3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love During Moon Square Venus On November 15, 2021

So lucky in love.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love During Moon Square Venus On November 15, 2021 Alhovik/Shutterstock.com

When we are lucky enough to experience a transit such as Moon Square Venus, we may find that that kind of good fortune is usually concentrated on our love lives.

Moon Square Venus causes introspection, and oftentimes, when we allow ourselves a good look inside ourselves, we find out just what we can do to improve our lives.

When we improve our lives and our lifestyle, we become more attracted to positive energy, which in turn, attracts positive people.


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This is a good time for that, and it falls on November 15. Because we are in the heart of Scorpio season right now, we might also be feeling somewhat capable — as in 'seductive.'


This is a fantastic mix of love, lust, and intelligence, and can feel as 'luck' if we can see it that way. It's not luck though; it's Moon Square Venus. "You must be my lucky star."

What is 'luck in love'? Is it having someone fall in love with you? Is it knowing that your love life is set for life? Is it finally finding someone you can trust? It may very well be all of these things, and more.

Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love During Moon Square Venus On November 15, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

With Venus as your ruling planet, you're all down for love, and you make your own luck wherever you go. This is because you believe in yourself, Taurus, and during Moon Square Venus, you will not only ooze confidence and self-love, you'll have everyone around convinced that you are the number one person to be in love with.

Your powers of seduction will be complete, in fact, you'll have plenty of willing players to choose from if you want such a thing.


Chances are, however, that you are saving all your love for one person. How this person rose to the top and got your attention is exactly what makes that person worth your while. You are lucky in love, but during Moon Square Venus that luck will grow exponentially.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

It doesn't take much for you to withdraw into contemplation during any lunar phase, and while Moon Square Venus is in your sky, Gemini, you'll take that process into the love zone. You're at the place in your life where you no longer want to waste time with people who don't automatically make their intentions known.

You are in luck because on November 15, you will meet someone who sparks your interest, simply because of their open nature and honest communication. Your senses tell you that there's something about this person that is good, and you like that.

You might even call this luck, however, it seems to be a part of the plan, according to the cosmic forces. It's good that you were able to spend time alone because as the universe sees it, you're now ready to take that step into love. Your luck is here.


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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Whether or not you are in a relationship, your luck in love is about to start — big time. What happens during Moon Square Venus doesn't stay in Moon Square Venus. It will continue past November 15 due to the luck you walk into on this day.

By luck, we mean compatibility, in your case, Aquarius. You are finally going to find that super comfortable, compatible moment with your partner or with the person who is yet to become your partner. They say great minds think alike, and you will find that great mind inside the person you are connecting with during this time.


It will feel as though some gigantic gate got knocked down, and suddenly you both can see the light on the other side. What happens is up to you, but the transits are pulling for you, and the universe is back you up all the way.

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