3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Proves Their Love Is True During Juno In Sagittarius Starting November 7, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Proves Their Love Is True During Juno In Sagittarius Starting November 7, 2021

As of November 7, 2021, we will come to experience the influence of the Asteroid called Juno, in the constellation of Sagittarius. Juno in Sagittarius is an absolutely relationship-based transit that will bring forth everything we know about the people we've been involved with within the past, as well as in the present.

These are the days when we will be remembering past lovers and important exes. Juno in Sagittarius will make us aware of why we were together, even if we are no longer with that person.

We may hear from an old love or we may feel the need to reach out to them, ourselves.

Because of Sagittarius' ability to help us see the bigger picture, we might not believe a relationship from the past is really over; loose ends beg to be connected, and this may lead to an ex, reaching out and the concept of a possible reunion.

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This isn't about a reunion, however, it's about people starting to ask each other what could be good, should there be a reunion.

You might hear from an ex who wishes to prove their love is true, during this transit. And, their love might very well be as true as true can be. What we do with this info will be up to us.

Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Proves Their Love Is True During Juno In Sagittarius Starting November 7, 2021:

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You've never really experienced an amicable breakup, and even though you and an ex tried to work it out - it never ended up as anything less than traumatizing.

Perhaps you were too young to know how to keep cool, but if there's one thing this transit, Juno in Sagittarius brings out in you, is this nagging feeling that there's unfinished business here. You still love this person, and now that you're both more mature and time has moved on, you, personally, feel that it might be time to have another shot at it.

Your love is true - goodness, you used to get along so well, in fact, you don't know if you've ever been more compatible with another person in your life. You want to make amends, and you will be reaching out to your ex, during Juno in Sagittarius, to show them that your love is true. Always has been.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

In your case, you will be the one who is reached out to. You have an ex — a very, very important person in your life, and they have wanted to get back together with you since the breakup. You are a bit hard-headed and cold, so you prevented any further contact.

But your heart was never into keeping them at a distance. You secretly craved a reunion, and now that Juno in Sagittarius is in your sky, you may find yourself open to hearing what this person has to say to you. You don't always find people who are as thrilling or interesting as this ex was, and in your own private way, you miss them. A lot. Well, they miss you a lot, too, and will be thinking heavily of you during this transit. Expect a phone call.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

You have been non-responsive to this one ex-lover of yours ever since the break-up. Oh, you may still be friends, but whenever this person starts to veer towards the intimate, you back off and let them know that you are not only disinterested but that you've moved on into an entirely new direction — one that you believe they'd have very little interest in.

However, this is not true, and you've been lying to yourself. Juno in Sagittarius breaks down your defenses, which allows you to see that this person was indeed, probably the most special person in your life. Times changed and people change — you've both moved on, and yet — they keep on trying, and you may be on your way to becoming whittled down.

They want you back - their love is true. Will you introduce them back into your world, Sagittarius? You might - be prepared.

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