3 Zodiac Signs Who Want A Fling During Venus In Scorpio Starting September 10, 2021

Temptation on a massive scale.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Want A Fling During Venus In Scorpio Starting September 10, 2021 UfaBizPhoto/Shutterstock.com

Venus enters Scorpio, so starting September 10, 2021, three zodiac signs who want a fling may start to search for love in all sorts of ways.

Venus in Scorpio might be interpreted as kinky sex, or depravity in love and romance. It might also be thought of as temptation on a massive scale - a lure that attaches itself to us and doesn't let go until we either give in or let it take us all the way down.


This is a dangerous transit for couples, and while nobody sincerely wants to put their relationship in danger - Venus in Scorpio will blind us to our own justifications. Many signs, especially the three mentioned here today, will want to venture out of the relationship for a fling.

We may talk ourselves into the idea that 'it means nothing' but that never really works for the other person, does it? When we cheat on our partners, we begin a downward spiral of lies and rationales.

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We may even think our fling is an act of love - we are that desperate to conceal the reason why we want to cheat... it's not love, it's lust, and lust always rationalizes its existence in our lives.

So, unless you've stated that your relationship is built upon a polyamorous agreement, your desire to have a 'fling' is just plain cheating and lying.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You want a fling because, well, you always want a fling, Aries. Yes, sure, you may be in a committed relationship built on trust and loyalty, but that never stopped you from wanting a little sauce on the side, right? You are the person in the room who says things like, "Monogamy isn't for human beings.

We are not monogamous by nature!" You try not to say these things in front of your partner, but it is how you feel, and if anyone in the Zodiac is going to cheat on their partner - it's you. You feel lust and you want to act on it, and on occasion, you do.


You believe there's nothing wrong with following your lust - the only 'wrong' move is the one that gets you caught. Venus in Scorpio brings out the thrill-seeker in you, and if the thrill you seek is found in lust and in a fling, then you will take your chances, because...you want what you want, and no one can take that right away from you.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

This transit should prove to be a real test for you, Taurus. You've never lied to yourself - you are attracted to many people, and in the past, you've cheated on your partner to please your whims.

You are also someone who truly does want to love themselves, and you know that this can only happen if you respect the person you are presently with - by not cheating on them.


Every time you cheat, you feel less respect for yourself. That was a hard lesson to learn, yet you did learn it, and so you will not follow your lust all the way into someone else's bed.

That's not to say you won't want to, but you are finally at that place where you accept the consequences of your actions - and so, you can refrain from having a fling, even if you're tempted. 

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Lust and the pursuit of it has never really had much success in your life, has it, Sagittarius? You're not even sure you feel lusty, but when you're in a relationship - as you are now - and you notice that it's become somewhat lackluster, you might be tempted to get yourself into a fling with someone who shines more brilliantly than the person you've put your whole heart into.


What's love got to do with it? Nothing...you simply want attention. You may be in a relationship, right now, that's fine and dandy - you are secure, safe - set up for life. Love is there for you, and yet - you find it dull.

The thrill is gone for you, and possibly for your partner as well, and so, you begin your search. Inside you know that lust isn't what drives you - it's he needs to be paid attention to, to feel special again. The sex won't do anything for you, but you're willing to jeopardize everything you have for a little attention.

Venus in the zodiac sign of Scorpio may just ruin your life if you let it. Will you?


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