Monthly One Card Tarot Card Reading For July 1-31, 2021

Monthly One Card Tarot Card Reading For July 1-31, 2021

So much is happening during this month's one card tarot reading, and a lot is telling when you read your zodiac sign's predictions for July 1-31, 2021.

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To pull a single card and know that the interpretation of this card can cover the events of an entire month may seem farfetched, but that is exactly what divination is about.

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Cartomancy - the reading of magical cards allows us insight into, new perspective. What we have here is a point of view, made possible through divination.

Having done the cards for this month, we can see before us that we have a few mountains to move and that July may put us through our paces, so to speak.

The majority of the cards are work-related, and many of them suggest strife and an uphill battle. In fact, the battle is the main theme for July, according to the Tarot.

Now that we're walking into the second half of 2021, it's almost as if we expect instant brilliance and monumental change to occur; now that we have a taste of the non-pandemic life, we're all the more anxious to get our lives moving along. Setbacks will happen, be warned. Stay alert, stay sane.

Your Tarot reading for the month of July reads as such...

Monthly one card tarot reading, July 1-31, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Page of Pentacles, reversed

This month is going to bring you the kind of energy that is both exciting and possibly dangerous to a degree. When we draw the Page of Pentacles, we are getting a signal from the universe that deals with irresponsibility and the kind of hubris that only belongs to the very hopeful.

What this could mean is that during July, you might find yourself in need of making an important decision.

What bugs you is that you don't want to decide - yet you have to. And as the old saying goes, you "cut off your nose to spite your face."

What this means is that, because you want no responsibility and even less involvement in whatever is coming, you foolishly make a decision based on impulse and childishness. The advice here is to think things through. Don't make July the month where you threw responsibility to the wind; stay on track and don't lose your cool.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Five of Swords, reversed

It's back to work you go, and in this case - it's back to the drudgery of routine. What you don't realize is that routine is good, and it's something that keeps you in check; you're way too lazy a soul to not have a strict routine to abide by, and without discipline and order in your life, you're just the kind of person who could let it all go - and end up regretting it tremendously.

What July is about is getting used to a situation, more than likely a work situation. This isn't the time for rebellion, and you know it - which is probably why you want to rebel even more.

But those days are over, Taurus; you have to take your life seriously now - and that means show up on time, complete your tasks as ordered, and do the right thing for both you and those who are paying you to do so.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Five of Pentacles

This month is about maintaining the status quo, Gemini, and if that doesn't sound too exciting, then think of it this way: You work hard - you get the money. You spend the money, and that makes you happy and lets you acquire 'things.'

The things make you very happy - because you're a Gemini, and Geminis love materialism. What's great about this kind of maintenance is that it's a change for you as you are generally careless when it comes to running your life in an orderly way.

Chaos has ruled you for so long that something like 'normalcy' must seem to you as a terribly boring state of being. That's where things change up, this month - this 'normal' that you reject? It's exactly what you need, and what you'll be creating for yourself. After all - what is normal?

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Eight of Pentacles, reversed

This is a month that is going to present you with two distinct feelings. One is that, financially, you're a mess, and two, creatively and spiritually - you're on top of the world.

It's a real face-to-face comparison game here, and the two keep canceling each other out. On one hand, you really want to trust your gut and live your life according to your own set of spiritual rules, and on the other hand, you keep missing golden opportunities to make money and/or work.

You can't justify either situation, as it's hard to live a spiritual life without the cash money to support that kind of lifestyle, and you can't do a job that you feel sucks your soul right out of your body.

Here's the month that presents the idea of compromise to you, Cancer. All artists need the money to buy their pencils - and like those artists, it's time for you to come to this realization as well: you can't beat the system, I'm sorry to say. Rebellion will only prolong the fact that you have to work in order to have what you want. July is about a hard lesson in reality.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22): Knight of Wands

There must be something in the air that's pushing us all back to work - as if we ever stopped, and yet, here we are again, looking at a card meant for Leo that implies it's all about work, work, work. Have you been putting this off, Leo? Because July is not having any of that - and apparently, the cards know this about you, too.

Have you been slacking? Maybe taking a little too much time off? Yeah, it would appear that way. Still, this card is about the work and the dedication, and it also implies that this is what is going on now - not in the future. So, it would seem that during July, you get an opportunity that is going to turn into a massive project which will continuously require your help.

This is a card of fairness, however, and this means you'll be paid well - as long as your work is on point, which it will be. July is about preparing for August and beyond. It is also the card of work well done.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Six of Wands, reversed

Looks like you're not exempt when it comes to working tribulations for July. What's going on in your case is that you made a mistake with something work-related - but it's not a task or an expectation. It's more along the lines of thinking you were there for a reason that turns out to be an entirely different reason than you thought.

