3 Zodiac Signs Who Outgrow Their Friendships During Venus Inconjunct Uranus Starting August 27, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Outgrow Their Friendships Starting August 27, 2021

A few zodiac signs who will outgrow their friendships feel the effects of Uranus in their lives.

As we welcome Venus inconjunction with Uranus on August 28th we will feel the need to stretch our wings and be more authentic in our friendships.

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This could cause some issues in friendships that are either overly dominated or those that we’ve long ago forgotten what we had in common.  

While exact on August 28th we can expect the energies of this transit to begin on the 27th and linger until the 29th.  

An inconjunction in astrology is also known as a quincunx. It occurs when two planets are one hundred and fifty degrees apart with five signs between them. In this case we’re seeing Venus in Libra form a quincunx or injunction to Uranus in Taurus activating both the air and the earth signs.  

Unlike some other transits like conjunctions or even squares, an inconjunction has nothing in common between them and instead can often feel like we’re having to make sense of two opposites.  

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In this case while still an inconjunction both signs, Taurus and Libra, are the ruling signs of Venus however in this case rather than that being a bridge that’s built towards understanding it will have us evaluation how even our friendships can turn toxic if there two people remain on opposing sides.  

Venus is currently in her home sign of Libra focusing on how balanced and reciprocal her friendships feel while Uranus in Taurus is currently retrograde and is putting into practice all that it’s learned this year about stability, ready to make drastic changes.  

This is a time when we won’t be holding back the punches when it comes to speaking our truth.  

Many times, in our lives we think more of outgrowing jobs or romantic relationships, however friendships is something that is just as common.

We can’t grow in every facet of our life yet expect our friendships to remain the same.  

Maybe it’s because we’ve been less about going out to clubs at night and more about getting up early for that barre class.

Maybe it’s that our own experiences have opened our eyes to a different life path. Whatever the reason is, friendships sometimes end or even fade away.  

Just like in any other area of our lives, even if it’s scary at times, it’s a sign that we are growing and that’s something to always be celebrated.  

Zodiac signs who outgrow their friendships during Venus inconjunct Uranus starting August 27, 2021:

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

With Venus currently moving through your sign all your focus has been on balanced relationships and reciprocal energy.

Even though these are matters that often govern your life, when Venus comes to visit, it’s making it impossible to ignore what has been under the surface for some time.

Reflect this week on those friendships that feel one-sided, the ones where you’re always the one reaching out or even doing thoughtful things for your friend.

It’s not that in friendships we should keep a score of who is doing what, but we need to make sure that we’re aware enough to know when we’re pouring energy into someone that just isn’t doing the same for us.

The other quality of this transit that may hit is that you come to realize your viewpoint drastically differs from a longtime friend’s. While we don’t need to think exactly like our friends as a variety of perspectives is helpful, there are some issues that are nonnegotiable.

Instead of trying to rationalize or hang on, reflect this week on who is putting energy into you and be able to distance yourself from those relationships in which you can’t even remember why you became friends anymore.  

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

As Uranus has been moving through your sign you’ve been up for numerous changes in your relationships.

Even if you had hoped that a few of your friendships would escape this time period, you’ve been seeing more and more hints that’s not possible.

As an earth sign you take grounding seriously. You believe in stability and long-term friendships.

But there is a difference in just having someone stick around because you’ve known them for a long time versus a friendship that truly nourishes and supports your life path and who you’re becoming.

As we grow what we need from friends will change. Instead of looking for someone to hit the clubs with, we’re looking for someone that’s going to be there for us when we have a hard day. Someone who supports us whether they agree with our choices or not.

Instead of letting that earthy stubbornness of change get in the way, realize that things have already changed whether you want them to or not.  

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

As you currently get to celebrate your Zodiac Season as the Sun just recently moved into your sign, this is your time to take inventory of your life. While we usually associate our Zodiac Season with birthday celebrations and plans, it’s also a solar return.

This is your chance to reflect on your life and if it accurately represents your identity. This means that under this transit you will be thinking more clearly on what friendships are valuable enough to bring into your new year once you celebrate your next birthday.

As a sign that can air on the side of perfectionism, sometimes you go to the opposite degree to try to correct that and let people get away with far more than you should. But as birthdays and Zodiac Seasons are all about you, that is where your focus should be.

Take inventory of those friendships that feel like they only drain you as well as those that you’ve been ignoring speaking your truth for fear of losing them because a true friend can’t ever be lost.  

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