What Is Instagram Face — And Which Celebrities Have It?

When you see it, you'll know.

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You may see certain celebrities rocking their “Instagram face” all over your feed, but you may not even realize it. 

We as a society have grown so accustomed to altered images, altered facial features, and more, that the line between what's real and what's not has been blurred for quite some time now. 

And thanks to the omnipresent stream of celebrity images on social media, Instagram face has been making its way into the mainstream media since the social media and technology boom a decade ago.


What is Instagram face — and which celebrities have it?

Instagram face is when you get a lot of plastic surgery that consists of cheek implants, lip fillers, an over chiseled jawline, and much more.  

Writer Jia Tolentino described it as “a single, cyborgian face.”

She adds, “It’s a young face, of course, with poreless skin and plump, high cheekbones … It looks at you coyly but blankly, as if its owner has taken half a Klonopin and is considering asking you for a private-jet ride to Coachella.”

It is a very common look, so let’s dive into who has it. 

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The Weeknd showed off his new Instagram face for a music video.

The Weeknd recently released his new music video for “Save Your Tears.” He is sporting the same look he has in the past, wearing a red blazer and black leather gloves. However, there is something different this time, because his face looks like it went through heavy plastic surgery. 

It has caused a lot of speculation over whether or not he actually got plastic surgery.

What makes people question the legitimacy of it is the fact that he has been wearing gauze on his face for a lot of his past performances. The Weeknd even arrived at the American Music Awards with most of his head covered. 

Although, it turns out that he just has some realistic prosthetics done by Prosthetic Renaissance. He might like the way it looks, though, and end up actually getting his face done in the near future. We'll have to see. 


Kim Kardashian is at the top of the list. 

Celebrity makeup artist, Colby Smith, describes Kim Kardashian as being “patient zero.” Smith continues, “Ultimately, the goal is always to look like Kim.”

A notable plastic surgeon named Dr. Jason Diamond said, “Kim is far and away the most highly requested face — there is not even a close second. Kim has an amazing face. That’s a big part of the reason why she is who she is. Kim’s angularity to her cheeks are better than almost anyone’s on the planet — the neck and chin and the way they come together. The contour is better than just about anyone.”

Bella Hadid is another classic example of Instagram face.

Bella Hadid is another poster child for Instagram face. She was also said to be the most beautiful woman in the world according to “science.” However, this was very controversial because people believed that “science” shouldn’t dictate beauty. 


Jia Tolentino observed, “You know, there’s this look — this Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner thing that seems to be spreading.” 

Cara Craig, a high-end New York colorist, explained Hadid’s instagram face as being like “It’s like a sexy . . . baby . . . tiger.”

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Emily Ratajkowski also has Instagram face. 

Model Emily Ratajkowski is known for having an Instagram face as well. She even shows off her stunning looks on her instagram page. However, one of her posts received serious backlash when she spoke about femininity and beauty in her caption. 

When she announced that she is the face of the haircare brand Kerastase, she said, “Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity."

Many users urged her to “change that caption.” She did end up changing the caption and although she is clearly incredibly beautiful, she shouldn’t have stated what factors make someone beautiful.

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner made it a trend. 

Kylie and Kendall Jenner also made Instagram face a huge trend. 


Kylie Jenner made lip fillers gain popularity when she appeared on her reality TV show, Life of Kylie, and opened up about how she wanted to get lip fillers after a boy commented on how small her lips were when she was fifteen years old. 

Colby Smith even remarked that the Jenner sisters encouraged people to get brow lifts.

Smith states, “I think ninety-five per cent of the most-followed people on Instagram use FaceTune, easily. And I would say that ninety-five per cent of these people have also had some sort of cosmetic procedure. You can see things getting trendy — like, everyone’s getting brow lifts via Botox now. Kylie Jenner didn’t used to have that sort of space around her eyelids, but now she does.”

Kendall Jenner also looks very similar to her other model friends, Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid.


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