New Details About The Tamra Judge/Kelly Dodd 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Feud

Dodd denies the allegations.

New Details About The Tamra Judge/Kelly Dodd Real Housewives Of Orange County Feud instagram

Anyone who watches Bravo knows how intense the drama can get sometimes. But hey, Bravo fans are used to having a serious amount of tea spilled at any given time. And with the success of the Real Housewives franchise — with almost one dozen installments in the U.S. — the drama is now never-ending.

And the first ever installment, the Real Housewives of Orange County, is proof of that. Since the show premiered in 2006, we’ve seen our fair share of privileged, affluent women going after one another in the pettiest of accusations. Who can forget the fall-out of both Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador’s divorces, Vicki Gunvalson’s constant need to stir the pot, or Gretchen Rossi’s relationship with deadbeat Slade?


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But the most recent outrageous drama hasn’t even aired yet!

According to multiple sources, the Tamra Judge/Kelly Dodd feud is just beginning.


The two castmates and former friends had a huge falling out and are now refusing to film with one another. One source even says they “aren’t on talking terms anymore.” Why? Because of some nasty things Judge has allegedly said about Dodd and her family.

Over the weekend, Judge and Beador were spotted filming for the new season, with Judge revealing to Beador that Dodd had pushed her mother down the stairs.

Dodd has denied the allegations, but it has created a rift between the two. One source said, “Kelly has had some issues with her family in the past, but she never pushed her mother down the stairs. Her mother even said that on-camera and Tamra should have known better... Kelly has gotten very comfortable as a cast member and Tamra is finding a lot of holes in Kelly’s storyline right now. Tamra isn’t the same woman that she was and if Kelly needs someone to start a fight with to remain relevant, she picked the wrong broad.”


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This isn’t the first bout of drama for either cast member. Judge was previously in a massive blowout fight with former castmate Jeana Keough, in which Judge threw a glass of wine in Keough’s face after being confronted with spreading rumors about Judge, and denying allegations that Judge’s first husband abused her. Dodd was also involved in an explosive argument with Gunvalson, after she set up Dodd’s ex-husband with a friend.

But it appears that things are now personal and Dodd hasn’t held back from how she really feels. In a post on Instagram, Dodd wrote, “I am so happy to have my family back!! It’s lent and it’s all about forgiveness.. my Mom hates @tamrajudge always told me to be careful!!”


Dodd also said that her mother is considering filing a lawsuit against Judge, though Judge suggested she was just trying to defend Dodd from a false report, saying, “Actually I did not say that she threw her mom down the stairs. I was sticking up for Kelly after someone said that… She should get the facts straight.”



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In a statement to People Magazine, Dodd defended herself, claiming, “Tamra is a known liar. My mom would be happy to go on record and say I never pushed her down the stairs. She actually wants to sue her for this. We had an ongoing disagreement, but it didn’t mean [I] push [sic] her down the stairs.”


It looks like we’ll be in for a long season full of drama, feuds, and down-right dirty name-calling. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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