3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During The Sun Inconjunct Saturn Starting September 1, 2021

We are dealing with ego here.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During The Sun Inconjunct Saturn Starting September 1, 2021 SN VFX/Shutterstock.com

When the Sun inconjunct Saturn takes place on September 1, 2021, three zodiac signs will have their love life improve, according to astrology.

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Whenever we have a Saturn transit, we can know that we're being 'worked' on, and when we have Sun Inconjunct Saturn, we can expect that 'work' to be directed towards our personal growth and in our love lives.


Inconjunct Saturn can break us down, and make us feel the pain of simply being alive - but isn't that what causes revelation and renewal?

Starting September 1, 2021, Saturn is here to work with the glorious energy of the Sun.

Their inconjunction to help us remove obstacles in our lives, so that we can see both our mistakes, and how to move past them.

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In love, we are dealing with ego here - September 1 may turn out to be somewhat of a confrontation day; we need to confront our own bloated sense of self, so that we can relax into the love we so fought for.


In other words, if we can release some of that ego-driven pigheadedness of ours, we can actually improve on our love lives.

Now, it won't be easy - Saturn's a bad boy, 'he' doesn't want us to get lucky right away, in fact, he may make it hard for us to even see how forgone we've become...but that's the point here.

When Sun Inconjunct Saturn, we're talking tough love, which invariably brings about great change and improved communication. Life is about to get better, but that one's on us.

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Are we able to flow with this transit by taking our egos out of our own way? Are we willing to put aside our ego for the sake of a better love life?


Oh yes, some of us are more than willing to go the distance for love. Who will benefit from this transit, on September 1?

Zodiac signs whose relationships improve during the Sun inconjunct Saturn starting September 1, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Sun Inconjunct Saturn may trigger many unwanted emotions in you. You come with a past, as do most people, and sometimes you don't want to look back at past behaviors for fear of being jolted right back into a bad situation.

What this transit does for you, in its strange and off-putting way, is that it holds the mirror up to you so that you can't avoid glaring at past mistakes.

How on earth could this be a good thing, you may think... Alas, this is the pivotal moment on which you change.


You will come to realize that on this date, during this transit, you have a chance to confront what you don't like about yourself - and remove it once and for all.

When you rid yourself of your own toxic nature, you allow for the beauty of love to enter your heart so that it may do you a good turn.

This is a true healing for you, Taurus, and though it may come to you via a painful route, you will be happy to finally be rid of that which plagues you, emotionally.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

One of the odd affects of Sun Inconjunct Saturn, for you, Leo, is that you'll find yourself at a loss for words.


September 1 is going to bring upset and confusion - but it has a purpose here; this isn't just some random chaos - there's a plan, and that plan is to stir you up so that you take notice of the reality of your life.

While all looks well on the surface, there are things within you that you've never accepted, and in this kind of non-acceptance, you've unconsciously built a wall that keeps others out of your business.

What it's also done is that it's kept love at a distance, as well. Someone like you, who craves adoration and attention should not live without love, and it will be during this magical transit that you may very well come to recognize just how much you've deprived yourself.

This day is the ultimate wake up call; you have the power within you, right now, to open the gates so that you may let love flow in - and out of you.


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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Because this is the season of your birth, you spend much of the time living in expectation: celebrations will be had, gifts will be given, plans will be made.

It's all on the surface, and while it feels good and promising, you recognize that there is something missing in your life.


Sun Inconjunct Saturn is the rabble rouser that is here to jolt you out of your established semi-funk and propel you into an entirely new and positive experience.

How this will play out is in your mind: your expectations will feel... incomplete.

All that you want and dream of will suddenly seem petty, as that one missing piece is always bypassed, and that missing piece is, of course, love.

Whether you're in a great relationship or no relationship at all, you've been holding back on love...you haven't been giving it your all, and most probably due to fear.

This transit has the ability to wake you up and put you on the path of true love. It is now up to you to invite it in. Please, do so. Enjoy this life of yours, Virgo.


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