3 Zodiac Signs Whose Dreams Come True During Sun Trine Neptune, July 10-23, 2021

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Zodiac Signs Whose Dreams Come True During Sun Trine Neptune, July 10-23, 2021

What would people be without their dreams? The best part of having one is when they come true, and this will happen to all of us this year.

But, for three lucky zodiac signs will have their dreams come true this month, and it all happens while the Sun trines Neptune in Pisces.

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What makes this particular transit - Sun Trine Neptune - so filled with potential, is that it works on our sense of goodness.

We are about to experience a rise in our desire to create, and many of us will want to do good deeds with our creations.

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Can we make dreams come true? We can, and we most certainly will work towards that ideal, with right effort and focus.

When we speak of dreams, we don't only refer to hopes and desires, nor are we talking about the dreams we have at night...we are talking about how thought is creative; "I think, therefore I am."

During this marvelous transit, we get a delicious taste of our own potential and ability.

The blazing positivity of the Sun, trine with the profound thoughtfulness of Neptune, shines a light on just how amazing we are...as well as how amazing we can be, if we take ourselves on that journey.

What we're looking at during this time is the Law of Attraction, which can be used as a foundation for all of our pursuits and interests.

We are looking at a period of time where we can believe something into being, where we can manifest our intention simply because we are pure of heart.

These are good times, my friends, and we'd be smart to honor the gifts we receive, as we all know that nothing lasts forever.

Can we make our dreams come true? Yes, we can. With the right elements in the cosmic sky and the appropriate amount of elbow grease - we can do anything.

Which signs will realize their dreams during Sun Trine Neptune?

Zodiac signs whose dreams come true during the Sun trine Neptune, July 10-23, 2021:

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

There is something in particular that you love - it could be love of animals, love of art, love of creating...and you will find that during this transit, your love doesn't want to stay put; it wants out, and it wants direction.

While you are happy with your interests, you are no longer content to sit with them, you feel compelled to bring them out into the open so that they can be made 'real' for you.

The time is right and you feel it. Your aim is true; you aren't in this for the fame or fortune - you're in it because you believe you're doing the right thing and that your efforts will end up either helping someone, or making them happier than they would be had you not gotten involved.

Your 'dream come true' is in the fact that during Sun Trine Neptune, you will be able to successfully help someone - and that someone might be a total stranger.

Libra - you're known for your kindness and mild mannered ways. Your gentle spirit is exactly what's needed, and if people-pleasing is part of your starter kit, then you'll be a smash success. Trine on, Libra!

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The Sun aspect in this particular Trine is what's going to give you the surprise of a lifetime: communication with the person you love.

You may have been experiencing a little repression in your love relationship - this could extend to platonic relationships as well.

You've waited for things to change, but you never thought to 'be the change' yourself, and what's happened is that your friendships or partnerships have turned into these communication-free endeavors, which, as we all know, can wreak havoc.

No talk means no understanding. What's needed is a bridge between parties to open the door to the communication that's been blocked.

Neptune allows for this to happen, and the surprise part is that it's not going to come from you. In fact, what's been on your mind is not yours exclusively; your partner or friend has the same thing on their mind:

"How come we don't 'really' talk?" With that in mind, expect them to come to you. Because for you, Aquarius, it's about saying yes. It's about being open. It's about recognizing how precious life is and how short it can be. Open your heart now - let the love flow in.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

When dreams come true for you, Pisces, they come in the form of happy family get-togethers. The Sun is always kind, and when trine with Neptune, you're looking at feelings of deep compassion and heartfelt communication.

You want nothing more than to know everyone is safe, content and healthy, and during this period of time, you will have this, and it will please you beyond your wildest dreams.

And even though we all think of Pisces as the sign that doesn't want to be left alone, we know that when you are left to your own devices, you're perfectly content to work on crafts, or begin the first outlines for a novel.

Writing, composing and painting are all part and parcel of the Sun Trine Neptune package, and for Pisces, even more so.

Take this time to express your gratitude and be creative with your expression. Life is good, Pisces - everyone around you is in fine shape, and there you are, standing at the top of the mountain, saying, "I love you all."

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