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Is JoJo Siwa Gay? Why Fans Think The ‘Dance Moms’ Star Came Out In A Series Of TikTok Videos

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JoJo Siwa

Teen internet sensation JoJo Siwa is known for her bubbly and fun personality, and since she rose to fame on Dance Moms in 2015, she’s become one of the most influential young women in the country. 

It’s no secret that the 17 year old — whose real name is Joelle Joanie Siwa — has amassed a large social media following ever since skyrocketing to A-list celeb stardom. 

In fact, she has 10 million followers on Instagram, boasts over 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and has over 31 million followers and 1.1 billion likes on TikTok.

On Jan. 20, Siwa took to TikTok to post a video of herself lip-syncing to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” and her video has fans and social media users alike all asking the same question:

Is JoJo Siwa gay?

Here’s why fans think the YouTube star came out in a series of TikTok videos.

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JoJo Siwa’s TikTok video of her singing to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” has over 3 million likes.

In the clip, Siwa mouths the following lyrics from Gaga’s song:

“No matter gay, straight, or bi
Lesbian, transgender life
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to survive
No matter black, white, or beige
Chola or orient made
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to be brave!”

Fans immediately began questioning what the intent of the video was, and some fans believe this was Siwa’s way of coming out to the world. 

“IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU,” makeup guru and fellow social media star James Charles commented, while a fan wrote, “I hope this is what we think it is. SO PROUD OF YOU.”

More TikTok users echoed those sentiments, with many of the comments reading, “Welcome the family JoJo,” and a plethora of her fans telling her “I love you!”

Siwa also appeared in a video featuring members of The Pride House, where she’s dancing and lip-syncing to Paramore’s certified bop, “Ain’t It Fun.”

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In the video, the TikTok stars are mouthing the lyrics, “Ain’t it fun, ain’t it fun?” while JoJo lip-syncs the lyrics, “Baby, now you’re one of us.” 

The latter lyric sparked further speculation that this was JoJo’s way of coming out. 

“YES JOJO MWUAH SO PROUD OF U,” one Twitter user wrote, while another said, “I knew you could be trusted.”

JoJo's brother Jayden, seemingly confirmed that Siwa came out, writing in a comment, "So happy for you JoJo!!! Love you!"

While social media users were quick to jump on the “JoJo came out” bandwagon, other TikTok users weren’t so sure this was Siwa’s way of coming out to the world. 

“Imagine if this is her way of support and y’all are taking it the wrong way,” one fan wrote, while another said, “Why is everyone assuming she came out tho? What if sis is just vibin to Lady Gaga.”

And they make a great point — JoJo could very well just be showing her support for the LGBTQ+ community, and letting her millions of followers across her social media channels know that she stands by and supports the community. 

JoJo Siwa went public with her boyfriend, Mark Bontempo, in August 2020. 

After speculation from fans for some time, JoJo Siwa went public with her relationship with Mark Bontempo in August 2020 after she confirmed their romance on an episode of her mom’s podcast, Success with Jess.

“Do I have any secrets? Yes. Actually the other day I was priding myself on how honest I am with the world and how I have no secrets,” she revealed at the time.  “And then I was like, 'Um, but what about a few of my things?' A couple of secrets…” to which her mom asked, “Your boyfriend?”

JoJo then said, "He's amazing and I couldn't have imagined anyone better.”

However, their relationship was short-lived, and Siwa took to Instagram on Nov. 15 to share that she and Bontempo had decided to call it quits after a few months of publicly dating. 

"...Mark doesn't deserve hateful things like this. He deserves to have people support him. You have NO idea about mark and I's relationship. how much fun it was. how happy we both were, and how happy we both are. We decided it's best for us to not be in a relationship.... that's all,” she wrote.

"We're teenagers,” she added. “And our relationship didn't work out right now. He did nothing. I did nothing. Just better being friends. Relax."

So while it looks like JoJo Siwa is definitely single, there’s no confirmation that her TikTok video was her way of coming out to her fans and the rest of the world.

And although she retweeted a fan who posted her original TikTok vid with the caption, "@itsjojosiwa is on the right track, she was born this way [two hearts]," — it’s all speculation until Siwa herself officially comments on the matter.

Coming out doesn’t have to make you feel isolated or alone. There are supportive, safe spaces for those who come out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, including Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, and resources available on the GLAAD website

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