3 Zodiac Signs Whose Lives Change During The Sun Oppose Pluto, July 14 To July 27, 2021

Watch what happens.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Lives Change The Most During The Sun Oppose Pluto, July 14 to July 27, 2021 NASA images/Shutterstock.com

When we have a transit such as Sun opposite Pluto, we, down here on Earth, feel a burning need to be seen and understood, and this week through the next we will feel it.

No matter who we are, there's this wave of "please understand me" that comes in and tends to overwhelm us, as if we've suddenly come to understand that nobody out there knows who we really are.

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For the three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, lots of changes are in store when the Sun opposes Pluto over the next two weeks.

In a way, it's an ego crush; Pluto brings in the fear of death and endings - so we scatter, thinking that if we flail and rant enough that someone will notice us.

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How odd we are, and yet, we really are affected by these cosmic shifts. While the Sun is always there to promise change and growth, when in opposition to Pluto, we are instantly plunged into the darker regions of our mind.

Certain signs, specifically the Water element signs, will be upended by this transit. Dark mindsets can turn people into paranoid, desperate creatures.

During transits like this, we need to hold tight to what we believe in, so that we can guide ourselves back home when they pass.

What's needed during this aspect is the ability to foresee real and true transformation in our lives; we need to predict the future and manifest it as an evolved state of being.


The signs that will be most affected are...

Zodiac signs whose lives change the most during the Sun opposite Pluto, July 14 to July 27, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

This transit does not suit you one little bit, in fact, it angers you - and you're not fond of being angry. You like your world calm and easy going, and if there's drama, you're the first one to say, "pass."

What you may experience during Sun opposite Pluto is self-sabotage; you're about to get in your own way.

This kind of destructive behavior may show up in your relationship with friends. If you get together with pals, you may end up starting an argument, without even realizing how supercharged with hostility you've become.


You won't be able to see yourself during this phase - you won't understand just how hurtful your words can be or how selfish you may be coming across; you'll only understand that your ego needs to be right - you need to be right. Where you're really about to go wrong, however, is in not taking a friend's side when they need your support most.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

This may be hardest for you, of all the signs, as you are about to be challenged in terms of control.

As a Scorpio - control is your thing, yet this transit - Sun opposite Pluto, beginning July 14 and lasting through the 27th, is going to show you how little control you have.


Truths will become known to you, and you will resist hearing them, as they damage your ego, which is all too huge and petulant to allow truth in - at this point.

What's going on here, Scorpio, is that you're about to face yourself in the mirror, and the reflection is not going to please you.

You are going to see yourself as a pushy control freak, a turn off to others, and a bully.

This flips your image of yourself as cool, confident and...in control. Once again, it's all about the control - and when you realize you don't have as much as you think, you may just plummet into a state of self-pity and graceless arrogance.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

You're about to experience the full brunt of the Sun opposite Pluto in so much as, you're not only going to get the worry, the paranoia, the feelings of being excluded and the sense of all things coming to an end - you're also going to get the technical malfunctions that come along with this cosmic event.

You might want to tread carefully during this period of time as you will definitely be in a fragile state of mind.

What's really going on is that 'change' is knocking at your door, and you are resisting the idea of opening it.


I suppose this really is your trial by error, and you will have to endure the many mental and emotional (and technical) failings before you reach the shore of peace and contentment.

The good part is that you will reach it, and you will succeed, but while the Sun is opposite Pluto, you'll be getting some major hints that big changes are needed in your life.

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