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Who Is Mark Bontempo? Details About Jojo Siwa's New Boyfriend

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Jojo Siwa

After months and months of speculation, Disney star Jojo Siwa finally introduced her boyfriend, Mark Bontempo, to her fans (and the rest of the world). So, who exactly is Jojo Siwa's boyfriend?

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1. Mark Bontempo is a rising TikTok star.

Mark has over 150,000 followers on TikTok, which, in comparison to Jojo, seems like a small following. However, Mark only has two videos uploaded on his profile, and after Jojo Siwa’s surprise announcement about their relationship, his following will most likely continue to increase, as fans want to know more about their relationship.

Jojo Siwa confirmed their relationship in the most Gen Z way possible: on the social media platform. The former Dance Moms star uploaded a video to her TikTok channel in which she and mark wore each other’s clothes and danced to Mozzy’s “Famous (I’m the One).” She captioned the video, “Meet Mark :),” which obviously threw fans into a tailspin.

2. He’s the little brother of another TikTok star, Madison Bontempo.

If Mark’s last name sounds familiar, it’s because it is! He is the younger brother of YouTube and TikTok star Madison Bontempo, who is famous for her YouTube videos that give an insight to her family life. 

3. He plays guitar. 

Not only does Mark show off his wicked dance moves on TikTok, he also plays guitar and sings. Mark even has an entire instagram account dedicated to his music, and he’s actually really talented.


A post shared by Mark Bontempo (@marks__music) on Jul 21, 2019 at 10:54pm PDT

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4. He may have been dating Jojo Siwa for longer than previously thought.

Although Jojo Siwa just confirmed that she and Mark Bontempo were an item in August of 2020, fans speculated that the pair have been together for much longer based on a few of Jojo’s interviews and podcast episodes from earlier this year.

During an episode of her mother’s podcast, Success with Jess, the 17-year-old dancer and actress opened up about keeping certain aspects of her life private — including her relationship.

"Do I have any secrets? Yes. Actually the other day I was priding myself on how honest I am with the world and how I have no secrets,” she admitted.  “And then I was like, 'Um, but what about a few of my things?' A couple of secrets…” to which her mom asked, “Your boyfriend?”

Jojo then said, "He's amazing and I couldn't have imagined anyone better.”

5. He’s a huge family guy.

Although Mark doesn’t post on his Instagram account nearly as often as Jojo Siwa does, the rising social media star clearly loves his friends and family, as most of his pics are of them. 

He’s an uncle to his sister Madison’s 4-year-old identical twins, Tatum and Oakley Fisher, as well as their youngest daughter, Halston. He will soon be an uncle to another nephew, Oliver Rhett Fisher, who is arriving in August. 

Mark has another sister, Marissa, who has two boys, Milo and Henry. He also has another sister, MacKenzie, and a brother. 

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