3 Zodiac Signs Who Find It Hard To Show Affection During The Quarter Moon In Leo Starting October 28, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Find It Hard To Show Affection During The Quarter Moon In Leo Starting October 28, 2021

Anytime we have a Quarter Moon, it translates to us, down here on Earth, as potential. It's the beginning.

The Moon, which is transmitting through Leo, starting on October 28, is on its way to becoming Full; its destiny is to become Full - as is our destiny to become 'more' than we are, at present.

Love may very well be our destiny, but it's the getting there that takes time and patience. So, in a way, our love lives are in potential.

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The way we show love is still...in potential. We are actively heading towards something positive in love, but it's not here just yet...though there's a promise here that lets us know that we will succeed - as it is written in the stars.

So, for now, we may be a little standoffish. We may not find it all that easy to express the love we have in our hearts. We may not have the bravery just yet, to be able to show affection.

Oh, the intention is there, that's for sure - but the action hasn't quite become reality. For some signs, it is difficult to express love or show affection during the Quarter Moon in Leo. Leo is a big, gregarious constellation that lets us know that if we at least start the love engine up, it will be chugging along in no time.

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Zodiac Signs Who Find It Hard To Show Affection During The Quarter Moon In Leo Starting October 28, 2021:

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You are one of those 'big ideas' people - when you get something in your mind, especially if it's a positive idea, you think and think and think about it. You envision the ways it could go, and when it has to do with love, you get yourself all excited and hopeful.

However, that doesn't play out in real life, as you still can't muster up the right words to go along with your feelings. The Quarter Moon In Leo does two things to you: It holds you back, while it inspires you to do something great in the future.

Now is not the time - that doesn't mean you are putting it off, it only means that right now is for thinking and planning.

You don't have the gumption right now to show affection, but you will...you just know yourself all too well, and if the timing isn't right (as it isn't at present) you are smart enough to withhold. You do you, Virgo.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You dream of being an affectionate person, although, in actuality, you're far from it. That's OK, we are who we are. Your partner knows you love them and they've come to expect very little from you in terms of affectionate gestures. You do things your way.

The Quarter Moon In Leo makes you aware of this, and encourages you to try. Will you? Probably not. But still - it's a thought, and this transit is going to make you wonder if life could be better for you if you were, indeed, more affectionate.

You show your love in service, in compassion...in loyalty. You are a great conversationalist and an even better listener. This works for you, and the whole 'huggy' thing doesn't exactly feel like your style. But still, during Quarter Moon In Leo, you'll think about it. And, well, though is creative.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

The deal on you, Pisces is that you're in love with love and romance - but you're still a little afraid to show affection. The Quarter Moon In Leo may stir up the need in your to actually display that affection - that's Leo at work, but that Quarter Moon is what's going to hold you back.

You're just not ready yet, because the thing is - you feel if you 'let the cat out of the bag' then you'd be so vulnerable and everyone would stomp on your emotions, simply because you've shown them. It's not like that, Pisces - you are much safer than you imagine yourself to be.

You are hesitant to show affection because you fear exposing too much of yourself. Wait until the Half Moon arrives - you might step out of your comfort zone and actually give someone a hug. Holy moly!

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