Constance Wu Secretly Gave Birth! Meet Her Boyfriend And Baby Daddy Ryan Kattner

The couple secretly had their first child.

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Constance Wu is an actress best known for starring on the television show Fresh Off the Boat as Jessica Huang.

or her role on the show, Wu was nominated for two TCA Awards and four Critics’ Choice Television Awards. She has also appeared in the movies Hustlers and Crazy Rich Asians

Wu is 38 years old and was born on March 22, 1982, making her an Aries. She's originally from Richmond, Virginia and recently gave birth to her first baby with her boyfriend Ryan Kattner — even though most people never knew she was pregnant in the first place!


Who is Constance Wu’s boyfriend and baby daddy, Ryan Kattner?

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Ryan Kattner is a screenwriter, musician-songwriter, and film/theatre score composer. His stage name is Honus Honus and he currently lives in Los Angeles, California but was born in Abilene, Texas. 


Kattner is known for being the music supervisor for the television series The Exorcist, composing for the movie Dig Two Graves, and writing the film Beat the Air. 

He has been part of the rock band called Man Man since 2003. They have six studio albums: The Man in a Blue Turban with a Face (2004), Six Demon Bag (2006), Rabbit Habits (2008), Life Fantastic (2011), On Oni Pond (2013), Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between (2020).

Wu and Kattner just gave birth to their first child. 

Constance Wu and Ryan Kattner just became parents. However, they kept the pregnancy a secret and had their daughter during the summer. Wu and Kattner never publicly announced that they were pregnant or even confirmed that they gave birth to a baby girl. A source stated that, "They are doing great, and they're so excited and happy." Their daughter's name has not been announced yet and it is unclear the exact date Wu gave birth. 


Wu has kept her life private even before the coronavirus pandemic began in March. In May 2020, she labeled her instagram page as “defunct” and hasn’t posted since.

Ryan Kattner says 2008 was the "worst year of his life."

In 2008, Ryan Kattner experienced the worst year of his life and said, “I kind of lost my mind.” At the time, two of his close friends passed away and he was essentially homeless and couch-surfing. The IRS even audited him and Kattner recalled, “I was like, ‘What are they gonna take? Are they gonna take the broken gear and taxidermied animals that I have in storage? I have nothing.'” 


Amid the difficult time in life, Kattner decided to write songs to express his emotions. He wrote a wonderful song called “Piranhas Club” and explains, “[2008] was pretty terrible, but, you know, I got a cool song out of it. That song is what I like about making music and listening to music is the transformative quality of music. I can write a song about some pretty f*cked up stuff, but you know, it doesn’t vibe like that. It’s still a fun-feeling song, and it’s a fun song to play.”

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Kattner is an animal lover.

Kattner loves animals. He often posts cute pictures of animals on his instagram page. He even has an adorable puppy named Rosie.

In an instagram photo, Kattner is seen holding Rosie in his arms with the caption, “Came back from @manmanbandband tour & discovered I had a Rosie waiting for me. Sheesh. Too cute.”


Wu has been criticized for her past partners.

Before Wu got together with Kattner, she was dating actor Ben Hethcoat. The couple broke up in February 2018. 

At the time, Wu opened up about how she gets criticized for her relationships, “They make this assumption that every single one of my boyfriends has been white based on the one boyfriend they saw on my social media, the one I was dating when I started my account. But if this anger is so large and triggered by something kind of small and not necessarily verifiable, then it’s about a deeper issue, and I or other Asian women might be the unfortunate target of it.” 


Wu continues, “The way I try to think about it is if somebody needs to target me as part of their longer journey to figure out how they feel about themselves and their place in the world, I think that’s fine. Of course hateful things don’t feel good, but I understand.”

Constance Wu has even said some of her ex boyfriends weren’t supportive of her career. She recalls, “I had a boyfriend I was in love with, who wasn’t too psyched with the idea of being with an actress, because it wasn’t stable. He said: ‘I just want a partner with a stable job.’ I tried it. It didn’t work for me. And that relationship did not end up working out.”

Constance Wu’s net worth is $6 million. 

Ryan Kattner’s net worth is around $800,000.


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