Weekly Love Horoscope For May 24th To May 30th, 2021

It’s time for our dharma to choose us.

Weekly Love Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs, May 24 - 30, 2021

It’s time for our dharma to choose us, and that's the key theme for all zodiac signs and this week's weekly love horoscope for May 24 through May 30, 2021.

Dharma is a Buddhist word for truth and our soul’s ultimate purpose.

Around the times of eclipses, we have the opportunity to meet this dharma, and sometimes it’s about slowing down enough so that our dharma can choose us.

What does your weekly love horoscope have in store for your zodiac sign?

This is an incredibly auspicious week that seems to be flying under the radar for most.


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With the Grand Water Trine occurring just a day before this is no ordinary Eclipse, but rather one of those moments in life which we see are about something bigger than just our humanity.

For many of us since we saw Saturn move into Aquarius for the first time last summer, we’ve felt the pull to our soul, or more likely the inability to ignore it.


As we have moved through the necessary steps of astrology this year that dharmic call of our soul has begun to become louder.

And now it seems, there’s no ignoring the truth of it.

Eclipses always represent times of extreme and sudden change, yet this one, in particular, is going to operate more potently.

Officially we entered Eclipse Season two weeks ago with the New Moon in Taurus, but now we’re going to be well within the rabbit hole that opens between the Lunar and Solar Eclipses.

A two-week time period between moon phases that is akin to Alice in Wonderland we often find that we end up somewhere completely different than where we expected, but that it’s even more wonderful than we could have imagined.


This two-week rabbit hole will see Mercury turn Retrograde and Venus enter into Cancer turning our love focus towards strong, stable, and home orientated.

Gone are the trysts and the casual flirting. We want someone that we can come home to now and when we’re ninety.

Anything can happen and with Saturn Retrograde already having begun and Jupiter not being far behind, there is a definitive air of we’ve waited long enough to answer the call of our souls.

It may not be easy to be who we truly are. It may not be convenient to follow our hearts and love who they beat for, but the one thing that we’ve learned is by ignoring the call of the soul we’re not really living.


And now we’re no longer afraid of living life wide open; what terrifies us the most is never taking a chance to.

So, this is the week that it all comes down to, that is what matters, and that we’re finally going to come face to face with our soul’s dharma.

Week love horoscope, planetary transits, and astrology forecast for the week of May 24-30, 2021:

Tuesday, May 25th

Grand Water Trine, An alignment of the Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces which is an omen of great fortune and abundance.

This transit increases emotional intelligence, intuition, and creativity.

Expect this is to lay the groundwork for a beautiful, possibly life-changing few days in your relationship. Good news and sudden breakthroughs will be bountiful.


Wednesday, May 26th

Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Supermoon in Sagittarius, Eclipses represent times of sudden changes and lunar eclipses are all about our inner world.

This is how we think, how we feel, how we internally operate, which can either help or hinder our growth and experience in this life.

With it being a total eclipse, it means there are some surprises lingering around the corner.

In Sagittarius, we’re talking about philosophy, spirituality, and the greater meaning of not just life, but in what we’re planning for our future.

Expect this to provide a strong basis for change in relationships, longtime blocks will be lifted, and we’ll be feeling positive about the future.


Saturday, May 29th

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, The next three weeks, directly within that Eclipse Portal are about reviewing information, reviewing previous agreements, decisions, and communications.

While it’s discouraged to start anything during Mercury RX, that’s only because if done so it’s a guarantee that they will change but it’s a perfect time to revisit previous choices.

Gemini is an air sign that favors communication and activity so expect to feel expressive in your words and have the actions to back it up in your relationships.

Weekly love horoscope for all zodiac signs starting May 24 to May 30, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

It’s the ending of an era even if you’re not aware of it yet.


Focus on how hard you’re working to keep things going or in your life and then be prepared to let go.

You can’t make a relationship work if the other person doesn’t or doesn’t first admit that it’s not working, which is more likely the issue.

Maybe the whole 'it’s not you, it’s me' is played out, but that doesn’t stop it from being true this week. You may have a rough couple of weeks, but the change is happening for a reason, trust it.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

There’s no such thing as too much love.

That also means don’t overthink a great thing and ruin it simply because you’re not used to things going right. In the week ahead you’ll be asked to face all the ways that you unconsciously self-sabotage your happiness in relationships.


And no, just because it’s never worked out before is never the reason it won’t now. Take the real dive into why you may be afraid to be happy and start to allow love to keep you safe, not fear.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Memory lane can be an interesting space to wander around but it doesn’t mean that it’s based in reality.

Whether it’s because no other partner compares to an ex or it’s easier to live in the past than actually admit why the present isn’t what you want, neither leads to a direction to move into for the future.

