The Best Advice I Ever Got, According To People On TikTok

Get some great advice.

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With 2021 finally starting anew, a lot of people are reflecting on the past year, which was traumatic for many.

Many folks are looking back at the year — as well as the best advice they ever got — and bringing those good vibes into the New Year. And who knew that the best place to look for life advice is on TikTok? Well, now you know!

What got the TikTok life advice trend going was when user @healthymahmoud posted a video asking, “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?”


In the comments, one user stated, “Someday you’re going to meet someone and they’re going to make you realize that there was nothing wrong with you.”

Another said, “Don’t tell them you plans. Show them your results.”

Then, other TikTok users eventually began posting their own videos sharing advice that they've learned throughout their life.


save someone’s life in the comments

Keep reading to learn the best piece of life advice people ever got:


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Break up your goals into smaller, more manageable items.

User @theerikacruz shared three motivational tips. First off, she explained that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. You should break your goals up into small and manageable pieces so that you do not get overwhelmed. Then, tackle your goals bit by bit and then you will realize that it's easier than it seems.

Secondly, we are all more alike than we are different. Everyone has their own insecurities and traumas that we are dealing with. So, let’s not judge others and treat everyone with kindness. It is also critical, she says, to not anything too personally. 


Lastly, nothing is permanent. If you are going through a tough time, it will not last forever. Things do eventually get better and you are strong enough to get past it.

Be intentional about everything you do.

@coachtorigordon took to TikTok to share a couple amazing lessons she has learned in her life.

The first one being that you should be intentional with everything you do because your future depends on it.


Secondly, attention is the new currency so, be mindful about where and what you give your attention to.

Thirdly, protect your energy since it is a limited resource. Don’t waste your energy or time on things that do not serve you. 

Next, accept your pain and it will hurt less. You should feel your feelings so that you are able to move on and grow from it. Lastly, punching a pillow is an effective anger management tool. Let that anger out, baby!

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You're never as awkward as you think you are.

User @spencer.barbosa posted post some very honest advice that you need to hear. She made the video with her friend and captioned it “advice from your older sisters.”

Firstly, she states that you aren’t as weird and awkward as you believe you are. Next, if you FaceTime or call a guy and he doesn’t answer then don’t call him again because you will look thirsty. Instead, wait for him to call you back. 

When it comes to friendship, it is easier to stop being friends with someone than keep putting up with their toxic energy. Cut out people that are toxic and negative because you don’t need that. Surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you. 

In regard to fashion, she advises not to dress for anyone else but yourself. In fact, you tend to look your best when you are wearing an outfit you love and feel confident in. Another tip: no one notices your pimple more than you do so don’t point it out. We tend to see our own blemishes heightened — but in reality no one else is paying attention to them. 


When it comes to relationships, if someone actually likes you then they will put in effort to see you. They will make it happen and show that they are interested. If you keep seeing red flags, don’t ignore them.

Also, you never look good when you try making someone else look bad.

More advice: Post whatever you want to on instagram! If you feel cute, don’t delete it. 

Finally, be in control of your own life.

Nothing is permanent — including your troubles.

Darren Troy decided to share some life-changing inspirational quotes.


“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” 

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world — not even our troubles.”

Thought-provoking, for sure.

Spend time with yourself. 

@sunshinenath posted a video featuring advice she wished she would have known sooner in life. 


First: "Worrying changes nothing, worry about it once and then no longer” and “Write poetry, even if you don’t write.” 

He also advised “don’t worry so much about love it will come to you at the right time.”

However, if you aren’t being treated well then it isn’t love and you should move on. 

More advice: Take care of your sister, spend time with yourself, check in on your friends, and love yourself first. Also, it's better to be hated for who you are then loved for someone you aren’t. Also remember that, “popularity means nothing, stop trying so hard to be popular.” Instead focus on having deeper and meaningful conversations with people who matter. 


“Be kind to people. Be so kind it changes someone's perspective on life.” 

She also dropped some very practical tips spray perfume in the shower so the smell will stick to you, wear sunscreen and to prevent bloating, drink green tea in the morning. 

Finally, “Always take a moment to dance beneath the stars.”

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