3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Love Anymore During The Moon Square Venus Starting October 16, 2021

Love is all.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Love Anymore During The Moon Square Venus Starting October 16, 2021 Alla Simacheva/Shutterstock.com

Love is all. Now there's an expression that never gets broken down or defined.

It's just something we hear that sounds good. We associate it with falling in love, with spiritual love, and with sexual love. Love is all...but what does that actually mean?

The Moon squares Venus starting October 16, 2021, and this brings love up again for contemplation.

For three zodiac signs who can't love anymore, love is not romantic love - it's the love of the oneness.


It's the love of the universe and its ever-flowing patterns, meshes, and strings...its nature and science...it's rising above attachment.

And unless we are sitting on a mountain in deep meditation, this kind of love makes very little sense.

So, we stick to what feels easy - love is either romantic love or love of family.

Sometimes, we can't love anymore. It's not because we're cold or incapable, but because we've done all we can in that department and instead of receiving the grand payoff we've all heard about, we receive heartache and fatigue.

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When the Moon squares Venus, feelings of love can either confuse us or open our eyes to what we really feel about it - and for some, especially the signs mentioned here today, the feeling of love is simply something we need to put aside, for now.

Zodiac Signs Who Can't Love Anymore During The Moon Square Venus Starting October 16, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

There's a reason you feel you cannot fall in love anymore, and it's because while the Moon Square Venus, you are reminded of the pain you've endured, for love, in your life.

While it's not exactly a rare feeling, it gets to you. It's not that you're incapable of loving someone, it's that you feel it's best, at this point in your life, to withdraw from the love game, meaning, you'd just rather not.

Not right now, not today. You witness all the new love out there, all the people doing their thing - falling in love, making lives out of that love, and may be too jaded at this point in your life to accept love as a reality, and so, you step out of the scene - if only for a while.


Right now - love is not your friend, not in your mind, at least. At some point, you'll come around, but on October 16, you'll be sitting this one out.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You have been going overtime when it comes to love and giving it all to someone - that someone may not necessarily be a lost cause, but they sure are becoming hard to deal with. When the Moon squares Venus, you will be put to the test, and it's not that you're going to fail, but you may just fail.

Your nerves are shattered; you don't know if you can go on with this, because this love seems to be dependent on your trying and they're falling behind.


While you might feel obligated to keep on giving of yourself at 100%, you will start to feel yourself withdraw; this kind of power pace can no longer be sustained.

While the love is still inside you, on Oct. 16, you will feel the intensity start to wane; you can't keep this up, and in your way, you will begin to fade away from this obligation.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

While the world around you is falling in love and reporting back to you their every detail, you, yourself, cannot be bothered. You are kind to those who wish to tell you of their love lives, but if you were to be completely honest in return - which you will be - you care for their happiness, but not for their story.


Love stories are somewhat boring to you, now, and this is because you feel 'you know better.'

You have the experience of love and loss under your belt, and you've 'risen' to that ascended place where you no longer feel the attachment of romantic love.

You can love 'all', but you do not feel you have the capacity to love one person, exclusively.


Love is something that others do, but for you, Sagittarius, personal one-on-one love, is something that stands in your way of your enlightenment.

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