3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On August 12, 2021

A day that goes untouched by chaos.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On August 12, 2021 Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

Which zodiac signs will have a great day on August 12, 2021? It's certainly going to be a good one for three zodiac signs.

Someone's about to have a pretty sweet day, and that's because the signs who rise above on this date, August 12, 2021, are the signs that escape the potential for turmoil.

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We have a waxing crescent Moon in Libra, and the Moon Trine Saturn - this could go any number of ways.


What we are looking at here, is not so much a 'great' day as it is a day that goes untouched by chaos, which, in itself, makes it sweet as sugar.

Imagine that - a cosmic clash that bypasses YOU, simply because your sign, today, seems impenetrable to harm. Wow.

This is a day for gratitude. While you may not be privy to a windfall of cold hard cash, treasures are still available to you in other forms.

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This day is all about dodging the proverbial bullet and living to tell. Which signs are going to feel immensely grateful by the end of the day?


Zodiac signs who will have a great day on August 12, 2021:

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

You might walk into a situation today that puts you on edge; you don't want to be there, yet you have to, for reasons of either work or a previous engagement.

You walk in with feelings of dread, knowing that at some point or another, the sword is going to drop, and you anticipate it dropping on your head.

You feel it in your bones; any minute now you're either going to be fired or told something you can't 'un-hear.' That's where the reprieve comes in, Virgo.

Just as you thought you were about to lose everything in one big, nasty fallout of the gods - in walks great fortune and opportunity. It all turns around for you in a minute.


What you assumed was rotten to the core, is actually sunshiny clean and waiting for you to experience, with a happy heart and an open mind. You're about to have a great day, Virgo - eat it up!

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Parallel to the track where everyone experiences the chaos and disorder of the cosmic influence of the day, there's you, sailing through the rubble like a deity who can do nothing but rise above the mayhem.

That's you, Capricorn - unfazed by the stress around you - which, by the way, is monumental today. Fortunately, it doesn't touch you.

You're as cool as a cucumber, in fact, you are able to take the frenetic energy of the day and re-route it into productive energy, which you use to create perfect solutions to your work-related problems.


This is a day where others notice how unstoppable you really are. It's a great day for you, Capricorn, because you'll be able to witness yourself in the winning position - you intend for success, and you manifest it in spades.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

The success of the day revolves around the good deeds you do today, Pisces.

While you may laugh thinking about the ideas of good deeds, the truth is - you are a wise, good person and you like to bring joy to others - even animals - if you can. While the rest of the folks around you let their moods overtake them, you manage to rise above their moodiness and crankiness.


What's going to be obvious for you, today is the idea of 'the more you give, the more you get.'

You will experience this phenomenon as you perform helpful tasks that give others the feeling of safety and peace.

Every time you say the right thing to someone else, you'll feel like you, yourself, have been given a gift. What's great about today is that you will be in spiritual balance, completely receptive to joy.

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