3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On September 18, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On September 18, 2021

Three zodiac signs who will have a great day on September 18, 2021, will see what happens when hard work pays off. 

Which zodiac signs will have a great day on September 18, 2021? 

Pisces, Aquarius, and Libra will experience this astrological energy the most starting on Saturday.

Beginning once the moon transitions into the watery depths of Pisces on the 18th (until it exits in the early hours of the 21st) three lucky zodiac signs are about to see what happens when we don’t give up on our dreams no matter how impossible they might seem.  

While we are still about a month away from the start of Eclipse Season there has definitely been a more fated energy moving into our lives recently.

This may have looked like sudden job offers, new opportunities, development in the commitment in our romantic relationships, or another gift from the universe. Part of this is that Piscean energy coming in because Neptune, the ruler for this sign, is also the King of Dreams.  

In addition to the Piscean energy, we’ve also seen numerous transits in the past few weeks that have centered around us speaking our truth and making choices that more closely align with who we are and where we want to go. 

This has enabled many of us to dig deep to find out what really means the most to us so that we can recommit ourselves to working on our dreams-or to let go of those that haven’t manifested into what we thought it would have.  

There is definitely an auspicious energy afoot as there always is this time of year, and it's mostly felt on Saturday for Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces zodiac signs.

We are also heading into the time of the Equinox’s, both for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere where we will have an equal amount of day and night.

Even this aspect of balance has a profound effect on our psyche that allows us to feel calmer about big life changes an important part in making our dreams come true.  

When we think about making our dreams come true, sometimes we think of a career, at others it’s achieving some sort of notoriety but for many, it’s centered around the health and stability of our romantic relationships. This is because that we often judge our life satisfaction and even ourselves based on how happy we are within our personal lives.  

This is because whether we’re always consciously aware of it or not, it’s these types of personal relationships that matter the most to us.  

There is a lot of celestial energy coming in around this lunation, both from the current transits, Eclipse Season, impending Equinox but also because of a few key players in the Moon in Pisces itself.  

The Moon in Pisces will be exact just minutes after Mercury in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius creating the feeling of positivity, hopefulness, good fortune, and even better-good news.  

A trine in astrology is when two planets create an angle of one hundred and twenty degrees which forms a positive and beneficial aspect promoting harmony and balance. 

Mercury is currently preparing to turn retrograde on the 27th and Jupiter is moving through the second half of her retrograde period which often includes the fruition of time invested or lessons learned.  

Mercury in Libra will be advocating for us to speak our needs in the energy of fairness and balance. This means that not only will we be thinking and communicating with that air of reciprocity but that our actions will be driven from that place as well.  

Trine Jupiter in Aquarius, the planet of luck, abundance, and far-reaching horizons means that change is in the air and it’s going to involve a turn for the better in all areas of our lives.

Right now, after a short stint in Pisces Jupiter has moved back into Aquarius to help us wrap up any lessons and to finish manifesting what the purpose of this lucky and beneficial transit has been.  

Prepare not for the unexpected but to finally see that you were never that far from reaching for the stars to make all your dreams come true-you just needed to learn nothing was holding you back but yourself.  

Zodiac signs who will have a great day on September 18, 2021:

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Given that this is your moon it’s no surprise that this will have a strong effect on you. While this applies specifically to your moon sign, those with their Sun in Pisces will feel this too especially in what occurs in your external environment around you.

The main theme for you around this moon really is your deepest wildest dreams coming true-or at the very least getting a serious and helpful push from the universe in that direction. It’s likely that you’ve been working ridiculously hard to accomplish what it feels like you’re meant to be working on recently.

Not just a career space, but a soul project, something that was given to you to complete in this lifetime as part of your soul contract that you made prior to coming this lifetime.

Part of that soul project though is also learning through your romantic relationships which means that there is a close tie between how fulfilled your soul feels to the romantic relationship that you’re in. You are a Pisces though, so of course, it’s all about love but even more than that, it’s been about learning what was keeping what you really wanted (and needed) at bay.

Things will start to shift very quickly for you beginning around this moon and lasting through the end of the month so it’s important to believe that this is part of a bigger change based on your work and awareness and not just a fluke. Own your success, on how far you’ve come, and don’t be afraid to celebrate because this moon guarantees you’ll have reason to.  

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

With Jupiter playing such a significant role in this Moon in Pisces it’s no surprise that you’re going to be feeling the divine nudge from the Universe as well.

As an air sign, you’ll be feeling extra lucky because in a weeks' time will be enjoying the benefits of the Grand Air Trine which will help propel you forward into a huge amount of growth.

Think of the board games you played as a child; there was always a shortcut path that you wanted to score so that you’d get to the end and win-this moon in combination with the Grand Air Trine is that shortcut.

But it’s not cutting yourself short of anything, it’s the universe helping you be exactly where you are meant to be which is also rewarding you for past efforts. With Jupiter moving through your sign for the past year there were a lot of opportunities for growth and expansion, some of them occurred immediately while others needed time to ripen until they were fully developed.

Now is the time for everything you have been working for to finally start to pay off. The one guarantee that your life had this year was that by the end of it, everything would look different and this week will be one of those pivotal moments in your life that you will always be able to reflect on. Enjoy this time Aquarius, you have certainly earned it and the right to be simply happy.  

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your Astrological Season is one that is always a pivotal time for so many signs, but for you, it tends to hit something deeper. While the themes of Libra Season are always with you in terms of balance, fairness and reciprocity-often times your work lays in making sure it’s not just you acting in those ways, but those around you.

On your journey one of the lessons, you tend to move through is one of self-sacrifice or martyrdom where you will give so much of yourself you only pull back once fully exhausted and cannot do anymore.

As Mercury moves through your sign and prepares to retrograde in it shortly, you will start to remember what it means to genuinely love yourself and how that shows up in your actions and interactions.

Life will begin to change for you around this time because you start making the choice to speak up on matters you would have normally stayed quiet about. You are better able to find the words to fully describe what it is you are experiencing and moving through-and also what you need from those around you.

As the Piscean Moon dawns, you will have some big ah-ha moments and validation from seeing that you are worth the effort, you are worth receiving what it is you put out and that you are of value. Expect this specifically in the areas of a raise, promotion, or some other accolade as well as in your romantic life. It’s about time everyone saw just how amazing you are.  

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