3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 1, 2021

Sometimes we run from what we want most.

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While so many beautiful opportunities exist today, for some the energy will become too heavy beckoning us to retreat, to step away from what we most feel drawn to or want.

Although the Libra Sun and Leo Moon should be bringing us passion, intensity and balance, it won’t be that way for everyone and will end up being too much to take leaving us feeling overwhelmed and almost helpless.

Energy is always useful, even if it feels uncomfortable or unpleasant because within it there is growth, there is beauty and lessons that can only be learned by passing through.


Depending on where we are on our journey directs what we’re able to do or even handle, so while some days we can seemingly pass-through things effortlessly, others feel like a weight that we can’t escape.

Contributing to this energy are several transits which encourage us to pursue deeper connections within ourselves and our relationships.

But for some signs, there has been too much happening energetically and even physically in their own lives recently to be able to do that.

Mercury square Jupiter promotes reflecting thinking and meaningful conversations but today in this case, it will feel like one more thing we’re not ready to do.


Almost as if we can’t possibly put anything else on our plate, though instead of being able to have a conversation about that, it will look like we’re just not able to show up for others in the way they need us.

Two of the other transits are involving Venus which means that are close personal relationships will be coming up for us as well as how we feel about ourselves.

While these are important topics that we all must grow through as we learn and heal, because we’re already energetically feeling depleted, there won’t be anything else to give others.

This leads to a situation in which others want to connect with us, to spend time because we share a great connection or bond, to talk and sink into the intimacy that has been built.


However, today, we will be unable to do that as although wonderful, it will feel like one more thing that others are asking of us.

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Be wary of feelings of unworthiness coming up today in terms of being understood and having connections that show up for you and want to meet your needs.

These are fleeting, which is why it’s important to not make lasting decisions based on them.

Instead, try to breathe through what comes up and ask yourself what you need as you move through this time.

Because the only thing worse than not feeling worthy is using it to defend ourselves from what we most want and need.


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 1, 2021:

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Although Libra Season tends to be one of the best times of the year for you, this one has been a bit challenging as you’ve moved through some big lessons and moments of clarity. And to think that we’ve really only just begun it is a lot to consider.

More than other signs, you will need to take breaks during this time to rest and recharge and refocus on what your mission currently is.

This means when it comes to yourself and your life, what you’re currently building, manifesting, processing or trying to bring greater peace to.

Once you can realign yourself with your mission then you can start to make progress towards it. Even if it doesn’t happen all in one day.


It’s important to do this because if not you likely will start to feel discouraged and give up hope altogether.

With so many planets in your sign and air signs in general, it’s almost as if that pendulum is swinging either far right or far left with little balance in between.

This is not a space that you are ever comfortable within.

Though now it feels different as you’ve built yourself up to be in the position to take chances and start making changes in your life so you’re craving that balance even more.

As you move through today, try to take time away from others if you don’t trust what you’ll say, don’t make any sudden decisions and recommit to what you have been called to pursue.


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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

In a similar way to Libra, most of your energy has been swinging from left to right as you sit and wait for yourself to find your center again. This is what separates you from others right now. You’re not looking for balance or waiting around for others to create it for you.

In this moment what you’re needing, and craving is to feel like you are centered once again. That you are able to sink down into your molten core and vibrate as your true self.

With so many changes externally and even internally within personal relationships thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn finishing up their transit of your sign, it’s been hard to navigate that feeling of groundedness or sturdiness and instead been easy to let yourself get carried away with the emotional waves of those around you.


But there has been some improvement recently and today will give you a chance to make even more. Instead of just looking at recent situations as something that others are either doing or not doing, try instead to focus on yourself.

Reflecting will help you in reflecting on how your energy has shown up for others, how it’s retracted, how everything that you experience and feel in a day goes into the interactions that you have with each individual that crosses your path.

While people will always be unpredictable, we can become so grounded within ourselves and our energy that what they do no longer affects our energy. We can find peace no matter what is going on outside of us.


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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Today it seems that it’s all three of the air signs that are being hit with a rougher day. For you it’s because of the Neptune that is creating the North Node in your sign. It’s not a specifically negative transit, but it is one that is going to bring the weight of what we’ve been feeling and moving through lately.

This means that the repercussions of past decisions will be coming back, and we may not like the bill that comes due. But as with anything and especially with your dynamic energy, you can always change it. You can always hit the reset button and try again.

Maybe not in every relationship, but you can always do that by yourself. At this point it’s important to trust that if something didn’t work out it’s not meant to, if someone isn’t showing up for you or interested in a second chance, then it’s because it’s not meant to be.


Instead of becoming fixated on the gratification of getting or achieving something that isn’t yours, look for where you can choose ease and healing in your own life.

To actively pursue what is resisting us means that we still desire to struggle within our own lives while realizing that effort and interest should always be mutual and healthy opens up a door of receiving, joy and pleasure. You are the one in control of moving from one space to another, use your power wisely.

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