3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Come To An End Starting October 15, 2021

It can be hard to find a way out of a situation we never expected to find ourselves in.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Come To An End Starting October 15, 2021 Soloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock.com

While so much of the astrology is positive, for certain zodiac signs whose relationships come to an end starting October 15, 2021, Friday marks a point of feeling like nothing is how they want it with no idea on how to change it.  

Which zodiac signs will start to see things end in their relationships the most starting on October 15, 2021?

Beginning the day with a Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon, Taurus, Gemini, and Capricorn zodiac signs can still be struggling to feel like we’re bringing in balance to our lives, both emotionally and physically able to show up for ourselves and who and what matters most.  


While the Libra Sun can push us in the direction of positive change, the Aquarius Moon entering Pisces can have us feeling emotionally distant and closing ourselves off from those around us. 

When emotions are high and the stakes are even higher it’s natural sometimes to want to take a step back.

Not necessarily to avoid, but because it feels like nothing else can be processed or dealt with at this moment. This even can be a healthy coping strategy, but unfortunately today, there will be an air of hopelessness among some signs.  

Hope is something that’s often fleeting instead of having strong roots, but that also only happens when we attach it to outside influences or circumstances.  


This past year has been nothing but change for most of us, in part to the series of Saturn and Uranus squares that have promised to disrupt the best-laid plans but which also will deliver us exactly where we are meant to be.  

Even though there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the last square occurring in December, right now with many planets turning direct there is likely to be a sense of feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of us.  

This isn’t just in response to all that has changed but all that remains to be changed.  

To meet today not knowing which way to go next is okay, it happens in life, especially during times of great transformation. But it’s also important to know that there is no deadline for creating the life that you love.  


The most important part is simply showing up for the process.  

Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Come To An End Starting October 15, 2021:

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

As an earth sign, you tend to not always do well during times of great change especially because you, in particular, like to have your steps mapped out so that you know what to expect of yourself and of others.

This makes you adept at being able to plan, however, the best parts and biggest adventures of life can’t always be planned for.

Neither can the endings that we never saw coming. Today, October 15, 2021 likely marks a time on your journey when you’re having a hard time accepting the situation that currently is.


Whether it’s the reality that your marriage or relationship is coming to an end, a career isn’t turning out or something like unexpected is happening, it can be a challenging time.

Sometimes it’s difficult to learn that just because we want something to work doesn’t mean that it will and that if something or someone isn’t meant to be a part of our journey then there’s nothing we can do to save it.

If feelings of being overwhelmed or hopeless at things becoming better to arise then try to look at where they are coming from.

Ask yourself if it’s hitting on an old wound, or even an aspect of your ego. Is there something about what’s happening that affects how you feel validated or even your identity?


Then try practicing radical acceptance, and trust that everything isn’t happening to you, but for you. Then look for what you can control today, and try simply to let go of the rest.  

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

When you grow, how you see things will change. This often is what unsettles you. When suddenly the things that and even people that you loved no longer resonate, or seem like they shine like they used to.

But this is what growth is and there is always a price to pay for becoming better or more healed, even if it’s one we wish we didn’t have to. The energy of today is a bit of a contradiction which will leave you feeling bittersweet.


On one hand, you’ll be feeling good about what you’ve accomplished but on the other mourning the fact that things have actually changed so much so that there is no going back.

If this is what you find yourself feeling heavy under, try to take some time and reflect on what it is you are most grateful for about what you have learned and experienced. 

The thing is too that even though it can be sad or even hard to realize that certain people or even situations in your life can’t remain the same once we’ve changed, it also means that we are creating space for new things to enter into our lives.

October 15, 2021, is a chance to try to balance the joy of having grown with the sadness that comes from when we have to leave some things behind, just remember it’s all about trusting that you will always end up where and with whom you belong.  


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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Right now many air signs are seeing a reprieve from the stresses that they’ve currently been moving through, but with Chiron and the Nodes of the Moon hitting aspects to your sign, things are anything but quiet. 

You also are heading towards the final series of eclipses within your sign which means that big life changes are heading down the road to you.


Most likely it feels as if you have been going through one thing after another lately with no end in sight. There is one, even if it doesn’t seem like it. You just have to keep going so you can make it there.

The most important aspect in all of this for you right now is to try to look at the lessons that are coming up for you right now, especially the ones that you don’t want to be learning.

Try to refrain from thinking that you can keep anything the same because this next chapter in your life is going to ask you to completely reframe your entire life.

You like movement, even change, but usually only when it’s on your terms. This isn’t always possible.


Don’t be afraid to take some quiet for yourself today and rest. You may not be able to plan how things go from here but you can make sure that you’re open to it.  

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