3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Ready For Love During Venus Square Neptune Starting October 26, 2021

3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Ready For Love During Venus Square Neptune Starting October 26, 2021 Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com

When we have a transit such as Venus Square Neptune, some very specific features come along - one of them being self-reflection.

And because of Neptune, that inner gaze can sometimes reveal things we don't want to see.

Venus Square Neptune 'sounds' like it would be altogether sweet, but it's not; what it IS is an influence that makes us work towards that sweet state - the one where what we see in ourselves is good.


In terms of love, we can only set forth on the path if we are secure with who we are, and Venus Square Neptune gives us the opportunity to see ourselves clearly so that we CAN become the people we envision ourselves to be.

During this event, we will work on our selves - and there will be positive results.

For three signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, there will be a definite feeling of 'getting to know one's self better', which essentially means that these signs will be ready to bring out there best selves, for the purpose of sharing their best with another.

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Because Venus draws us to love, our efforts will be rewarded in the form of someone loving us - because now, we are ready.

Zodiac Signs Who Feel Ready For Love During Venus Square Neptune Starting October 26, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You are no stranger to introspection. As a Cancer, it comes with the territory, as you are in a constant state of improvement and self-analysis.

You, like everyone else, wants a partner who matches you - and, like everyone else, you no longer feel you have the time to waste on someone who isn't on your level.

What's interesting is that Neptune is really going to town on your mind these days, and on October 26, don't be surprised if you unearth some magical revelation about yourself - it could indeed be life-changing.


This kind of epoch insight will shape you into the person you wish to be, and when you vibrate at that high level, you attract people at the same level - which is exactly what you want - and need.

Long gone are the days of self-doubt, Cancer. It's now your time to reel in what you believe you deserve in a mate.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

This transit could bring you down before it takes you up, and that's because Venus Square Neptune has a way with making us look too deeply at ourselves, and you, Scorpio, have hidden much away.

There are things in your life that you do not want to have to face - yet, you're intelligent enough to know that if you confront these dark mysteries, you might be able to rid yourself of them.


When you meet someone for the first time - say, it's a potential love interest - they see what you show them. In a way, it's as if they 'buy' what we sell them, and during this transit, you'll be able to sell yourself as much more interesting and alluring than at any other time in the past.

While your mysterious side has always been captivating to love interests, that mystery may also be too dark to sustain as a way of life. You can keep your mystique, Scorpio, but when you work on cleaning out your inner demons, you'll be one hundred times more attractive.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

What makes you feel 'ready for love' is that, because of this wonderful-yet-elusive transit, Venus Square Neptune, you will come to terms with who you are, as you are. This kind of self-acceptance didn't come easy, in fact, you've spent years working on yourself.


The universe adores the person who tries hard, and rewards them with whatever they want, and in this way, you, too, will be rewarded with a person who accepts you as you are.

You are ready to love, and ready to be loved - this means you can finally say yes to someone loving you, without questioning them or doubting their intentions to the point where it simply can't work.

You are ready, Pisces, because you are finally stepping out of your own way, when it comes to both love and self-confidence.


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