3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 29, 2021

Sometimes we just need to be by ourselves so everything else can become clear.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 29, 2021 lissa93/Shutterstock.com

As we begin the day under the Scorpio Sun and Leo Moon many will feel drawn to spend some time alone to process and feel through the current energy.

Although the Leo Moon generally brings fun social gatherings, today we’re also experiencing a Sun Saturn Square which brings about a need for solitude even if it may eventually lead to a feeling of isolation.

darkness that we hold as it’s usually related to some sort of trauma, it still ends up being ours to process and manage.


To hold space for our darkness to come up means though that we need time alone, away from the rest of the world and even those who might trigger us.

As much as Leo Moon wants us to spend time with those that we care about laughing and enjoying their company, Sun Saturn Square is pushing us to take time away to deeper process what we’ve been feeling recently.

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Currently, with the Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, this is about creating the space to feel freer in our lives to be ourselves which always goes back to dealing with the darkness that is holding us back.

Today is an opportunity to take time away and to reflect on what it is that we need to start living life on our terms.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 29, 2021:

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You’ve been in an accelerated pattern of growth lately in which many of your previous experiences and beliefs have been triggered.

While this signifies that you are wrapping up a major life phase, unfortunately, it also means that you’re having to deal with many of the choices and decisions you made when you didn’t know what it is you know now.


Try to practice patience and gentleness not just with situations that come up around you but especially within yourself as you are only getting the rest of your life into alignment as you continue to grow.

Having to deal with these aspects of your past isn’t just about cleaning up, but about setting new standards and cycles in motion now.

Take time to sit with yourself, giving yourself the quiet and peace that you need to fully process the changes that are now occurring.

This may mean that you aren’t necessarily able to show up for others in the same way as you have been, at least temporarily, but this is also a time when it’s supposed to be all about you.


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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

There has definitely been a phase of transition as we’ve moved from your Zodiac Season into Scorpio Season, but now we are also experiencing the shift of Mars from your sign into Scorpio as well which will affect how you’re feeling.

Overall, there is definitely an energy of you having to move through different situations which either add or take away from your confidence about the decisions that you’ve made recently.

But the thing with lessons like this is that they aren’t just based on them, but usually are rooted in the past, sometimes even in an area that we’ve never wanted to fully explore.


Right now, it isn’t about sliding backward or making the same mistakes, but instead about continuing to have confidence in the choices that you’ve made.

It can be challenging sometimes when it seems that after we made these big life decisions, we struggle to feel sure that we’ve made the right one.

But it’s not about whether it’s right or wrong, but only that it has been decided. Try to spend some time looking back at themes of confidence over the years so that potentially you can heal the root of it.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Often times your season tends to be one that you seek quiet the most. As a deep introspective sign, this isn’t necessarily surprising, but it does mean that you need to keep listening to how it is you feel.


This especially is true for today as the Sun is in your sign as he’s squaring Saturn, not only instilling a need for quiet for you but also making you very aware of the blocks in place that are keeping you from living the life that you dream of.

During your reflection, try not to get disheartened over the blocks themselves but instead reframe them as lessons.

Each block, obstacle or challenge that you can see standing between where you are now and the life that you want to lead is actually a lesson to learn.


Once you master the lesson, the block will be removed. Now that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to do the work of difficult conversations, figuring out logistics or overcoming internal feelings of guilt or fear, but it does mean that you will no longer need that block there to keep you from moving ahead.

Instead, you’ll know that no matter how challenging it may be, the only way to truly live is also to keep moving forward at all costs.

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