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Who Is JoJo Siwa's Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Elliot Brown

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Who Is JoJo Siwa's Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Elliot Brown

This very popular YouTube star may officially be in a relationship — with a college football player.

Rumors about JoJo Siwa dating Elliott Brown have been real lately, and it seems like Siwa may have actually confirmed that they're together for real. 

So is Jojo Siwa dating Elliott Brown, or are they just friends? And who is Elliot Brown, Jojo Siwa's boyfriend? Here's everything we know about this potential relationship so far.

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1. Brown has been making appearances on Siwa's Instagram account recently. 


A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) on Feb 24, 2020 at 2:05pm PST

Last week, Siwa shared a photo of her and Brown hanging out in her house in Los Angeles — and he was even willing to wear a pair of sparkly high tops to coordinate with the YouTuber.

"Twinning for the win!! E didn’t have shoes that matched his outfit so i made him wear some fancy sparkly high tops!" Siwa wrote in her caption. "I’d say we look pretty cool." 

2. Then, on March 1, she posted a TikTok seemingly confirming their relationship. 


A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) on Mar 1, 2020 at 7:00pm PST

In the video, Siwa and Brown performed what seemed to be a secret handshake at a crosswalk as "Don't Touch This" played, and she even said it took them so many times to get it right that they ended up missing the walk signal three times. Of course, there's nothing overtly romantic about this video but being that Brown has been spending at least a week with Siwa, seeing more footage of the two of them together have fans convinced that they're dating.

3. Brown's also been sharing photos with Siwa on his Instagram. 

Brown shared photos with Siwa from when they were hanging out by the piano at her house, including the sparkly high tops. He wrote, "So blessed... had such an amazing time out in Cali with everyone," and added a red heart emoji... which could be a bit telling in itself.

However, this seems to be the first time that he's shared a photo with Siwa, so if they are dating, it's still very new — or they've been keeping it under wraps for awhile. 

4. Who is Elliott Brown, Jojo Siwa's boyfriend? They're both from Nebraska.

Though Siwa now lives in California, it would make sense that Siwa and Brown would have met or managed to connect through people in their hometown. Though Siwa is now 16 years old, Brown is a senior in high school, and recently committed to playing football at Nebraska University next fall. If they continue to date, it looks like they'll have to make things work long distance, especially since Siwa frequently travels on tour.

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5. Twitter is having a big reaction to the news.

After the TikTok video went live, fans took to Twitter to react to the news, making Siwa's name trend on Sunday night. While some fans simply wanted to share how happy they were for her, others were having trouble coping with the fact that Siwa is in a relationship while they are still single.

"How the f*ck does JoJo Siwa have a whole ass boyfriend and I can’t get a text back," one person tweeted. Ouch.

6. Is Jojo Siwa dating Elliott Brown? At this point, all signs seem to be saying yes.

So far, neither half of this couple has confirmed or denied their relationship (at least, not in so many words) but given all the social media evidence, it seems safe to assume that something's going on ... or they're just really close friends.

Either way, hopefully, time will tell what's going on for sure. Spill the dirt, Siwa! 

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