3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During Mars In Libra September 19, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart Starting September 19, 2021

There are three zodiac signs whose relationships fall apart during Mars in Libra, and even though it's a tough time for all zodiac signs Libra, Aries, and Scorpio will be affected the most.

Mars in Libra makes what is wrong in a relationship crystal clear, and starting September 19, 2021, their challenges become dealbreakers.

Once Mars moves into the balanced orientated sign of Libra relationships, especially those that have already been on the rocks will be heavily affected.

This transition time lasts until the beginning of November and will be a huge time for transformation and change.

Mars is a planet that rules ambition, passion, and action. In its home sign of Aries, it is driven and focused. It gets things done, sometimes impulsively but takes action, nonetheless. It feels its strongest.

In Libra though, it’s completely out of its element. It needs to be more patient, to look at the needs of those around us and how reciprocal or balanced the relationship that we have is.

This doesn’t feel good for Mars and while it can help us achieve greater balance in our lives and relationships, if the relationship we’re in isn’t capable of that then this is where they fall apart.

While challenging to be faced with a relationship in which there is an imbalance and to begin to struggle around the time of this transit, it’s here to help us see and deal with what we normally would not.

When we are in a relationship, especially if it’s unhealthy or the purpose of it is to learn karmic lessons, it’s often difficult to see beyond love, beyond the rollercoaster pattern, or simply beyond the ever-present challenge of trying to fix it.

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The reality this transit helps us see is that not all relationships can or are meant to be fixed.

Sometimes they just are that way. They are unbalanced, or maybe they just became that way after we realized we grew apart. Whatever the reason is, Mars in Libra, no matter how uncomfortable he is, will help us see the truth and find the drive to take action.

This is the thing with this placement, no matter how uncomfortable Mars is in this sign, he perseveres. The same is true for us. Taking action to create change is uncomfortable.

It creates disturbances, awkward moments, and challenges to move through the feelings and attachments of others.

But the gift is, no matter how uncomfortable we may find ourselves within the next few weeks, we will be pushed to make changes because we know that ultimately, it’s discomfort that leads to growth.

Zodiac signs whose relationships fall apart during Mars in Libra starting September 19, 2021:

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

With Mars moving through your sign, it’s sure to be an intense few weeks. While you aren’t normally prone to arguments or outbursts, if you find yourself feeling more on edge or reactive it’s time to pause and reflect on why.

During this transit, the more frustrated you feel or upset, then it’s a sign to look at what is going on in your relationship because these feelings will only be triggered if something is not balanced or reciprocal in your connection.

It’s not necessarily you but the fact that you likely have reached your breaking point and can no longer tolerate things that you’ve previously tried to keep the peace on.

Even if you’re uncomfortable with this new level of anger or the feeling of being done, it’s incredibly helpful because often you will stay silent in order not to create a bigger issue or to travel down a path there is no return from.

But under this transit, any big feelings are pointing to a truth that you need to address no matter how challenging. Ending a relationship can be scary, but staying in one that isn’t in alignment with who we are out of fear is even scarier

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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Even though Mars isn’t currently in your sign, you will be experiencing Mars’ opposition during this transit while your ruling planet moves through Libra which means you will have a harder time tapping into the best qualities that this planet normally gives you.

Usually, you are able to take charge and feel passionate about the direction that you feel called to take, but with Libra’s influence, you will feel stuck, like it’s almost impossible to make any movement at all in not just the challenges that are coming up but in life in general.

For you, it’s a possibility that this frustration over a lack of movement will be taken out on a partner which potentially is the reason for the breakdown that may occur.

Reflect on your feelings prior to speaking about them, which while it may be incredibly difficult during this time, will give you the time and space to see if it’s an issue specifically related to your relationship or something else that you’re projecting onto your partner.

Tempers will be hot for everyone during this transit, you just want to make sure your relationship is not ending because of something you said.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

While not quite your season yet, not only will a good portion of this transit occur during it, but Venus is also in your sign which will automatically make you more susceptible to the energy of this transit.

Venus is Mars’s cosmic lover which means that whatever he is moving through affects her and because Venus is in your sign, this means it will affect you too.

Differently of course as you will have more of the feminine response to this transit, but there still will be a marked difference in your energy and the course that your relationship takes.

With Venus in your sign, you will be looking for greater depth in your relationship, more meaning, more passion, and even more prone to asking those questions about what’s next for our future.

Mars in Libra wants balance but also is uncomfortable with this transit so will try to resist some of the energies, automatically affecting the men in our life.

This is a time to reflect on how many of those future probing questions you ask. While direction about our future is something that is valid and that we should be able to communicate about, it doesn’t always mean now is the time.

Look for where you can find security in your relationship, where you can find some direction, and if you do ask your partner and they aren’t able to step into that space to discuss it, then try to just take a pause instead of pushing it because in your case, that may be the reason for the breakdown.

Sometimes we ruin an amazing relationship because we are always pushing for the next step instead of simply being happy where we are.

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