3 Zodiac Signs Whose Luck Improves During Venus In Virgo Starting On August 9, 2021

There is a silver lining.

 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Luck Improves During Venus In Virgo, August 9th To August 11th, 2021

Three zodiac signs whose luck improves during Venus in Virgo starting August 9 to August 11, 2021 get to experience a tiny window of opportunity that opens.

Venus in Virgo brings luck to love in the lives of Liba, Cancer, and Capricorn zodiac signs beginning August 9, 2021.

Venus in Virgo will make you value things like practicality and logic when it comes to your love life, career and material wealth.


Although Venus will also be opposing Neptune in Pisces, and this can create illusions around love and money.

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There is a silver lining though with Jupiter being in a nice opposition to the Sun, which can create an increase in abundance in the areas of your life Jupiter is affecting.

The Sun is also conjunct Mercury which means that this may be a time when you're receiving many inspirational ideas around how to create more abundance for yourself. 

Venus will also be conjunct the Moon on August 11 which can make you extremely loving and generous with the people who you care about.


This can create a very romantic vibe in your relationships, but with the opposition to Neptune, this means that the potential to fall for illusions is definitely here as well.

The good thing is that Venus is in Virgo which is a very grounded and practical sign, so this will help to bring some stability to these potentially heady emotions you might be feeling at this time.

Zodiac signs whose luck improves during Venus in Virgo starting on August 9, 2021:

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

With Jupiter being in your second house of finances and material possessions, this means that the opposition to the Sun will be highlighting some potential growth in this area of your life.

This can bring you new job or business opportunities, or simply new ideas for ways that you can create income for yourself. This energy is great for researching investment opportunities, side-hustle ideas and finding, or creating, passive income sources for yourself.


The Moon conjunct Venus will be in your ninth house of philosophy and higher learning, so this can stimulate your more studious side with a sudden desire to want to further your education, or maybe take a course to freshen up your skills.

These two planets will also be in a trine with Pluto which is in your first house of self, and this can bring you a burst of personal power to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself at this time. So this energy is bringing you a lot of potential to reach for the stars and create more prosperity in your life.

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Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Jupiter will be in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity and this can indicate a time of ease and enjoyment overall. With the Sun being in your eleventh house of meaningful connections, this can bring you new friendships or new ways for you to build stronger bonds within your current social circle.


Since these planets will be opposing each other, because they're in opposite houses, this means that the energy is ripe for attending social gatherings, parties or just finding joy and fulfillment through interacting with others.

Venus and the Moon will be in your twelfth house of spirituality and retreat, so this can bring a calming vibe to your mind and soul and allow you to feel safe enough to take a break from work, or your responsibilities, temporarily.

Neptune will be opposing these planets in your sixth house of routines, so this may make you feel like there's something you should be doing or even like you're forgetting something.

But the universe is giving you a small respite from the more mundane aspects of your life, in order to allow you to have fun and simply enjoy yourself and all that life has to offer you.


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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

With Jupiter being in your eighth house of other people's money and investments, this means that the potential for a nice payout or return on an investment is here. Jupiter in the eighth house can create a lot of wealth, and the kind which is long-term, if it's nicely aspected.

Because it's opposing the Sun in Leo in your second house, this is a positive indicator for being able to achieve success and victory. So while it's still important to do your research before committing to any long-term investments or opportunities to create wealth, the energy will definitely be in your favor during this time period.


Venus and the Moon will be in your third house of communication, and this can bring you a nice energy when it comes to building stronger bonds with your siblings or even the people in your local community or neighborhood.

Being friendly, neighborly and generous with those in your immediate environment will be a theme for you at this time. Finding joy in the simple pleasures of life will also come up, and this will allow you to see beauty in the small things and embody a vibe of gratitude for all that you have in your life currently.

These planets will also be opposing Neptune in your ninth house of philosophy and travel, so this can inspire you to search for deeper ways to create more meaning and purpose in your life.

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