3 Zodiac Signs Whose Self Esteem Grows When Jupiter Returns To Aquarius Starting July 28th

Great things ahead!

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Self Esteem Grows When Jupiter Returns To Aquarius Starting July 28th berni0004/Shutterstock.com

Self-esteem will grow for three zodiac signs when Jupiter returns to Aquarius on July 28th, 2021.

Anytime Jupiter does its thing, it does it in a big way for Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces especially when in the sign of Aquarius.

When Jupiter transits into or out of any sign, it sticks around for a while to make sure it makes its point. And what is Jupiter's point?

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Well, when this giant of a planet is in Aquarius, an Air zodiac sign, we can count on insane levels of adventure, mind expansion, deep introspection, broad perspective - and self esteem.

These two - Juno and Aquarius; it's like they are soulmates - meant to be together, doing the right thing by each other, and us, always.

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July 28 is right around the corner, and that is when our large-and-in-charge friend is going to return to Aquarius. If you've ever heard the expression, "It's all good" then you could tag this return with that phrase. It's all good, man.

Now, while this transit is a good thing for every sign, there are three, in particular, who really absorb all there is when it comes to exploring the benefits of Jupiter in Aquarius.

Mainly, two of the Water signs and the one sign that is ruled by Jupiter. Makes sense! Which signs will see their self esteem rocket to the stratosphere (without having to be a billionaire) this July 28?

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

If there's a sign that is constantly open to change and illuminated thinking, it's you, Scorpio.


With Jupiter in Aquarius, you're not only going to feel adventurous and free-spirited, you're going to want to take chances; there's so much you haven't done yet, and this transit is going to inspire you to do just about everything you've ever dreamed of.

Your confidence is about to break the Richter scale, and that Aquarius touch? Let's just say you'll be feeling deeply intuitive, almost psychic.

Trust your gut, Scorpio - as if you need me to tell you this, you creature of pure self-esteem.

Putting action to words is what's going down as soon as July 28 hits, and you will be in your zone all the way. It's all good in the hood with you during this event. You're about to show up for the gold. Who's a fraidy-cat? Not you!


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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

You're about to be uplifted and this, in turn, is going to place you in the position of uplifting others. Self esteem is a revolving door for you - until your ruling planet writes your name down in its cosmic event planner and seals the deal for you in terms of self-confidence and self-love.

People are going to notice that you've got it together, and while some may read that line and laugh cynically, the truth is - you DO have it all together.

You are unfazed by drama; you walk away from all that you deem unnecessary, and it's going to make you come across as enlightened - or blissed out, as they used to say.


Self-love looks amazeballs on you, and it will propel you to the front of the class, where everyone around you is going to want to be just like you.

And how cool is that, being that you adore the positive attention and are only too happy to help someone else have a beautiful day - or life. Good on ya, mate.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Similar to Sagittarius, your self-esteem fluctuates, but when it's 'on' - stand aside, world - Pisces is in the house, fully equipped with everything that makes a human being feel confident and capable. And capable is your word of the day...


Starting July 28th, you will be feeling quite capable of just about anything you want to achieve.

This is a fantastic time for you to parlay that unbridled confidence of yours into finessing yourself a better job, or better pay.

You can do it, you will do it, and it will go exactly as you wish. Pisces hits the jackpot during this transit, and that could be literal as well as figurative.


And if anyone's going to hit you with the mental prowess stick, it's Aquarius, and being that Aquarius is hosting Jupiter - it's like the entire universe is throwing a party simply to celebrate the awesomeness of you, Pisces. WOW. Whether you're playing lotto or beginning the mind-work of writing an epic novel, you win.

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