What Jojo Siwa's Hair Looks Like Without Her Signature Ponytail And Bow

This is blowing our minds.

What Does JoJo Siwa Look Like Without Her Ponytail? Youtube Personality Finally Reveals Natural Hair

For as long as we've known JoJo Siwa — from Dance Moms to YouTube and beyond — she's never been without her signature high ponytail and a giant bow. But could that all be about to change?

In a recent TikTok video, Siwa let her hair down, and she instantly became practically unrecognizable without her trademark style.

So what does JoJo Siwa look like without her ponytail?

The time has come to find out.


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Siwa's been all about the ponytail for years now.



A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) on Mar 31, 2020 at 4:12pm PDT

Siwa has built an entire brand on dressing in bright colors, wearing her hair in a side ponytail, and always accessorizing with a big bow. It's part of what makes her so recognizable — and it ended up helping her build an empire. Now, there are Siwa-branded bows that girls all over the world wear to look just like her ... but what would happen if she took her down for a change?


She took her hair down in a new TikTok video.

In a new video she shared on TikTok earlier this week, Siwa shows off a few different outfits (including lots of sparkles and bright rainbow colors, as per her style trademark) and at the very end, she lets her ponytail down, letting fans have a quick glimpse of her with wavy hair down around her shoulders. It's a totally different look for her, and already, more than two million people have watched the video.

Fans are losing their minds.


Twitter has totally blown up with fans reacting to Siwa's hairstyle change, and it seems to be blowing people's minds (in a good way).

"Just watched a tik tok of JoJo Siwa transforming into wearing black and taking down that damn ponytail. Her Miley Cyrus moment is coming," said one tweet, while another Twitter user chimed in, "JoJo Siwa finally took her bow off and her ponytail down ...s he can now defeat Thanos."

This isn't the first time she's been seen with her hair down.

A couple of years ago, Siwa shared a YouTube tutorial about how to do her hair in a side ponytail, and yes, the beginning of the video showed Siwa with her hair down and straight... since that's how the style had to begin. According to the dancer herself, it requires a Wet Brush and a lot of Aussie hairspray (plus a bow to top it all off at the end) to achieve her look. 


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She always wears a ponytail because wearing her hair down doesn't make her feel like herself.

In a 2018 interview, Siwa shared why she loves wearing her hair in a side ponytail so much.

“I feel more confident with my hair up. I wear my hair up all the time because I don’t like it down I just really hate having it on my neck, so that’s why I always pull it into a ponytail,” she said in a print issue of J-14.  “That’s how I look at home too. I wear bows and my hair up, no matter if I’m performing or not. To me bows are more than just another hair accessory. They are a symbol of power and confidence and they make me feel good. I just don’t feel right if my hair’s not up with a bow. With it down, I look so much different and I don’t feel like me.”


It doesn't seem like this is a permanent hairstyle change, though.



A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) on Apr 21, 2020 at 7:05pm PDT

On Siwa's Instagram, she's gone right back to wearing her ponytail and if it's as important to her as she's said it is in the past, we don't see that changing soon — though maybe the older she gets, the more her look will evolve. In the end, we'll just have to wait and see, but she does look gorgeous with her hair down for sure.


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