Your Tarot Horoscope For March 1-31, 2021, By Zodiac Sign

Work for what you want.

Your Tarot Horoscope For March 1-31, 2021, By Zodiac Sign

The Tarot never lies, that's why it's crucial for the card-reader/interpreter to mine the gold right out of that spread and let us know what's really going on.

There seems to be a theme going on this March when it comes to the Tarot, and that theme is "Work hard, stay on point."

Sounds easy enough, but when the concept is repeated through all the signs of the zodiac, it becomes bigger than just a hint; it's a warning to us all.


So, what does your tarot horoscope for March 2021 reveal for all zodiac signs?

Warnings aren't negative, in fact, they're just stepping stones to the positive - if we choose to pay attention to the signs around us and actually do something about them.

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There's a clear feeling here that, come March, we're all in for a little 'wake up call' on the work front.

In a way, it makes sense; so many of us have had either no work or have had our work compromised. We're in limbo, even financial terror - but there is hope, and it is completely reliant upon personal effort.

If we plant the seed, we get the fruit. That's all. If we let our garden go to seed, we live in ruin and despair. March is about making sense of our lives, doing the right thing, and growing up.

Yeah, yeah, no one likes to be told to 'grow up' but the Tarot is telling us that in symbolism and allegory. Grow up, take responsibility, and make the best out of your life - especially if you want to be good to others.


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Here's what your tarot horoscope has in store for you for March 1-31, 2021, by zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Two of Pentacles

This month is going to have you making a rather big decision - an important one, at that. It's a decision that deals with money and investment.

You will start the month out thinking about it, and it will take very little time for you to come to terms with the idea that it's now or never - you need to decide.

You can avoid arguments with others by setting your plan in motion, right at the top of the month, as this decision concerns the welfare of others. There's a good chance this is family-oriented, and that the main concern for you this month is how to divide things evenly and fairly.


While the brunt of it falls on your shoulders, you won't be alone in your decision-making efforts. You will also be experiencing some mild disappointments - no shows and missed appointments are part of your first and second week, during March.

Your best bet is to recognize that compromise is at the heart of all your March efforts, and though you are not one to compromise, you are going to have to - several times - during this month.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Page of Wands, reversed

During the month, you will experience a playful, youthful energy. As this card is reversed, the energy that it represents is also reversed, and that means that your actions, though fun and playful, may end up being foolish and possibly dangerous.

You may suddenly get an idea - something purely impulse with no may move to enact this idea, which in turn will backfire on you and leave you in an entirely different situation than the one you intended for.


You need to think before you move, this month, Taurus. Spur of the moment thinking isn't part of the plan - not this month, in fact, you'd be best to think before you act on just about everything you do.

This card shows that you have everything you need to move forward in life and that you should not ignore what you've learned. The key to your success this month is in the planning, not in the impulsive leap into the unknown.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Ten of Swords

This card can be interpreted in any number of ways, but rarely is it considered a 'happy' card. While it's not necessarily a 'bad luck' card, it certainly comes with its warnings, the first of which is about health and carelessness.

You are not invulnerable, nor should you ever think you are; perhaps you are bored of masks, or someone fortunate enough to have gotten both your vaccines, and you now think the virus can't hurt you.


But it can...and you can spread it. This card is specific; it's about disease and illness. It's about bad dreams and violence - all of which can be avoided if you take care and understand that vigilance is exactly what you need to maintain and that at this point in history, there is no room for chance when it comes to health and healthy choices. Do the right thing this month and respect yourself. It's the only way you can show respect to others.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Eight of Swords

It's about to be the kind of month that never seems to let you do what you want to do. This is mainly due to an amount of work you never tended to, in previous months.

You've been putting off work that you deem unimportant, and even though it may not be a priority - it's important enough to demand your attention, and it is during this month, March, that you will be heeding to that which you've ignored.

It's a personal lesson for you, as well: things accumulate, whether you think about them or not, and at some point, you're just going to drown in papers, notes, assignments, tasks...all things that need your focus - not your distraction.


If you've been ignoring a certain person or persons - they will make themselves known this month, and you will have to face a confrontation.

Try to carry the lessons learned this month on to the next months, as you will only end up repeating the same miserable pattern again and again if you don't learn from your mistakes.

Leo (July 23 - August 22): Six of Wands, reversed

You are either conscious of a lie that was told to you - or, you are the one who told this lie, and this lie - this fabrication of deceit is something you fully intend to bury this month.

It's as if you can't face something - and it's knocking on your door, right now, demanding that you pay attention. Still, this month is going to be all about pretending something doesn't exist.


You'll go on your merry way, letting everyone in your life think you're the happy-go-lucky Leo, while inside, you have a secret that you have no intentions of letting out of the bag.

This can cause you to stress, and you will feel it during the first week. You are not one to hold on to emotion and you do not like to withhold on communication, especially with a loved one.

