3 Zodiac Sign Whose Friendships Get In The Way Of Love During Venus Opposite Saturn, July 8-15, 2021

Friends can be great until you fall in love.

3 Zodiac Sign Whose Friendships Get In The Way Of Love During Venus Opposite Saturn, July 8-15, 2021 Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com

Friends are wonderful, that is, until Venus squares Saturn from July 8-15, 2021. Three zodiac signs will feel like their friendships get in the way of love, and that complicates relationships.

What started out as Venus square Uranus, has now morphed into Venus Opposite Saturn, which delivers a whole new perspective when it comes to love and friendship.

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With Venus as our planet of love, and Saturn representing tradition and all things rigid and unmoving, we're about to experience how these planets work together when they are astrologically opposed.

In other words, it's not the best time for demanding or restricting things within a love relationship.

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This is a time where those who are in committed relationships would be best to just shut up and let things flow, rather than to step in and demand change or run off and tell their friends all about their problems.

Saturn is just fine with you staying in your relationship, and while Venus always wants more, more, more - it's opposing planet shuts that thinking down, like it or not.

The upside is that friendships tend to thrive during this transit, but that does not mean all things are rosey.

It's almost as if the universe is telling us to remain true to ourselves by holding on to our friends while trying to convince our partners that there is no threat in having friends.


The two things can exist simultaneously, though many couples end up believing that they need to be together, 24-7, in order to call it a genuine relationship.

There are, of course, certain signs that will feel this opposition very intensely; signs that are ordinarily moved by events that are caused by either Venus or Saturn.

Three zodiac signs will experience conflict during this time: Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Zodiac signs whose friendships get in the way starting Venus squares Saturn, July 8-15, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19

It's not going to be easy for you, Aries, during this particular opposition, and that is because Venus' pull is going to conflict with Saturn's stoic sameness.


In other words, you want more than what you're getting in your love life and you know you're not going to leave your person - but holy moly, you want more.

And that 'more' is what you have always found in friends. Friends are where your head is at, during this phase, and it will be in gatherings of friends where you'll find your joy and freedom.

You don't ask for much, but the one thing that you require is freedom of expression, and you just can't find that with your partner.

Perhaps something changed over the years, or perhaps you've just got the seven-year itch...whatever it is, you will be taking comfort in the laughter and merry-making that only happens when you're around friends.


What you may want to watch out for is how your partner deals with your extracurricular outings. Be yourself, Aries, but try to be aware of other people's feelings while you're doing it.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Just what you needed - another few days of extreme self doubt and the feeling that no one loves you.

OK, time to wake up - all things are in order and you are fine. What's going on is that Saturn, that old, old, archaically ancient has-been of a planet is working on your sense of expectation.

You expect certain things of yourself, and when you don't live up to your own expectations, you can only see the negative; it's all bad and can never be anything but.


You're a bit of a drag sometimes, Cancer, and in love, during this transit, you're going to feel something that nobody wants to feel: boredom.

Boredom with your love life, your partner, your desire for a partner, your wish for something - anything new.

This is where Venus comes in to rescue you from your miserable state of mind. Friends!

Yes, Cancer, you know you've always preferred the company of friends to that of lovers, and thankfully, you have plenty - all of whom are ready, willing and able to take you and your mood on.

Love and romance can take a backseat during this period of time. Thank goodness for friends!

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

With Saturn as your ruling planet, you are definitely someone who can go from fun-loving creative type to unmovable object in point two seconds.


You're the stick in the mud this week, and you believe that the relationship you're in is one you control - pleasantly.

So far, so good is how you see things, and what you're going to experience over the next few days is a change in your partner - they want to do things!

They want to go out. You don't. They want to have a party. You don't.


They want to engage with others - people you have no real interest in...and it may very well end up angering you.

What interest could your partner possibly have in someone who isn't you?

Well, the lack of sex could be a part of it - not that you're not the greatest lover in the world, but seriously - sometimes a person just wants to hang with a friend, in a scenario that doesn't end up in bed or making plans for life.

What you're dealing with is a partner who has interests in other things besides yourself, and even though that sounds quite ordinary, to you, it's a big thing, and it is something you're going to have to get over.

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