3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 14, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 14, 2021

Under the energy of today with our Scorpio Sun and transitioning Pisces to Aries Moon, there are three zodiac signs who will have a rough day on November 14, 2021.

In fact, astrologically speaking this Sunday is brutally rough and all zodiac signs will discover one hard truth: if we don’t take care of ourselves first, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does.

It’s a solar season for growing, for learning for Capricorn, Scorpio, and Virgo zodiac signs.  For all of us, this is a season for realizing what things no longer fit, (and it doesn't help that Pluto is in Capricorn, either).

Pluto in the zodiac sign of Capricorn implies hard work, and this is a fact. It's time to shed what we’ve already outgrown, to let go of those pieces of our lives that no longer resonate as our truth.

While so much focus is often given to those physical or external parts of our lives that go through this process such as houses, jobs, and even relationships, something we often forget is that we do this when it comes to the beliefs that we hold as well.

What we think is true whether it is or not will often dictate our life's journey.

This means that whatever beliefs we hold about ourselves, about life, and even about love will eventually manifest as reality regardless of how true they actually are.

For example, if we believe we are hard to love then we will gravitate towards partners that make us feel that way. If we believe that we will never be financially abundant then we will make decisions to keep ourselves in a state where that remains our truth.

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It’s the quiet voices that tell us what we’re worth, what we deserve or even what’s possible that ends up often being the most defining thing that we hear.

That’s why it’s important to recognize that we shouldn’t always listen to ourselves, especially if we’re speaking from a place of lack or wounding.

Today’s energy for some may sneak in unnoticed initially but as it settles a blatant truth will become apparent; that may be in order to actually achieve the life we dream of, we have to start believing we actually can.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 14, 2021:


(December 22 - January 19)

Whenever we see planetary body shift signs it usually means that there will be at least a few days of difficulty for the new sign as it gets acquainted with this change in energy.

Just as Sagittarius is now breathing deep and seeing clearly, you’re getting uncomfortable and maybe even discouraged as the asteroid Juno moves into your sign today joining Venus who just made her shift a few days ago.

While both of these are good placements overall as they will help us see what is really stable and healthy, the process to come to this realization will likely be anything but.

It’s common for you to look at first appearances. Not in terms of judging something but in relation to if it looks like it should be stable then it’s in my best interest kind of way. Whether this applies to relationships or jobs, it’s a perspective that looks more at the facts than the feelings of a situation. It’s not wrong that this may be your first view on different aspects of your life, but it doesn’t mean that it’s true either.

Just because something looks strong and stable doesn’t mean that it is. Sometimes it’s only a façade that we don’t see the truth of until we challenge the image it represents. Today’s energy will ask you to do that so that in its place you’ll have the opportunity to build something much stronger.

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(October 23 - November 21)

While your zodiac season always tends to be a big moment in your year, this month specifically feels different than any in the past. Part of that is your own internal growth and the reflections that you’ve made in the past year about how you truly feel regarding different aspects of your life. But the other side of it is that you are more open to truth than ever before.

This is the lesson and gift of Scorpio. To release that fear of diving deep because of what we may find and instead surrender to what is knowing that even if it’s challenging you will embrace it because it’s going to lead to something greater. You’re no longer afraid of what is. No longer skeptical at what may be and no longer have a desire to avoid growth simply because you don’t know where it will lead.

Today could be challenging because of the way others show up in your storyline for you. It may be that they struggle with your new perspective or even boundaries that you have put in place, but regardless of what comes up take it all as evidence that you are no longer who you were and how beautiful that is.

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(August 23 - September 22)

After a rough period of looking at the truth of your wounds and being able to better advocate for your needs, you’ve had a bit of a breather which is exactly what you needed.

But now the universe is questioning whether you’ve actually made the changes necessary for this next part of your life or if you merely slipped back into what was comfortable.

It’s not easy to look at our life path or relationship and know that there are parts of it that don’t resonate but it becomes impossible to forget that as we continually feel internally that something isn’t in alignment with our truth.

As much as you may have enjoyed not being in the astrological hot seat lately, that will be coming to an end today as you are pushed and likely even made to come face-to-face with what you’re trying to ignore. The lesson though is that we can’t repaint something to be what we want it to be if that’s not inherently what it is.

Look for where your thoughts are coming from fear about your current situation. Whether it’s fear of what will happen or even what won’t and try to self-correct through changing how you talk to yourself. As simple as it may seem, this is the start of everything else.

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