3 Zodiac Signs Who Change Their Minds About Breaking Up During Mercury Square Jupiter On November 25, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Change Their Minds About Breaking Up During Mercury Square Jupiter On November 25, 2021

Three zodiac signs who change their minds about breaking up during Mercury square Jupiter on November 25, 2021, will have thought this decision through thoroughly.

Whenever we have a transit that is 'Square Jupiter' we have something that is made gigantic, expansive, and broad.

So, when Jupiter transits line up with planets, the traits that come along with that planet are magnified, made greater. In this case, as of today, November 25, 2021, we have Mercury Square Jupiter. And what we get from this influence is quick decision-making and a whole lot of overthinking.

This is the time when people vacillate between wanting to stay and wanting to go, and this could be related to love, job, lifestyle situation...this could also mean regret, bad choices, and the hope for a second chance.

If we expect perfection from human beings, we are guaranteed to be disappointed.

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However, that still doesn't stop us from thinking that maybe 'we' could have the perfect love affair with the perfect person in the perfect situation. During Mercury Square Jupiter, we tend to remember that perfect doesn't exist and that our choices need to take that into consideration.

For many of us zodiac signs, we need to ask ourselves an important question: "Do I really need to break up with my person, is it necessary?" Mercury Square Jupiter says, "No, it's not necessary, so stop looking for perfection and just deal with life!"

Zodiac Signs Who Change Their Minds About Breaking Up During Mercury Square Jupiter On November 25, 2021


(March 21 - April 19)

Mercury Square Jupiter is going to hit you like a verdict that is made at the eleventh hour: just in time. This has to do with your love life and whether or not you choose to keep this person in your life, or show them the door.

You will choose to keep it together, realizing that maybe you're being too picky and unrealistic.

You feel you deserve the best, and you do, yet you find fault in your partner on a daily basis.

Maybe it would be a good time for you to rethink your judgment calls on them and just let them be? You like to think you can just break it off any time you please because that gives you a false sense of control, but the truth is, you want and need this person in your life. Think about the good they bring, and stop focusing on the easy out.

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(August 23 - September 22)

It doesn't take you much to find a new person to obsess over while leaving the old person, the one you're completely involved with, in the shadows. This is, of course, until you realize that this new person doesn't care about you at all, and love? Ha, that's never going to happen with this new person. Maybe the old person isn't that bad after all.

So, what Mercury Square Jupiter is going to wake up in you is the idea that you shouldn't treat your partner like they are the default lover that can easily be replaced. You threaten a breakup almost every week, and you never stay true to your word.

That's because you are unsure of whether or not you really want to end it with them. They are your rock; do NOT throw them away. Heed to the wisdom of Mercury Square Jupiter and expand your lovingkindness.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Mercury Square Jupiter is one of those transits that you need in your life, Sagittarius, as it acts as a guiding light in terms of your making decisions.

You like to fantasize about the 'single' life; you've never been too attached to the idea of being partnered up, and yet, you ARE with someone whom you happen to love and want a life with...until your mood changes and before anyone knows it, you start acting all sullen and snotty, giving off the impression that you'd rather be alone and free than with the person you're involved with.

Well, that doesn't make them feel too good, does it? Especially considering the fact that you're not going anywhere.

So dream on, Sagittarius and dream big, because in this relationship, you're not getting out that easily.

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