Sometimes we think we’re ready to move on because we wish we were, not because we truly are.

Try to learn something from that jaunt down memory lane so that you have something solid to begin your next relationship on because a ghost won’t ever be able to love you back.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Home is more than a place, it’s a person but more importantly, it’s a heart that calls you back, again and again, no matter how far you may drift away from yourself.

Learning this frees you to let go of things out of your control. Whether this means that a move is in store or perhaps taking that step to move in with a partner, it’s important to focus on what truly defines home for you. Then put your energy into that.

Yes, the space may matter, maybe even the location but what matters most is who is beside us. Never let anything else get bigger than fact and you’ll always be home.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Passion fuels you, but sometimes even you go too far. This can especially be true if you’re spreading yourself out too far or across too many multiple love interests.


Everyone has their own unique magick and no two (or three) loves will ever be the same, but the more focused your fire is, the hotter it will be.

And in case you need the reminder, it’s not your job to protect anyone's feelings. As you move through this week you will be asked to make decisions and choices because it's time certain people are eclipsed from your life.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Magick is something that we create, but it can also be grown. While in relationships that certain spark usually is there or not, there are ways to help it continue to burn so it never dies. The secret is truth.

When we speak, live, and embody our truth we create a portal of magick because we’re not having to be someone we’re not.


We’re not trying to keep storylines going that have already died or do one single thing that doesn’t resonate with our soul as a definable “Yes!”.

As they enter the rabbit hole this week, consider where you can speak or live your truth more authentically and then get ready for the magick to flow back in.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The reality that no one owes you anything, not even closure, can be a hard pill to swallow, but by chasing what we’re not receiving we’re also holding up from receiving anything. To know our worth is to determine what is worth our energy and what isn’t.

While we are all worthy of transparency, open conversation, and closure of an issue or relationship-what isn’t freely given isn’t given at all.


We don’t need to barter or beg for an apology, an explanation, or even love.

Go where it’s given so that you may actually fully receive and remember someone’s inability to step up to your line in the sand isn’t about you, but them.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

New beginnings are pretty amazing, but it doesn’t mean that’s all they are.

You are in a cycle of rebirth and coming into a new phase of life that is so vastly different from anything you ever experienced it may feel like work every step of the way.

This is good. This is what happens when we truly have our actions and words aligned.

This process will continue to unravel and develop until the next Eclipse in November. Don’t rush the process or even the discomfort that you feel.


Just like the growing pangs we move through as adolescents, so do we as adults and none is more uncomfortable than that of our heart when it outgrows the love it no longer needs.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Big dreams require big plans. Sometimes that means we need to stop, strategize and be willing to re-plan if necessary. That’s why it’s often that we don’t have to change the dream but the plan to achieve it.

The other piece is though, sometimes we need to change our teammates too, especially if we realize we’re dreaming two different dreams.


This is the most significant factor in relationships that we often overlook because we assume or believe that the other will change.

As this eclipse moves through your sign, remember it’s not just the plan to make your dreams a reality that matters but the person you’re planning with. Adjust accordingly.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Brace yourself because when the mountain falls you don’t want to be trapped underneath.

No one wants catastrophe to be the catalyst of change but sometimes it’s the only way.

If you refuse to change your life, to see the truth of your own relationship then the universe will always step in.

When that happens though, we’re no longer given a choice.


This may be the week of truth as the universe steps in and makes a decision you’ve been reluctant or too blind to make.

If your relationship isn’t the place you want to rush to at the end of the day if it doesn’t bring you more peace than problems, then maybe it’s not the relationship for you.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

It’s not selfish to step back and reclaim your peace. Even if others accuse you of detaching emotionally or taking the easy way out, your peace is always something worthy to protect.

If your relationship has been taking more energy than it’s been giving, then it’s always okay to take that step back and recharge.


This doesn’t mean that you have to break up or that you’re in a bad space, it only means that misalignment has occurred and that in order to show up as the self you need to be to work on it, you first need to slide back and reclaim your peace.

This is another form of self-care, and it actually will enable you to move your relationship to that next level.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Ready or not, it’s here. Well, you know that you’re ready, at least as you can be. And as far as this moment finally having arrived? It's one that has been in the works for years, if not lifetimes. The most important thing you can do now is not stepping back.

Stay close to the line. Keep your eyes fixed on the horizon, speak your truth, show your heart and remember there is no such thing as being too vulnerable.


Only those brave enough to say what they need or want actually receive it and while so much is changing now, just wait, because by the next eclipse your life will be unrecognizable, and you couldn’t be happier about it. The real glow-up is growth.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. As a spiritual intuitive, she practices the religion of astrology and love. For more of her work, visit her website.