3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During The Moon In Capricorn Starting December 5, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During The Moon In Capricorn Starting December 5, 2021

On December 5, 2021, the Moon will transit Capricorn, and with it will come much thought and consideration for those whom we once loved and cherished.

This is not limited to our feelings of those we were romantically involved with, and can extend to the folks in our lives that have passed, as well.

However, on this day, with Moon in Capricorn, we will be focused solely on our past loves. This may mean that we'll be reaching out to them or, that they will reach out to us.

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There's a connection that's just dying to be made and it will happen during this transit. There is no guarantee here that this ex is going to reinstate themselves back into our lives...but they very well may try.

Capricorn is our most pragmatic sign and one not generally associated with love or romance, however, during this transit, it will spark up our desire to be with the person who makes the most sense to us, and that might be an ex.

That's how Capricorn pragmatism enters the world of love and possible reunion.

Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Returns During The Moon In Capricorn Starting December 5, 2021:


(March 21 - April 19)

You are the kind of person who likes to say terrible things about the people whom you once were involved with, and yet, your big secret is that you ADORE it when you find out they've been talking about you. Oh, you don't let anyone know you titillated you are by this idea, but you feel flattered, wanted.

And you like it. Even if you can't stand the person who is talking about, you really, really like when they talk about you.

Moon in Capricorn may have you considering this person of the past as a person of your potential future. If they can take their talk game and walk it back into your life again, you'd accept them willingly.

Of course, that would be your secret as well, as you're not throwing yourself at them, oh no. But still...you'd be 'secretly' giddy to know that your ex is about to make a comeback.

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(April 20 - May 20)

There should be no surprise here, knowing that Moon in Capricorn is probably going to bring your ex back into your line of vision. And why? Because they never seem to fade away for too long. Now, in your case, Taurus, this ex of yours is a total loser.

You want nothing to do with them, in fact, this whole new display of affection that they are sending you - you don't want it. You've found yourself a new life and you like it. 

You don't need your ex to intervene or inject themselves into your happiness. Your pragmatism shows in self-respect - that's how the Capricorn transit will affect you.

Your ex will return, and you will reject them. And why? Because you respect your new life, and your new partner. There is no room for an ex in your life, and you'll know what to do when they approach you.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Just the idea of an ex returning is enough to give you anxiety. Which ex, and please, not THAT ex...but yes, THAT ex is about to return. Fortunately, you're in your right mind and so there's not much they can do about it.

Moon in Capricorn allows you to see that, yes, this ex of yours is obsessed with you, and no, you don't have to let them in.

This ex of yours is problematic; you spent way more time getting to know that fact all too well, and though they've never stopped loving you, you got over them a long time ago.

This ex is much more of a menace than a loving memory, and when this person returns, or rather, makes a stand to get you back in their lives, you will put your foot down with an irrevocable decision: No. Leave me alone, go away. It's over.

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