3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 6, 2021

When we see things for what they are, we can relax into what is.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 6, 2021 Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

As we begin the day with a Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius Moon, we are reminded that the key to peace of mind is to accept things for what they are.  

Now within the official Eclipse Season which began just two days ago with the Super New Moon in Scorpio, we are just two weeks away from our Lunar Eclipse.  

Changes are coming in fast, whether they happen as a whisper or as a hurricane, they still are arriving. 


Today though we also have a sextile between Mercury and Venus who recently changed zodiac signs just yesterday.  

While the energy shift is apparent, we’re still getting used to the change in our thoughts and beliefs about love, relationships, communication, and even the beliefs that have dictated our life choices.  

Mercury recently moved into Scorpio while Venus transited into Capricorn creating a need for deep and honest communication while also looking for more commitment and stable love relationships.  

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The sextile between these two today suggests an energy that is encouraging us to relax into what is, almost beckoning us further into this time of Eclipse energy where we may not be in control of everything but that sometimes that’s what we need in order to truly end up where we are meant to.  

This is asking us to be in the flow today, to enjoy the simplicity of what we have without letting the distractions of what we don’t take us away from the present moment.  

Not everything is known at this moment, not everything is figured out or planned for, but it doesn’t mean that it’s also not unraveling exactly as it’s meant to.  

Take time today to allow yourself to contemplate all that which seemed overwhelming just a few days ago, allow yourself to think of the type of committed relationship you truly want, and then simply place a hand on your heart grateful that you have made it to this moment where now destiny can take over.  


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On November 6, 2021:

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) 

With Venus just leaving your zodiac sign you will feel a marked difference in your energy, especially towards love and relationships. While transiting through your zodiac sign you were likely less apt to make a commitment and were feeling drawn towards exploring every option possible. 

However, with this current energy, you will feel more inclined to look at the future as something that you want to commit to so that you can make your dreams a reality.

This comes with the lesson that the right relationship will open doors for you that couldn’t have been otherwise and that you can actually experience a greater freedom in love than trying to continue to do things by yourself. 

While this energy will more strongly affect your relationship sector, it’s also a chance to make more time for what you enjoy. This can be an invitation to prioritize relationships, things that bring you joy, and the pleasure that comes from dreaming either by yourself or with your partner.  


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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) 

With Mercury just having shifted into your zodiac sign you should be feeling more balanced and able to express your deepest emotions and thoughts. This will allow you to move into a place where you are feeling more seen and heard by those that are around you and which will allow you to more authentically communicate what growth you’ve recently been moving through. No matter when we do this it will be uncomfortable.

There will never be a moment that we feel like we’re ready to take on a part of our journey that we’ve never done before, but whether we make the choice to do it now or later those feelings will still be there.

 With the Sun and Mercury both in your zodiac sign, you’re being invited to use the energy of today to trust yourself, to relax into the growth that you have completed, and to continue to take the steps that you need to so that your life isn’t just partially in alignment with who you are, but completely. 


This is the beginning of a brand-new chapter in your life that you’ve been working towards for some time, regardless of whether you feel ready or not, it is coming, so lean into just trusting the process.  

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) 

Now that Venus has moved into your zodiac sign, you should be feeling more focused and hopeful about your love life. Whether this is that optimism is now returning or that you are ready to look at the truth of a relationship or even your past cycles; energy has definitely shifted. 


Today though is almost a chance to reflect and accept where you are now before thinking about where you want to go. With the sextile to Mercury today you’ll be invited to find a deeper sense of peace with the path that your life has taken up until this point.

We all have those pieces of our lives that we regret or that we wish we could have done differently, but it doesn’t mean that we have to use our past as a way to determine our future.

Lean into forgiving yourself for everything that has happened or that you even have done. It doesn’t mean that you’re making excuses but only that you are finally ready to be in a space to no longer let it define or hold you back.  

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