3 Zodiac Signs Who Have Trouble Focusing During The Sun Opposite Neptune, July 30 To August 11, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have Trouble Focusing During The Sun Opposite Neptune, July 30 To August 11, 2021

Who will have trouble focusing during the Sun opposite Neptune? According to astrology, for Gemini, Cancer and Pisces, the next two weeks may be a confusing time.

The Sun opposite Neptune starts on July 30th and lasts until August 11th, 2021

If we are to get an idea of how a transit such as Sun Opposite Neptune will affect the individual signs, we'd have to look at which signs are known as the most emotionally fragile, as these signs are the most susceptible to an influence as confusing as the one we are presently in (starting July 30).

Essentially, this transit influences the most sensitive of the signs, mainly Gemini, Cancer and Pisces.

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Neptune rules dreams and fantasies. With the Sun in opposition of this planet, we are looking at nightmares, delusions and false hope.

It's not going to have the same affect on everyone, universally; some will ride this transit out as clear-headed as they were before it started, while others may go through a period of time where they feel burdened by distractions and an inability to focus.

This is also a time where people question their faith - in God, in humanity - in the world. Over the next couple of weeks, there may be a few signs who will feel shattered, spiritually.

And what distracts us most are our own minds. If we can veer away from overthinking, we can reclaim our focus, along with the energy we need in order to move on.

Zodiac signs who have trouble focusing during the Sun opposite Neptune starting July 30th, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

As a sign who clearly lives in your own headspace, you may want to think about vacating that congested area for a while. Not only do you overthink everything, you find new ways to torture yourself - you're quite creative when it comes to ruining your own day.

During Sun Opposite Neptune, you may find yourself in a downward spiral of self-torment, all because you aren't trying hard enough to get out of it.

Yes, it's going to take effort to focus, Gemini, and while that may not be your trip, it's going to be essential if you're to do more than procrastinate over the next couple of weeks.

How this transit works against you is all about what you accept as your fate.

There's a good chance you are not content to be tossed about by the planets, yet you forgot that you have free will.

Take that free will and re-route your destiny. Don't allow this transit to take it all away from you. You have free will, Gemini - use it!

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

It doesn't take a whole helluva lot to distract you, and with Sun Opposite Neptune, the distraction that you usually suffer from will become dream/intuition related.

You're always in touch with your spiritual side, and during this particular transit, you'll be almost hyper sensitive; do not be surprised if you see ghosts, or feel the need to over-interpret your own dreams.

During this period of time, you won't relate to the non-spiritual world; you'll trust only in your own gut feeling.

And while it's good to believe in your own feelings, you may find yourself out of touch with the reality around you. Say for instance you are needed for something - work, home...even in love.

You won't show up for these necessary things because, in your mind, nothing is as important as the spiritual experience.

What may feel noble can easily turn into neglect; don't shun the material world - it's where you live, and where you'll continue to live after this transit stops messing with your head.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Like Gemini, you are a dualistic sign, and it is because of that duality that you find it hard to focus.

Sun Opposite Neptune takes that inability and puts it on lock - until the transit is over on August 11, 2021.  

As one of the more sensitive signs, you, Pisces, will experience this event as an affront, and questions will arise: "Why can I not make up my mind? Why do I want to run and hide? What it is that's keeping me from focusing on my goal?"

What's keeping you from enjoying a better couple of weeks is this transit's effect on your psyche; You simply cannot find a path you want to walk on.

Everything over the next couple of weeks will feel shoddy to you, unkempt, unorganized.

You'll feel yourself desiring a way out of all the overthinking, yet you'll overthink that, too. If there was ever a transit that begs you to take comfort in meditation and the spiritual arts, this is that time.

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