight for you this month and should help pave the way for those potential rocky family gatherings later in the week.


You end the month with a similar vibe as when you started once Jupiter moves into Pisces on December 28th once again calling you to focus on your seventh house of relationships.

Jupiter is all about expansion and growth though so this may mean some big changes in the love department, including a possible New Year's Eve proposal!

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