Monthly Horoscope For December 2021

Monthly Horoscope For December 2021

This December, we can expect our lives to change and be revolutionized; no new year’s resolution is required. 

As of the very first day of December, we will see Neptune leaving retrograde. This is a time we are being dared to dig deeper into who we are and explore our passions, visions, and dreams. This is the beginning of a new cycle to dive into our inner truths that up to this point, have been too difficult to reveal. 

The Full Moon in Gemini that takes place on December 18th will be sparking our curiosity, urging us to scratch deeper at the surface and really allowing our imaginations to run wild with creative, ingenious new ideas. This is a time to allow inspiration to transform you and be the catalyst to stepping into the next chapter of your life. 

The following day Chiron goes direct, helping us release the old ways that have been hard to let die. It is advised that under the Full Moon you journal about all you’re ready to let go of and the day to follow take the action to let it go. With each passing day, the life you leave behind will be further away and the future you dreamed of becomes closer in reach. 

How will this December transform your life?

Monthly Horoscope For December 2021:


Aries, this month is an incredible time to explore your goals...just don’t reveal them to others quite yet, you may have an enemy amongst your circle of friends who haven’t revealed themselves yet. This is an important month for networking and a time that you may feel the urge to reconnect with old friends.

Don’t be too shy to pick up the phone, if you’re missing them make the call, as you never know how much they are missing you. Don’t let your pride be louder than your desire.

Later this month you may find it easy to view the world in all the ways you have been hurt and push the blame onto others for your issues, but you will find that healing comes much more naturally when you own up to your mistakes and practice apologizing. Instead of being confrontational with others, find the argument with your past self until you reach a resolution.

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Taurus, you truly want to see the best in the people around you, and it’s wonderful. However, many of those people can never live up to your expectation and cannot be the person you need them to be, especially within your family. This month is challenging you to think through your conversations with them and to stop pleading with them to be the person you wish they could be and know they could become.

They have to do this on their own and you must let them go for your own sake. You may want to seek out new connections that are much more in line with who you have become this month without saying they won’t be as good as the preset group you’re associated with. They won’t be the same, but when you’ve been struggling with those around you, it can be a welcome change. You’re being critical about the wrong person.

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Gemini, the project you have told yourself you would start someday starts now! This is the time to dedicate yourself to your passions that you may have previously told yourself are not important enough.

This month you can challenge yourself to new pursuits that will be difficult to learn, but satisfying in return. Your ideas will bring fresh energy back into your life and will release the stagnant old ways that have been making you feel trapped.

You do not need to commit to a life that is dull and bores you out of your mind. Release yourself and become the version of you that you have been putting off for far too long. There’s no better time than now. Start living your dreams and stop waiting for permission.

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Cancer, it is unrealistic that you will be a pro at what you’re doing on your first day. Be patient with yourself as much as you would be patient for a plant to sprout, grow, and bloom.

The self-imposed timelines you put on yourself are unrealistic, as well as the high expectations that are impossible to achieve. You are a growing thing, so allow yourself the room to grow!

There are times where putting pressure on yourself is a great thing, however, this month is not the time. Practice creating tolerance and be kind to yourself when you make mistakes. In this, however, be cautious not to demand much from those you surround yourself with. Practice self-sustainability.

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Leo, you have a lot of fire in your soul this month, but it’s time to hone in on where you’re investing that energy. You don’t need to burn the world down, but you do need to focus your intentions on the wrong that is actively happening.

It’s time to stand up for what you believe in and not back down from doing the right thing. Your anger is justified, but what you do with it needs to be controlled and focused with those who are harming you. However, do know when there are teachable moments you can learn from. Your passion is there but it may blind you from seeing the whole picture.

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Virgo, this month can lead you to exactly where you want to be, as long as you see things through. You cannot thrive if you are only investing half of your energy. If your heart isn’t completely in it and you don’t see things through to the end, nothing will stick and you will not flourish in the way you so wish you could.

Try to see outside of yourself and accept help when it’s offered. This will be extremely valuable especially as you reach a place where you can give help back as a way to express gratitude for all of those who were there for you.

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Libra, your motto this month should be “Work smarter, not harder.” You are trying to accomplish so much but by doing the amount of work you’re planning you will quickly run through your resources and not have the energy to carry on.

You need to be sustainable before you are successful. However, through the chaos, be sure that you’re showing your gratitude. You may not have had the year you hoped for, but look at all you did accomplish. That magic is you, relish in it and be proud of all you’ve been able to do!

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Scorpio, you are becoming increasingly irritable during this last month of the year. The question is, are you frustrated by those around you or a problem that you’re unable to resolve within yourself? Likely, it isn’t those you associate with, even though they may provide minor inconveniences at times.

There may be a dilemma that you have not found a solution to that is irking you; how can you work through this month instead of impacting others with your rage? You may be quick to tell others how they should change to be better, but are you able to be that perceptive with yourself and work through that question independently?

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Sagittarius, this month is a call to explore your identity and who you truly are. This is a call to action to release the person you pretend to be as well as the expectations others have for you. You cannot live a life being the person others need you to be.

What about the person you need yourself to be? Doesn’t that version of you deserve a chance to shine and live their truth? This month challenge yourself to make some new friends or join new clubs. It’s time to challenge your way of thinking and experience different paths in this wild, chaotic world.

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Capricorn, this month you must be cautious of your anger. You are boiling over but if you don’t cool off you could explode at the wrong person at the wrong time. What are you incapable of changing within yourself and how can you take a new approach to these problems?

Get creative in resolving the problems you’re too scared to discuss. You believe in what’s right, so be sure that the way you are living your life still aligns with your moral compass. Don’t jeopardize your virtue for anything. It’s not worth losing yourself over

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Aquarius, you march to the beat of your drum, but this month you are finding that others are following in your path. You’re stepping into a leadership role and it’s time to accept it. You are an individual and you are extremely rare; which are great qualities in a natural-born leader.

Don’t shy away from the attention and traction you’re creating. Embrace it and recognize that you can help make a difference. However, be aware that no one is worth underestimating. Expect the worst-case scenario and be surprised when the universe shows you some good.

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Pisces, if you have outgrown your circle, that is OK. You are not a bad person for evolving into a new one. This month should inspire you to find more people who think like you, who are inspired by the same things that move you.

You don’t need to have a massive circle and be revered by all, it’s okay to keep your group tight-knit and be selective. Crowds can be quieter than a clique. Be supported by people who love you, not view you as a comfort or constant person in their life. You are so much more than that.

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