3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 13, 2021

Overthinking is the thief of joy.

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Today under the Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon, some zodiac signs may feel a spike in anxiety about what’s to come. Many will feel not only confused, but also like they are missing out on opportunities for happiness.  

While Scorpio and Pisces together don’t often cause an increase in anxiety, we also will be experiencing a Mercury Uranus opposition which will cause us to feel tense, nervous and even overwhelmed leading us to feeling more unrest during this period.  


While this energy may be uncomfortable, it doesn’t bring about anything that didn’t already exist previously — it just makes it so we finally deal with it.  

When we are going through periods of immense change as we are now, it’s easy to let the moments of the unknown become bigger than they are or to want to have things completely figured out.  

But that’s not the way that life goes.  

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Often, we have to go through the uncomfortable, the unknown and even the pause between how it was and how it will be in order to achieve what we hope to.  


Life doesn’t always necessarily work in the order that we wish it would, nor it always as straightforward. But within these pauses, as today offers, instead of giving into anxiety, try to look for what those feelings are trying to tell you.  

We may not be able to control external events, but we can always control how we absorb a situation and how we feel.  

Today is an opportunity to look for what we can do for ourselves at this point in our journey.  

For many it’s a tumultuous time before the eclipses when we internally know that things will be changing, but there’s also a purpose in the pause.  

Because sometimes the lesson we have to learn is that it’s only our worries of 'what if' that steal away the joy from 'what is'.  


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Horoscopes For The Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On Saturday, November 13, 2021 

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) 

With Uranus being in your sign as he forms an opposition to Mercury, today could be especially tense for you.

While you’ve been exploring a more authentic meaning of what stability means for you, the energy of this transit could lead to you feeling very ungrounded and unsure of the decisions you’ve recently made.

Instead of trying to immediately fix things, lean into them and see what these feelings are bringing up for you. Often times it’s the switch from one train of thought to the next that ends of leaving us questioning everything, but this transition of perspective is also a part of growth.


As you’ve been practicing recently, the more secure you are within yourself, the more secure you will feel in your life and in your relationships. But true security can look different than we had imagined and that means it can feel different.

Simply returning to the same address and even person each evening isn’t necessarily security, just as having a more impromptu life and relationship doesn’t mean it’s not.

Right now, you are still in process and as your Eclipse is just a week away and the start of a brand-new cycle of growth in your life, learning to be uncomfortable in this space if what you will need to continue to move forward.  

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) 

While the start of your season is just a few weeks away, today Juno, the asteroid that governs marriage and family, is beginning her transition from your sign to Capricorn.

The last few degrees of any sign are where many lessons come together, and we reach a point of having to make a decision or take action. For you right now, besides career pieces coming up, your relationships are at the forefront of what you are moving through. 

It’s likely that lessons that you’ve previously encountered are coming back up for review. This means that you are on the brink of a big up level in your life where you will truly be moving beyond many of the circumstances and cycles that you’ve been in for the last year-and-a-half to two years.

While it can be sad to move through various endings, it also is what’s necessary in order for us to move forward into more alignment in our lives.


Right now, you are at the brink of making some relationship decisions that will affect the rest of your life moving forward, not only as Juno moves through the last few degrees but also as your eclipse axis is set to end in the beginning of December.

Make sure you are making all choices from healing versus wounds in order to make the most of this next chapter of your life.  

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Aries (March 21 - April 19) 

Often this time of year is hard for you as it seems everyone wants to talk about their feelings, and you’re even being drawn to bring more awareness to yours. 


It’s not that you object from living from your heart, but sometimes it may feel like your feelings have gotten you in trouble in the past. This is only because it’s often that our emotional self wants to take us places that our logical mind doesn’t understand.

During this space that you’re in right now try to spend time more deeply understanding the feelings that arise for you, instead of just dismissing them as nuisances. There is a purpose in everything that you are feeling right now and while your logical mind may try to make sense of all of it, ultimately the purpose is greater healing. 

As you grow and move forward in your life even your anxiety can help teach you about your intuition and fears as they often get confused for one another.


Try to reflect back on the choices that you’ve made today and whether they’ve been based on feeling or from thought. 

You’ll likely find that when you took action on what you feel isn’t what is causing anxiety but instead those other decisions in which you try to leave your heart out of it.

This is part of your lesson moving forward.  

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