3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 27, 2021

Be prepared.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 27, 2021 metamorworks/Shutterstock.com

Today we are working with the Half Moon in Virgo, Moon Square Mercury and Moon Trine Uranus.

Our Sun is in Sagittarius and the weekend is here. For some of us, this day could present a few unwanted challenges; we may even be the ones who present those challenges to others.

Moon Trine Uranus wants to start trouble. We may not even know why, but we may find ourselves instigating fights during this day.


Maybe we just want the attention, or maybe we can't let a good thing alone.

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Life is good these days, but we have some tricky transits that are playing mind games with us, and we might not be able to appreciate how good we have it, at present.

And so, we start fights, we diminish our own happiness by trying the patience of others.

What will make this a rough day is the way we act towards other people. Some signs will be on the receiving end of some poor behavior, while other signs will be the ones to start the fire.

Antagonism rules the day. Be prepared.


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 27, 2021:


(March 21 - April 19)

Moon Square Mercury is what's going to determine whether you can handle this day or not. What you're presented with is the opportunity to say something dire, something that's been on your mind for a long time, possible to a family member.

Does this need to be said? No. And that's what's really going to be bugging you on this day — this major thing that's on your mind really doesn't need an audience. Yet, all you want to do is involve people in your own personal trauma.

Will expressing yourself help? Yes, it sure will, but there's a difference between saying what's on your mind and burdening the crowd down with the 'wonderful world of my problems'. See if you can split the difference; say what you need to say without it becoming everyone's new main issue.


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(July 23 - August 22)

That Half Moon in Virgo is what's at the heart of your rough patch, today, Leo. It's all about family, and that's probably due to the get together you recently experienced, over Thanksgiving.

Argh, you just want to give someone a piece of your mind, don't you? How could that person think they could get away with it!

Your thoughts are consumed by someone else's behavior, you're completely forgetting that this is THEIR problem, not yours, yet you can't help but want to intervene.

If you do, your efforts will be considered interference; unwanted and ignored. Spare giving advice today as no one is listening. It's not you, Leo, it's 'them.' Just keep your judgments to yourself, and you'll be OK.


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(August 23 - September 22)

Half Moon in Virgo has you feeling like half of yourself today. You are about to experience one of those days where you just don't want to get out of bed.

The entire world is bugging you, and you don't have a valid reason as to why, but has that ever stopped you?

You wake up complaining and you spend the day letting your toxic attitude spill all over anyone who will stick around for more than ten seconds.


You are not in the mood for people on this day, and they are certainly not in the mood for you.

Not everyone wants to be cut down, and that's about all you're up for today: putting people down.

This definitely relates to your own feelings about yourself. Instead of figuring out what's going wrong inside you, you turn on the world, blaming everyone else for your personal inner turmoil.

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