3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Stuck In Their Love Life During Moon Opposite Saturn Starting October 1, 2021

We stay with the comfortable rut so as to not rock the boat.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Stuck In Their Love Life During Moon Opposite Saturn Starting October 1, 2021 wk1003mike/Shutterstock.com

Ever feel stuck in your love life, as if no matter what you do, nothing really moves forward? If you're a Cancer, Virgo, or Capricorn zodiac sign, you might raise your hand during the Moon opposite Saturn transit starting October 1, 2021.

All zodiac signs may feel stuck in their love life in some way due to planetary influences - and with Moon Opposite Saturn in Aquarius starting October 1, 2021, we may feel that trapped feeling once again.


This transit will last for a few days, and into next week. Life is busy. Love gets put on the back burner. What can be done to keep love alive?

What makes the feeling so unnerving is that we can't help but shake the idea that we CAN get out of this rut, and that there IS something to do about it - especially when it's two people with good minds who have the ability to work things out...but will we trust in that?

Can we trust that if we take a chance, the outcome will be good? Can we make the moves to improve our love lives without forfeiting everything we now know as safe and secure?

What a dilemma during this Moon opposit Saturn transit. The Moon wants to feel, and Saturn gives a sense that your feelings are getting you no where.


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But there's comfort in the known, and we stay with the comfortable rut so as to not rock the boat, which, in turn, makes our rut even more rut-like, keeping us stuck ad infinitum.

As it goes with these planetary transits, they come on like storms and strike fear into our hearts...but this fear - isn't it all about change and how we rebel against such change?


Yes, it is. We fear the unknown and so we settle for the mediocre, and that is what makes us feel so stuck.

Which signs of the Zodiac will feel stuck in their love life during Moon in Virgo Opposite Saturn, on October 1, 2021?

Zodiac Signs Who Feel Stuck In Their Love Life During Moon Opposite Saturn Starting October 1, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Moon Opposite Saturn is everything you don't want, Cancer, as it expressly works its magic on you, in particular. While it's not a bringer of bad news, it IS, however, a mirror that allows you to see your own faults - and in this case, it will reflect to you how little you've done to improve your love life.

Hey, it can't be helped; we don't walk into these things with the idea of how much work it's going to be just to keep things interesting. And so, there you are, realizing that maybe you're a part of the 'meh', in fact, maybe you're the cause of it.


The Moon opposite Saturn transit shines the light on your own behavior in a relationship by letting you see that you, too, have a responsibility here, and that if you feel 'stuck' it's because you put yourself in the stuck place.

This also implies that you can 'unstick' yourself if you make the effort. Now, the real question is this: Do you want to make the effort, Cancer? Do you?

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You may be feeling quite stuck, come October 1, where your relationship is concerned, and you have to ask yourself: "Is there something I can do about this?"

After you search your soul to find out if there's anything you can do get out of the stuck feeling, you'll be presented with another important question: "Am I willing to do the work needed in order to get myself out of this stuck condition?"


That's what it's all about, Virgo - are you really as invested in this relationship as all that, or are you just phoning it in, at this point? Moon Opposite Saturn pulls no punches - it will make you very aware of what you have to do to save the romance, but more so, it will make you aware of exactly what you're NOT willing to do, which may be nothing.

So, this transit presents the idea to you that you may very well be in a relationship that you don't care about, but also one that you're not willing to leave because...too much effort is required to make it 'exciting' again.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

There comes a time in many relationships where nothing - I mean absolutely NOTHING - is going on. The thrill is gone, the excitement is null and void, and all that's left is the feeling of being stuck with someone, for lack of anything or anyone better to take their place.


While that sounds raw and awful, it's a truth that many couple come to know as their own. After all, it's hard to keep the vibrance of romance up for a lifetime, and many of us just sink into the nothingness of being stuck with someone - where we forfeit out minds and just accept whatever comes our way.

Well, during this transit where you feel stuck in your relationship, not only will you be feeling this abundantly, you'll be incensed by this, infuriated that this is what became of you and your love life. Are you willing to be part of the change that saves this? Being that you are a Capricorn, we can only feel that if anyone can do it - it's you.

Why wait around in a rut for a change that cannot happen unless you and your partner agree to make it so? Don't wait, just go for it. Staying 'stuck' is so NOT you, Capricorn.

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