3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love During Venus Trine Uranus Starting November 9, 2021

We want to (and are ready to) try new things.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love On November 9, 2021 LightField Studios/Shutterstock.com

What makes this Venus Trine Uranus transit so promising when it comes to love, is that it's the kind of transit that promotes social connection. We fear very little when it comes to relating to other people, and thus, we are more able than usual to take steps towards building a connection with a love interest.

For three zodiac signs who are lucky in love during the Venus trine Uranus transit starting November 9, 2021, things start to unfold in a miraculous way.


Uranus gives us the ability to see beyond our limitations. We want to try new things, do new things.

We want to be with like-minded people as well as with those who might present a challenge to us. It's all good because Venus is involved, and so all those Uranus-based behaviors tend to revolve around love, during Venus Trine Uranus.

These are the days where we spice things up in the bedroom, and where we propose new and exciting ideas to our partners if we are true, partnered.

If we are single, we are courageous and ready to meet new people. Venus Trine Uranus, starting on November 9, is a good time for fearlessness and risk.


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Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love During Venus Trine Uranus Starting November 9, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You've always been lucky in love, and if that luck ever seems to dry up, you know that you're probably responsible for that one, too.

However, your luck doesn't seem to be going anywhere and may possibly be even more pumped up thanks to Venus Trine Uranus.

What you've wanted — a better intimate life — is about to happen. What affects you, affects your partner, and even though you don't feel they are as interested in bringing things up a notch, they do, or at least they will during Venus Trine Uranus.


You know how to express yourself, and if it means telling your partner exactly what to do when in an intimate situation, you're completely capable.

The lucky part is that thanks to this transit, they'll get the point, and they will be up to the task. Finally, it's happening, Taurus.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Let's face it, sometimes, Scorpio, you can be a little too much. Too confrontative, too demanding, and perhaps too controlling within the scope of a love relationship.

If you keep up with the 'too this and too that' you'll end up losing this person you're trying to control — even though you do, technically, love them.


Venus Trine Uranus brings you luck in love, Scorpio, but you have to be able to compromise just a tad.

Don't worry about this — you'll still be the Great One in the eyes of your lover, but if you give in a little, WOW, the results will be amazing and positive.

That's all it takes, and you CAN do it — just compromise and give in to what your partner asks for, during this transit.

Give a little more than you withhold, and watch what happens. It might feel like luck, but it's honestly the result of the effort you put into compromise.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You've always had that wild side to you, and you've always been the one who is willing to venture forth and do something outrageous.


This doesn't stop when it comes to love — and the intimate side of your relationship.

You're the expiermental one here, and sometimes you really feel all alone in that. Your partner knows this about you but shies away from you and your wild mind.

Venus Trine Uranus may have them coming around to see what you might have in mind for them, you know, just...curiosity.


And we all know that's how it starts — and it will start. Your partner will feel a sudden interest in what you've been interested in all along.

This transit is a positive one, and while risky, it generally tends to bring us joy. You will find luck in love during Venus Trine Uranus.

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