But March is here to bring the burden of mystery to you, and it comes in the form of a lie or a secret - one that you are smack dab in the center of.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Queen of Swords

You are at the center of your power this month, Virgo, as it just doesn't get any more 'Virgo' than the Queen of Swords. Ruthless, critical, judgmental and all the right ways.


That's you, Virgo, and during the month you are going to come across several chances to defend yourself and put others in their respective places. You'll be feeling very strong and secure this month...even the things that usually bother you are now things that you can use to bolster your fierce attitude towards those who really try to take your peace down.

It's just not coming down this month, and you can't help but feel that victorious feeling - much like royalty. You are the ruler here, and no one is going to get in your way, and should they even try - they'll back off soon enough once they get a taste of your wrath. And wrath is part of your month. Let's just say, during March of 2021 - you're just 'not in the mood.'

Libra (September 23 - October 22): Six of Cups

Well, at least someone's having a good time this month, Libra. Love is in the air, and so is accomplishment. The two of them together spell a fulfilling love affair.

Anticipate romantic dinners and outings...but also know this, your romance may very well be with yourself. Self-love is prevalent for you in March, and that is nothing to scoff at.


You've worked long and hard to get to the place in your life where things don't automatically get to you; you've developed into quite a stable person - must be that Libra 'balancing scales' thing, eh? Nonetheless, if you're not partnered, then you will find solace in your own company.

You know who you are and who you have grown into being; that took a lifetime's worth of work, and you're not about to let go of that confidence any time soon.

March will make a very attractive figure out of you, as your confidence and self-esteem will also act as a magnet to attract the attention of other people.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Four of Wands, reversed

During the month of March, you will be presented with the idea that whatever you want - you can have, if you put in the effort and make the right moves at the right time.


However, this card, the Four of Wands implies that you, personally, tend to hover towards the dark side of things and that doesn't always work out for you, even if you do end up feeling like the rebel warrior.

While it would never be in your interest to compromise or play by the rules, it's also a wise idea to at least consider doing certain things by the book so as to not get yourself in dire trouble.

This card represents opportunity coming from nowhere and everywhere - but it is undirected and thus it can be confusing to you. All that opportunity, but nothing specific; you'll need to make a decision and soon. Try not to be automatically seduced by the darkness as there are opportunities that await, in the light.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Two of Wands, reversed

For the first time in a long time, you will be considering a new plan - something completely unanticipated. This could be a sudden desire to travel - or to change locations altogether.


And yes, this may end up being an impulsive move, but isn't that just the Sagittarius way? You've always lived in a black and white world, and your decision-making works the same way: this....or that. No in-betweens.

March is going to bring you one or two ideas that will stick in your head and live rent-free until you manifest them as reality. You won't be listening to anyone's advice, and perhaps that's for the best, as other people's opinions have never been something you're too interested in anyway. Expect rapid, impulsive changes this month, along with solitary decision-making and keen instincts.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Three of Wands, reversed

As a hard worker, you want to see your efforts bear the right kind of fruit - the last thing you want is to end up spending a ton of time on a project only to watch it fail. While March is not about to bring you a failure, it is going to bring you a few setbacks, when it comes to working.


There are people you work with who simply cannot get on board with the right kind of thinking for success, and they are seriously dragging things down - if you are the Capricorn in a position of authority, you may be letting one or two of your workers go this month.

It won't feel great, but it will be necessary. March is your Spring, and you see it as a new beginning; you can't have naysayers and ne'er-do-wells destroying all of your well-laid plans.

Do what you must do and don't look back, Capricorn. You recognize the importance of your actions; do them without regret.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): King of Cups, reversed

Someone is not who they seem to be. Now that really does sound like a bad fortune cookie, alas, it's your truth for the month of March. There is someone in your life that you've come to trust, however, they are not telling you the whole truth.


What's good is that when they eventually do let it all out, it won't be that bad. What's infuriating is that they are way too fearful of telling their truth so they keep it in, and this, in turn, sets your imagination on fire.

What could they be up to? What is their secret? What kind of insanity did I get myself into?

You'll ask so many questions this month that you'll drive yourself crazy. The big lesson of the month is about communication. Speak the truth, live in the truth. If you live in the truth, you'll never have to keep an account of your lies - like that person in your life has to.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10): Ten of Wands

And now, the door opens, and in you walk. Opportunity knocked and you gladly said, "Welcome." It's a good month for you, Pisces, as you are feeling braver than usual.


It might just be a matter of getting up the nerve to instill change in your life - you can't stand another minute of inertia. You need change and you know you're the only one who can bring it on.

You see a situation before you that could go both ways, good or bad. You choose to see it as good, and therefore, you manifest it as good - and it is good Pisces.

Closed doors only look like doors waiting for you to open, to you. Your positivity is what's going to bring on the manifestations this month. Good attitude begets good living, and that is what you'll be experiencing.

During the second week of March, you might expect to see a new job opportunity or a surprisingly good raise in pay. Stride on in, friend - it's all good in the March hood.


Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.