3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears Get In The Way Of Love During The Moon Sextile Saturn Starting October 19, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fears Get In The Way Of Love During The Moon Sextile Saturn Starting October 19, 2021

Saturn has been in the astrological headlines for a while now, and if you - any of you - have been feeling challenged, or are having feelings of reluctance or you are annoyed by your own fear - this big ol' stinker planet here may be involved. I'd keep him on our 'Prime Suspect List.'

The idea of 'fear being in the way of love.' Well, I suppose that's what defines the entire human condition.

Fear prevents us from both loving ourselves and others, and that's a profound loss. 

If we could look at ourselves from a distant planet, we'd see a race of beings so scared that they seem hellbent on destruction.

If we were on Saturn in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and we had the dark, disruptive, almost sinister power of our home planet to back up our will, and we saw those fearful Earthlings, all standing in their own way - letting their fear destroy their love, again and again...

Well, if we were dark enough, as Saturn is - we'd tamper with that vulnerability.

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And that is what happens when the Moon Sextile Saturn.

It makes us get in our own way. It makes us do stupid things to avoid confrontation.

It makes us reject ourselves before we are rejected. Saturn brings the doubt. Moon brings the contemplation of doubt, and here we are. Affected.

Zodiac Signs Whose Fears Get In The Way Of Love During The Moon Sextile Saturn Starting October 19, 2021:

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You are one to always put on a brave face, but when something really does come to challenge you - like having to confront the person you love with an important issue - you can neither hold that brave face - or do the confronting.

You are succumbing to fear, and you are in the grips of Moon Sextile Saturn, which is playing on your pride; you think you can do anything, and you are proud to be so courageous, and then - here you are, holding tight to your secret-confession-news, completely overwhelmed by fear.

Fear prevents you from being honest, but fear compels you to believe in it. You are not comfortable being dishonest, Leo, and less suited to hold your information to yourself. Trust in your partner and let love do the real work.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Just as you thought you were the right person for the task of being brave when it comes to the person you are involved with, Boom, in comes Moon Sextile Saturn to thwart all your good efforts.

The situation that you are going through is not the problem however, it's that you do not like doubting yourself, and it spins you into all kinds of head trips.

Self doubt is the furthest thing from your mind, and when you see yourself act like a fearful coward, you really detest it. So, this transit plays on your ego, more than the content of your love life.

In short, you have an issue that needs to be discussed with the one you love and live with. You do not want to have this discussion, and you will create any number of diversions to avoid confrontation.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You've played Saturn's game before, as it is your ruling sign, and you know the ins and outs of what it's like to be too strict, or too controlling.

What's happening now is that you want to control something - you want to 'write the narrative' your way, so that something in your life can go your way.

The love you are standing in the way of, right now, is the love of self - you are in a situation where you stand to lose. It could be money, or it could be something very personal - and it scares you too much.

On some level, you know you have to listen to the truth - but you'd rather choose denial, and in the long run, that could hurt you. If this is health related, Capricorn - do not wait or put off a visit.

This IS, however, a good time for you to mind your health and stay on track.

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