9 Things To Know About Jamie Stein, The Intuitive Psychic Who Makes Eerily Accurate Predictions About Bravo Shows

Meet Jamie Stein!

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There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned Bravo reality show binge, and that’s a fact.

Between the Real Housewives franchise, Vanderpump Rules, Below Deck: Med, Southern Charm, and other binge-worthy “so bad but so good” shows, Bravo’s supplied viewers with endless amounts of juicy and scandalous content that we’re forever grateful for. 

And in case you were unaware, there’s a man named Jamie Stein who is just as into Bravo as we are, but there’s one tiny difference: he’s an intuitive psychic, and his predictions about the cast members in Bravo’s shows are eerily accurate.


Who is Jamie Stein?

Here are 9 things to know about the intuitive psychic who’s obsessed with Bravo shows and makes eerily accurate predictions about them.

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1. Jamie Stein is an Intuitive/Empath.

On his LinkedIn page, Stein describes himself as an Intuitive/Empath:


“I am an intuitive, empath and Certified Core Energetics Practitioner who helps people clear the unconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs that keep them from manifesting their heart's truest desires.”

2. He’s mentioned in Andy Cohen’s recent New York Times profile.

The Times recently published a profile on the King of Bravo, Andy Cohen, and in it, Stein is mentioned:

“In the waning days of 2020, a man who presents himself as an intuitive psychic on Instagram posited that the Real Housewives series will ‘end up emerging as one of the most evocative living records of these unprecedented times.’ 

The suggestion is so preposterous that you’ll be tempted to dismiss it completely. In a day or two when you realize how deeply right it is, you will laugh in quiet devastation.”

Stein’s mention in the Andy Cohen profile is pretty spot-on. 


Earlier this month, he tweeted, “Watching the rise of Covid/initial lockdown play out on #rhooc, and then watching BLM/protests play out on #rhoa, who would have ever thought that the Real Housewives would end up emerging as one of the most evocative living records of these unprecedented times...?”

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3. He’s a podcast regular.

Stein has appeared on numerous podcasts, including SUP: Sexy Unique Podcast, which is a podcast dedicated to all things Vanderpump Rules, as well as Is This Real Life? and Hot Takes and Deep Dives.

4. He’s opinionated.

Stein isn’t afraid to share his opinion, whether that’s about Vanderpump Rules and Housewives drama, or his takes on important issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement.

5. He’s a dog lover.

If you scroll through Stein’s Instagram, you’ll find a few pics of him with his golden retriever.

Sadly, before the coronavirus pandemic hit, he revealed that he had to say goodbye to his best friend of 16 years. 


6. Jamie Stein is a blogger.

Not only is Stein a Bravo psychic, he’s a blogger, too!

You can check out a few of his blog posts on his website here

7. He has an interesting take on the Housewives franchise and the current climate of the country.

Stein took to Instagram to give his two cents about Bravo and their pledge to be more inclusive after the George Floyd protests swept the nation, and forced a much-needed conversation about amplifying Black voices on the network:

“@bravotv @bravoandy had no problem nationally shaming LeeAnne Locken when the optics looked good and it was an easy stance to take on the RHoD reunion, but where is that same righteousness now when it comes to both the words/actions of other on-air talent and also amplifying the black personalities that have created tons of success and revenue for the network? 

Time for @bravotv to put its time, energy and money where its mouth is and show that such apparent moral righteousness is not only reserved for when it looks good or feels convenient to the narrative of the show.”

8. The Housewives aren’t the only Bravo franchise he’s into.

It’s clear to see that Stein is a fan of Vanderpump Rules as well, as he’s done readings and deep dives on some of the show’s most talked-about cast members, like Jax Taylor.


9. He’s a nature fanatic.

Reality TV aside, Jamie Stein loves to recharge by spending time outside in nature. 

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