Which, in this case, means that you will probably be asked to do something for your job that is completely NOT what you want to do. It's not inappropriate or even negative - it's just not 'you' and taking on a role that is clearly made for someone else may start to bug you, incessantly.

You might be filling in for someone temporarily, and as you do your work, you'll notice that this state of impermanence is becoming...permanent. Say for instance you've been hired for an executive position, but you are asked to answer phones all day...it's that kind of thing. You'll be doing work that you are not cut out for, during July.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22): Four of Cups, reversed

This July is going to test you - and unfortunately, that test is going to be in the love department. It looks like you've been waiting on the attention of someone.

You want them to notice you. Hell, you want them to love you, but you really haven't done much in the way of signaling for their attention. It's as if you're being passive-aggressive about the way you go after love; you don't. You just wait for it to come to you. The card is a warning: Open your mouth and speak up.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. It's fantastic that you have the kind of confidence to think everything will come to you if it's meant to be, but how will know if someone is meant to be or not if you don't reach out and let them know you're there - and you're real. If you are in love, then take it seriously, Libra, and do something about it.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): The Hierophant

Finally, someone who's on the move here - and that would be you, Scorpio. This month is going to be completely kick-ass, and that's because you are in your element now. You managed to take control back - at work, at home, at play - and holy smokes does control work well on you.

It even makes you look better and feel more attractive. The Hierophant holds the keys, and you're the one in charge now. Upright and stable, this card tells everyone around to back off. You like being in the position of power, and July's got that for you in spades.

This is a good month for you to do some power-grabbing too - take advantage of situations that might do well with your assistance, and watch how your involvement will not only make you more money, it will establish you as the true boss.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is one of those very strong symbols, as are most Ace cards. The Ace, being the number one card here, represents the ultimate strength within the suit of Swords.

This month is going to be heavily influenced by the meaning of the Swords, which is defiance, decision making, keen attention, fearlessness, and the ability to rise above adversity.

Your month will be one where you fight for the right to be who you are. You will face adversity as well - but it won't sway you. You are determined and sober in your thinking - you play the long game because you are not tempted to fail.

You are consistent this month because you know what you want and nothing will stand in your way. This doesn't make you pushy, it makes you honest, filled with integrity. Expect this month to be both hard to manage, and filled with victory.

You are the one who creates the victory here, and you'll do whatever is needed for however long it takes.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Queen of Wands

It always makes sense when Capricorn draws a Queen, and even more sense when it's the Queen of Wands. If there were a corresponding suit for Capricorn, it would naturally be the suit of Wands, as this suit directly related to work, work ethic, ambition, and creative drive.

As the Queen, you rule the month. July is yours and all goes exactly as you wish. You can't say that for June, as you were tested beyond your means during that time. Yet, July is the turnaround you had hoped for.

But in Capricorn's world, there is no hoping for something without your amazing effort in making it so. You are a doer, not a witness - you participate in your own story, and July is going to have you doing what you do best: working hard with complete focus. You like to run your life and business smoothly, and you will have that chance this month.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): The Fool, reversed

When we receive The Fool as our chosen card, we pause to consider just how awkward that might make us feel. Are we The Fool? Are we that blatantly foolish that we've picked this as our representative? Might be - but what if we pick that card in reverse?

The Fool, reversed is a double whammy of chaotic foolishness and the way that works is like this: you think you're doing the right thing and you end up fighting very hard to protect the rightness of this thing...until you realize you've been protecting the wrong thing all this time.

And that is what's going down in July for you, Aquarius. You are going to show the world that you believe in something, while that which you believe in is going to show the world that it doesn't believe in you. Watch your back in love and romance - you are looking at painful vulnerability. It is advised for you to open your eyes and look at the truth.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10): Ten of Cups, reversed

Oh boy. Just as soon as you throw the finest card in the deck, you see that it's reversed, which really messes with all that fineness. What we're looking at here is a month of great expectation and little to show for it.

There's a good chance that this is family-oriented, perhaps a gathering that you've been looking forward to that has to be canceled or postponed for another month.

This cancellation can put you in a funk for the entire month if you don't nip it in the bud. What's best for you this month, is to understand that we're still dealing with the after-effects of a pandemic and despite our best efforts, we can't always travel, make plans, do 'all the things' we wish.

Not yet. We will, but not yet. One of the good parts about getting this card is that, even if things aren't working out the way you wanted, there is no lack of love here. You are loved, respected, and honored by your family and friends.

OK, so your big plans for a get-together this month don't work out - you'll live. In fact, everyone will.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching, and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.